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122 Free DIY Greenhouse Plans to Help You Build One in Your Garden This Weekend

Jennifer is a full-time homesteader who started her journey in the foothills of North Carolina in 2010. Currently, she spends her days gardening, caring for her orchard and vineyard, raising chickens, ducks, goats, and bees. Jennifer is an avid canner who provides almost all food for her family needs. She enjoys working on DIY remodeling projects to bring beauty to her homestead in her spare times.

Do you like the idea of being able to extend your growing season?

What about having a great space to start seeds a little earlier?

Then you need a greenhouse.

They are a great addition to any homestead. Any expense you accrue in building one can quickly be made back with the extra product they help produce.

Here is a list of the best (and free!) greenhouse plans to help you build the greenhouse of your dreams. Some are more for inspiration, but for the crafty DIYers, sometimes that is all you need.

1. The ‘Barn’ Greenhouse

This greenhouse gets its name honest. It is shaped just like a barn. Its appearance is one that will fit right in on any homestead.

The site includes all greenhouse plans (all for free) on how to construct this greenhouse. It also includes a list of all tools.

Ana does advise that you read everything over thoroughly before jumping into building. It is nice that the medal slabs that are used for the side do not have to be cut to fit the sides. You can just throw them right up!

From the looks of it, this greenhouse would be easier to build and look great to boot.

Dimensions (feet) 12 x 11.5
Difficulty Hard
Build this Greenhouse

2. The Big Greenhouse

The ‘big’ greenhouse is going to be a large 10×16 structure. These greenhouse plans are very basic but would certainly do the job.

This greenhouse is a simple A-frame structure. It is a personal preference, but you will probably have to build shelving or above-ground beds inside of it. However, you could just plant directly in the ground if you choose.

With these plans, you will have plenty of room to decide how you want to layout the inside of the structure. You will also have an ample amount of room to grow almost anything your heart desires.

Dimensions (feet) 16 x 10
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

3. The Retractable Hoop Greenhouse

This design allows you to give your plants sunlight when they need it, and protect them from the elements at other times.

They are not that difficult to construct but gives you the flexibility to grow greens even during winter.

Dimensions (feet) 8 x 10
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

4. The $50 Greenhouse

I love this option for an inexpensive greenhouse. They used lots of ingenuity and built a structure that will fulfill its purpose without breaking the bank.

That is what homesteading is about after all.

All of the greenhouse plans and tools are listed together. They also give you a step by step tutorial with pictures of how to build this structure.

It states up front that in order to build this greenhouse for around $50 it will take some upcycling and scouting of free items on your part.

They provide a price list for what they did spend so it gives you a good idea of how and where to find these items.

Dimensions (feet) 15 x 8
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

5. The GeoDome

This greenhouse reminds me of part of a jungle gym I use to play on at the park as a kid. It is a circular-shaped greenhouse and very interesting to look at.

Since this greenhouse is a circular shape it makes it better for withstanding high winds.

The greenhouse plans and tools are available, along with pictures of this project being built.

This appears to be a really cool greenhouse. It is said to have the most growing space in comparison to most any other greenhouse available.

The only thing I notice when looking at the project being built is that it is a great option for those with great carpentry skills.

It does not appear to be for first-timers.

Dimensions (feet) 18 (diameter)
Difficulty Hard
Build this Greenhouse

6. The Storm Windows Greenhouse

Maybe you aren’t looking to grow mass amounts of food in your greenhouse. Maybe you just want to prolong a plant’s life or start a few seeds.

No worries. We have not forgotten you. This is the greenhouse for you.

Another great thing about this greenhouse is that is can be fairly cheap.

It is built out of old storm windows. If you have a second-hand home store in your area, you should be able to find the materials at a reasonable price.

If you’d prefer to go with brand new windows, you can do that too. She provides pictures, greenhouse plans, and all of the items you will need to build this little beauty.

Dimensions (feet) 1 x 1
Difficulty Very Easy
Build this Greenhouse

7. The Upcycled Old Windows Greenhouse

This greenhouse is a lot like the previous one. However, it uses all the old windows.

This is a great option for someone looking to build a smaller greenhouse without a lot of costs added to it.

You can make this greenhouse larger if you choose. All of the greenhouse plans are available and the tools listed with them that you will need in order to construct it.

I love this greenhouse because it is very quaint looking. It could also potentially be free to build. You can find old windows on sites like Craigs List for free at times.

Dimensions (feet) 10 x 6
Difficulty Easy
Build this Greenhouse

8. The BuildEazy Greenhouse

This greenhouse looks really cool. There are no other words for it.

It has windows on top that can be opened when ventilation is necessary. It also includes a door in the front and back as well.

These features can be optional, but they are great features so if you can add them I would recommend it.

These greenhouse plans are also free. They do not include pictures of the building process like some of the others that I’ve mentioned.

So be sure that you read them thoroughly before jumping into this project.

Dimensions (feet) 10 x 8
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

9. The Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

If you hate or love plastic bottles, this greenhouse is for you. This is another greenhouse that could be potentially free if you know where to look for the materials.

You can shape it in any form that you wish. They show pictures of a typical A-frame greenhouse as well as a hoop greenhouse too.

There are no actual greenhouse plans but certain tips are offered since the building process is rather self-explanatory.

It is important to keep the bottles lined up so your walls are even.

This greenhouse should work effectively for any need you might have. You should also have an ample amount of growing space.

The actual process might be a little tedious but when you are building something for free, that extra bit of effort is worth it.

Dimensions (feet) 8 x 6
Difficulty Easy
Build this Greenhouse

10. The Basement Greenhouse

This is another really awesome greenhouse. If you have a basement, this is the greenhouse for you!

You will actually construct the frame right outside of your walk-out basement door. This allows you to walk straight from your home into your greenhouse.

Pictures of the build are available, as well as instructions on how to build it. From the pictures, this is a very functional greenhouse. You cannot plant directly into the ground.

However, you can start many seeds on shelves inside this greenhouse. You could also plant produce in pots and grow them year-round in this greenhouse as well.

Dimensions (feet) 10 x 6.5
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

11. CD Case Greenhouse

This is the wildest greenhouse I have ever seen!

This talented individual took old CD cases and utilized them by turning them into a greenhouse.

She openly states at the beginning of her tutorial that there are many instructions for building this greenhouse.

However, she doesn’t want you to be scared away from trying to build this masterpiece yourself. There are just many minute details that she wanted to be sure you understood.

It is a smaller greenhouse. The actual picture shows that it holds only about 3 large plants. I am sure you could change it to fit your individual needs as well.

Dimensions (feet) 3.75 x 2.5
Difficulty Very Easy
Build this Greenhouse

12. The IDEA Donna Greenhouse

This greenhouse is a great greenhouse for the beginner.

It has a strong wooden frame that should help it to last. While also being simply built.

The plastic sides still allow for an ample amount of sunlight to get through while still holding heat in during the colder temps.

The person that wrote the instructions on this greenhouse actually got the idea from another blog. The only problem was there were no instructions.

She fixed that problem by building this greenhouse from those pictures and creating very detailed instructions (and pictures) for those that want to give it a try.

The details are all there, the functionality is there, and the budget is on point too. If you are working on a tight budget and in need of a greenhouse, this could be the one for you.

Dimensions (feet) 8 x 8
Difficulty Easy
Build this Greenhouse

13. The $25 Cold Frame

This is another budget-friendly greenhouse idea.

It is actually a smaller greenhouse. The purpose of it is to encompass small potted plants.

It has a hoop shape design that is constructed mainly of PVC pipe and plastic. The building materials are what make this such an inexpensive design.

The site offers very detailed instructions on how to construct this greenhouse and a detailed list of all materials needed.

This greenhouse could help those needing it for only a few plants. You could also build a multitude of these greenhouses in the place of one larger one as they are mobile.

Dimensions (feet) 5 x 12
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

14. The Tomato Fort

This greenhouse costs about $50 to build. This is not a kit.

It requires different materials to be purchased and put together to build this little greenhouse.

The reason it is named ‘the tomato fort’ is that the person that designed this intended it to protect her tomatoes from a lot of rain.

Tomatoes do not like rain. It is actually better to water them from the ground.

So she built her tomatoes a little fort that can be opened on the sides during prettier days and closed on rainy days.

It is a hoop construction that is mainly made from PVC pipe and plastic.

The site provides a list of all the materials needed and detailed instructions on how to build. It says that it only takes about an hour to construct.

Dimensions (feet) 8 x 3
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

15. The Garage Greenhouse

I called this one the ‘Garage Greenhouse’ because it kind of works like a garage. It is actually a very original and unique design.

You place all of your plants up against your house. You can even create a little garden next to your house and add some shelving for your potted plants.

Let them grow in this convenient spot. However, when it gets cold you’ll have a greenhouse that can be pulled down over them.

This is obviously a cold frame style greenhouse but it is really neat that it can be folded back when it is not in use.

This would be a great option for someone with a smaller yard that may not want a greenhouse freestanding all year long and taking up unnecessary space.

Dimensions (feet) 8.25 x 5
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

16. The Mini-Bottle Greenhouse

This greenhouse is another one that recycles old water bottles. This one is very budget-friendly and takes little preparation.

The idea is you plant your garden. Then go around and place recycled water bottles over plants such as tomatoes.

This allows for the plants to be planted a little earlier and still survive a frost.

If you have ever dealt with tomatoes and frost you know that one slight frost and they are goners. This is a very unique idea that is said to raise the temperature by 10 degrees.

This is basically a free greenhouse. So if you are on a budget this is a great less permanent option for you.

They also provide tips to give you the greatest chances of success with this option.

Dimensions (feet) N/A
Difficulty Very Easy
Build this Greenhouse

17. The Instant Cloche

This is a very natural and original design for a cold frame greenhouse to protect seedlings.

They took branches from a Conifer tree and sharpened the ends so they would be easy to stake in the ground.

They then rounded them so they could be used to make a hoop shape. They then wrapped plastic over the top of these branches so they would form a small cold frame greenhouse over the seedlings.

This will protect your seedlings from frost if you plant in the midst of an unexpected cold snap.

It is a great, budget-friendly option to build a greenhouse in a snap.

Dimensions (feet) 4 x 6
Difficulty Easy
Build this Greenhouse

18. Super-Cheap Flower Tent

This is a great idea for your raised garden beds.

Not everyone wants a massive greenhouse in their yard or on their farm for that matter.

Some people just want to prolong the life of their plants into fall or get a jump start on planting their veggies in the spring.

This is a great option for those in these categories. All you do is use two pieces of PVC pipe to create a hoop frame. Then add your plastic and clip it on with chip bag clips.

It is very budget-friendly and something that could be removed easily when not in use.

Dimensions (feet) 4 x 6
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

19. The Trampoline Greenhouse

This is probably one of the coolest upcycled greenhouse projects you’ll ever see.

They literally took an old trampoline and turned it into a greenhouse.

The trampoline frame is pulled into and one part is used to shape the front while the other half is used to shape the back. They then cover the greenhouse in plastic.

It is very inexpensive and a great way to repurpose that old trampoline that the kids never jump on anymore.

As an added bonus they give lots of great tips on how to keep the temp up in the greenhouse. One way is they spray-painted bottles black and filled them with water.

During the day, the black draws heat and warms the water.

At night the water is disbursed and keeps the temperature up in the greenhouse.

Dimensions (feet) 10 x 8
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

20. The DIY Big Cheap Beautiful Greenhouse

This greenhouse is a beautiful sight to see.

They were not only looking for a greenhouse that would not cost an arm and a leg but also something that would stand out and bring beauty to the center of their flower garden.

They found the materials at a double glazer’s shop. Those are the people that fix old windows, doors, etc.

Most towns have a window repair person. A lot of times they’ll have old doors and windows just hanging around their store that they can no longer use.

You might be able to purchase them at an extremely discounted price or even better, score a few free items.

Then follow the tutorial given to use these items to construct this beautiful, fully functional greenhouse.

Dimensions (feet) 10 x 14
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

21-44. Greenhouse Plans by LSU AgCenter

This site offers a variety of greenhouse plans.

They have plans for temporary greenhouses. They also have plans for large and small greenhouses.

If you are looking for a permanent solarium, they have plans for that. They also have plans for cold frames as well.

Basically, any kind of traditional greenhouse you can imagine this site has the plans to get you started.

They also have plans for a greenhouse that could double as a storage building.

That is a neat idea because it could be used as a greenhouse when needed and used as storage when you aren’t growing anything.

Dimensions (feet) Vary
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

45. The Wranglerstar Greenhouse

This greenhouse is a rather traditional greenhouse.

The video is actually one of a six-part series. It gives you in-depth instruction along with the visuals of how this greenhouse is physically put together.

If you are someone that is potentially handy with building things this is a great option for you.

You can watch how this person constructs the greenhouse and then mimic it for your own greenhouse.

The greenhouse ends up being a beautiful barn-shaped greenhouse that would be suitable for many things since it is rather large.

Dimensions (feet) 12 x 10
Difficulty Hard
Build this Greenhouse

46. The Mini Hothouse

This is a great option for someone working on a budget and needing something quickly.

All you have to do is take a tomato cage and place it around your plant.

You then wrap the cage in plastic wrap.

This will help to hold the heat in and give your plants the extra temperature increase required for successful growth during the colder start to spring.

You can buy tomato cages for a few dollars and plastic wrap is not very expensive either.

You could potentially afford to do this for all of your starter seeds and give them a great start.

Dimensions (feet) N/A
Difficulty Very Easy
Build this Greenhouse

47. The Cedar Greenhouse

This greenhouse is absolutely gorgeous!

It is actually a kit that makes it easier to assemble.

This greenhouse is 8×8 in size. It has a beautiful cedar exterior.

It also includes a beautiful planting bench on the inside.

The cedar wood provides many benefits for this greenhouse beyond good looks. It is considered as a very durable material by most building codes throughout the United States.

Cedarwood is also a great option to help insulate the greenhouse as well.

The whole design of this greenhouse would add great beauty to any area while also offering functionality.

Dimensions (feet) 8 x 8
Difficulty Hard
Build this Greenhouse

48. The DIY Bamboo Greenhouse

A bamboo greenhouse is a great idea for any homestead.

Bamboo is a great building material. The coolest part is you can actually grow it yourself.

This drastically reduces the cost of building a greenhouse.

The website offers a list of materials and tools needed to construct it.

You will basically need to layout the measurements of the greenhouse and drive bamboo into the ground to mark the dimensions off.

You will then finish constructing the structure with remaining pieces of bamboo.

Then you will need to add the plastic which will help insulate your plants.

It is a frugal yet functional option.

Dimensions (feet) 8 x 6
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

49. The Pallet Greenhouse

This is a very inexpensive greenhouse. It also offers a touch of rustic charm to boot.

It is a smaller greenhouse built from pallets.

You will have to deconstruct the pallets in order to build this structure. Therefore it will be a little more labor-intensive than some previously mentioned.

However, if you are not afraid of a little extra elbow grease you can save yourself a bundle on materials.

After building the structure, you will just have to add the plastic.

This greenhouse is a great option to place out in the middle of your garden to help protect your tomato plants and other cold-sensitive vegetables.

Dimensions (feet) 6 x 10
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

50. The ‘Add-On’ Greenhouse

This greenhouse is one that can be added on to a coop or outbuilding. It also comes with instructions to make it a stand-alone greenhouse if that is your desire.

It is built of solid wood and does not use plastic for the windows. Instead, the windows are constructed of glass.

This is a very pretty addition to the garden.

It is also larger which would give ample space to grow plenty of plants if you desired.

The design is very unique as it can be an addition to an already existing structure.

Dimensions (feet) 8 x 2
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

51. The Countertop Greenhouse

If you are looking to house smaller plants or herbs, this is the greenhouse for you.

It is a really neat idea as it is totally portable.

You basically build a little box with a wood frame. You insert glass sides so the sun can get through.

Yet the box will remain well insulated.

You then can just place your smaller plants or herbs inside the box and watch them grow.

This isn’t something that has to take up large amounts of space in your yard. It can actually just be placed on your kitchen counter or even on the back patio.

Dimensions (feet) 1 x 1
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

52. The 300 Square Foot Hoop House

This is another cold frame option. The great thing is that it is around 300 square feet.

That is a lot of growing space.

All you have to do is lay a wooden perimeter. Then use a PVC pipe to hold the hoop shape. You will place three large poles in the center of the structure for support.

After you get the structure secured, you then add plastic to the outside for insulation.

You then can create different shaped garden beds inside of the hoop house for different growing spaces.

Did I mention you can do all of this for under $500?

That is pretty amazing!

Dimensions (feet) 24 x 12
Difficulty Hard
Build this Greenhouse

53. The Replacement Window Greenhouse

This is another greenhouse that uses repurposed windows.

I must admit I have a soft spot in my heart for these greenhouses because of the sophisticated beauty they add to even the most rustic homestead.

It takes a lot of time to collect these old windows but once you get them, you then get to piece them together like a puzzle.

An idea offered on this site is to contact window companies that often have leftover old windows from a recent replacement job.

You then get to paint the windows to match and place them together.

This particular greenhouse also has additional cold frames built on the outside.

It is a beautiful and frugal idea for a greenhouse.

Dimensions (feet) 10 x 10
Difficulty Hard
Build this Greenhouse

54. The Removable Cold Frame

This cold frame kind of reminds me of a covered wagon. It is actually another really neat and very unique idea.

Maybe you are just a gardener and not quite gotten into the huge garden thing…..yet.

You don’t need a huge greenhouse because you really just have a few above-ground beds.

What do you do for a greenhouse?

This option suits you perfectly.

You build this removable cold frame cover for your garden beds.

That way when your plants need the extra protection, you can drop the cover down over them.

When the temperatures are nice and it isn’t needed, you simply pull it back.

Dimensions (feet) 8 x 4
Difficulty Easy
Build this Greenhouse

55. The Small Window Greenhouse

I’ve already listed some other refurbished windows greenhouse plans.

They all consisted of a more classic look or rustic charm.

This greenhouse is different.

It is much smaller, requires few windows, and appears much easier to put together.

It obviously will not hold as many plants but it will certainly add the ‘cute’ factor to your yard while being fully functional for a few small plants.

All you have to do is place a few poles in the ground for a base. Then you’ll add a few medium-sized windows for the sides.

Finally, you’ll add two windows for a pitched roof.

It is quite simple and something that would be great for the beginner DIYer.

Dimensions (feet) 2 x 2
Difficulty Easy
Build this Greenhouse

56. A Larger Hoop Greenhouse

This is a larger hoop greenhouse. It actually gives you two build options.

They recommend if you have the extra money in your budget to buy a stainless steel hoop kit. They claim it is sturdier and therefore, worth the extra money spent.

If you do not, they recommend that you build your greenhouse out of PVC pipe with a wooden frame.

This one is built like most other PVC pipe hoop greenhouses.

You lay the perimeter of the greenhouse with wood. Then build the structure with PVC pipe.

Finally, go over the structure with plastic for insulation.

The one thing they do differently with this greenhouse is laying black mesh fabric on the bottom of the greenhouse and add many tables to hold the plants.

This is unique and keeps the grass from growing through. Where in a lot of greenhouses people plant right into the ground.

Dimensions (feet) 30 x 14
Difficulty Hard
Build this Greenhouse

57. The Fold-Up Greenhouse

This greenhouse takes a little more know-how in the construction department. I say this because it requires a few extra tools.

No worries, the site offers a full list of materials needed and plans to build it. It also offers a lot of pictures to help things along.

However, if you are crafty with construction projects this is a neat one to try.

If you don’t want a greenhouse that is permanently in one space or if you don’t want it around all year, why not build one that you can just fold up and move?

Talk about easy storage!

It has glass walls and folds on hinges so any time you don’t need it you can simply fold it up and put it away.

Dimensions (feet) 4 x 4
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

58. The ‘Less Than $100’ Greenhouse

This greenhouse is built for less than $100.

It has an all-wood frame and uses old windows for the walls.

It adds a bit of a rustic touch but with a little paint could be transformed into a great attraction on your homestead.

The wooden frame makes it a sturdy build and the windows offer great insulation.

The website does offer instructions along with a list of materials needed to make constructing this greenhouse easier.

They added some great repurposed shelving inside and did it all for around $67.

You can’t beat that price for a fully functional greenhouse.

Dimensions (feet) 8 x 8
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

59. The Table Top Greenhouse

This one sounds similar to the countertop greenhouse but is a little different.

It is not as portable as the countertop greenhouse is.

Instead, someone actually took an old table and built a fully functional greenhouse on top of it.

It has a wooden frame on top as the frame. Then it has a wooden A-Frame for the structure that holds the windows in place.

You have to fill the table full of dirt but then can plant directly into it.

It is very functional; is still mobile, and doesn’t take up much space.

Also consider setting up a salad table, with this adaptation.

Dimensions (feet) 4 x 2
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

60. The Barn Greenhouse In A Weekend

This is a barn greenhouse that can be built in a weekend, according to the plan’s site.

The site offers a detailed list of instructions and tools needed. As it does require quite a bit of material. The site also offers a great visual of the plans in order to build this greenhouse.

It should turn out to be a great size to grow a variety of plants. You can also design the inside to suit any need you may have.

Some choose to do separate garden beds. Others choose to design shelving and tables. While some plant directly into the ground.

Dimensions (feet) 12 x 9.5
Difficulty Hard
Build this Greenhouse

61. The Black+Decker Greenhouse

This is a great greenhouse that is smaller in size. Yet it is still one that can be walked into.

It is a great A-frame shape that is easy to access all of your plants. It has a sturdy wooden frame and is covered in plastic as well.

The site is great as it gives you all of the tools and instructions on how to build this great little greenhouse. It also provides an ample amount of pictures to go along with the instructions.

They show building shelving to go inside of the greenhouse. You could plant directly in the ground with this greenhouse but shelving would probably make it the most functional.

Dimensions (feet) 6 x 8
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

62-79. Greenhouse Plans by The University of Tennessee

This site offers 18 different free greenhouse plans.

They range in variety from a hobby greenhouse to mini hothouses. You can also find larger greenhouse plans as well.

Some of the plans are more complex with multi-page instructions. While others are easier with less intense instruction.

This is a great site for an experienced builder but would also be great for someone who is new to the DIY scene. Regardless of what your greenhouse intentions are, you are sure to find a plan for a greenhouse that would fulfill that need here.

Dimensions (feet) Vary
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

80. The Box Greenhouse

This greenhouse has a unique design. It actually looks like a big box.

The site gives you detailed instructions, materials lists, and pictures to go along with the instructions. It does not appear to be a difficult project to build.

Its design is the greatest part of it. Sometimes creating A-frame greenhouses can become intimidating to those that are new to the DIY scene.

This one takes that intimidation factor out of the equation. You basically build 4 walls, a door, and a flat roof. Then add a door. It appears to have plenty of room to do most anything in it that you wish in your homesteading ventures.

It would be a great and functional greenhouse for anyone.

Dimensions (feet) 10 x 6
Difficulty Intermediate
Build this Greenhouse

81. The ‘Sort Of’ Greenhouse

The writer of this creation said that she wasn’t sure whether to call this a greenhouse or an atrium. Since it is not meant to create its own climate and weather, she decided to call it a greenhouse.

She does not give you exact design plans as this was meant for a unique situation in her home. However, she does give her design ideas so you can transform it to fit your personal space.

It is a neat little box built from wood. It has glass sides and a cool little pull-down door.

This greenhouse wouldn’t work for people wanting to grow mass amounts of plants. However, if you were looking to start only a handful or less of plants indoors, this greenhouse would do the trick.

If you're looking for simple DIY greenhouse plans or ideas to build one in your garden, read this! PDFs and Videos are included for free.

15 Creative DIY Mini Indoor Greenhouses

Indoor greenhouses are useful when it comes to growing indoor houseplants, plant, or flowers in winter. They will provide your plants with the warmth they need to grow and thrive. Creating DIY mini indoor greenhouses is not difficult nor expensive. Below you will find some gorgeous DIY mini indoor greenhouses that will inspire you.

Storm Windows DIY Mini Indoor Greenhouses

You can build a tiny greenhouse out of 3 storm windows. Just make sure that all the storm windows are in the same size. This is an easy DIY project and you can do it in no time following these instructions.

2. CD Case Greenhouse

This is one of the most creative DIY Mini Indoor Greenhouses. Building it requires some DIY skills. This tiny greenhouse is made of cd Cases. To find more information about this interesting DIY project, check out this instructive article.

3. Hexagonal Greenhouse

This is one of the most beautiful DIY Mini Indoor Greenhouses. This greenhouse is built mainly for decoration. It looks fabulous and it is quite eye-catching. Go to Not Just a Housewife to learn more about this alluring DIY project.

4. DIY Countertop Greenhouse

If you want to grow herbs in fall or winter, you should definitely build this amazing tiny greenhouse. It will protect your plants from pests and diseases as well as keep them warm to grow and thrive. You can learn how to build this cute indoor greenhouse here.

5. DIY Mini Indoor Greenhouse

This is one of the most ornamental DIY Mini Indoor Greenhouses. This greenhouse will not only shelter your plants in winter but will also decorate your place. It looks very beautiful. It is perfect for growing succulent as they need protection from cold. The tutorial for this amazing DIY project is here.

6. Plastic Container Mini Greenhouse

This is one of the most cost-effective DIY Mini Indoor Greenhouses. Any plastic container can serve as a small greenhouse. It is perfect for starting seeds indoors in winter to accelerate the germination process. Find more details about this project here.

7. DIY Grow Light Shelves

This greenhouse is one of the most effective DIY Mini Indoor Greenhouses for starting seeds. With this greenhouse, you will be able to make any kind of seeds germinate even if the weather is freezing. To build this seed started you will need:

  • Ikea shelving unit
  • Grow lights

More details about this project are available here.

8. Photo Frames greenhouse

If you have a dollar store nearby, you should give a visit to look for some photo frames. They are perfect materials to build an inexpensive greenhouse. Besides, photo frames look good once they are attached together, they make a cute attractive greenhouse. More information about this project is available here.

9. Windowsill Greenhouse

If you are looking for an effective indoor greenhouse that does not cost any penny, this is the right one for you. All you need is a trellis and a plastic bag to make a cheap greenhouse. The tutorial for this project is available at the Instructables.

This greenhouse is recommended because although it is basically costless, it can:

  • accelerate seeds’ germination
  • increase temperature degrees for your plants
  • preserve good humidity levels

10. Cute indoor greenhouse

This is one of the cutest DIY Mini Indoor Greenhouses. It serves as a greenhouse but it looks like a beautiful terrarium. This greenhouse will allow you to start seeds in winter while adorning your place beautifully. Go to The Country Living for details.

11. Indoor Greenhouse for Seedlings

If you are growing some delicate plants that can’t tolerate cold, this indoor greenhouse is ideal to shield them and to keep temperature degrees adequate for them. You can easily build this greenhouse following these details.

12. Light fixture greenhouse

This greenhouse makes it possible to start tropical plants’ seeds in cold climates. It will provide them with the warmth they need to germinate and develop roots. We found this indoor greenhouse idea here.

13. LED Greenhouse

A led greenhouse is ideal to start seeds. It is able to help any plant grow and thrive by providing it with the warm and the light it needs. Check out this post for more information about this LED greenhouse.

14. Egg Carton Greenhouse

This is the most inexpensive DIY mini indoor greenhouse. After consuming eggs, use their carton to start seeds. You will only need to cover it with a plastic bag and it will serve as a greenhouse. Since cardboard egg cartons are biodegradable they will accelerate the germination fo the seeds. Follow the below instructions:

  • separate the carton
  • poke hole at the bottom of the carton (these holes will serve as drainage holes)
  • fill the carton with soil
  • sow the seeds

15. Affordable Mini Greenhouse

This is an affordable mini greenhouse that you can place both indoors and outdoors. It is beautiful and decorative. Besides, it is wide enough to accommodate your plants comfortably.

These are the best DIY mini indoor greenhouses. These greenhouses are decorative, effective, and most of all they are all inexpensive. If you are planning on growing some plant indoors in fall or in winter, you should definitely build one of these greenhouses.

This post contains the best DIY mini indoor greenhouses. These greenhouses are decorative, effective, and most of all they are all inexpensive ]]>