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How To Get An Indiana Marijuana Card

Indiana has yet to pass medical marijuana legislation, however, people are optimistic about it passing in 2020. Because of this, there are currently no open medical marijuana dispensaries.

How to Qualify For A Medical Marijuana Card in Indiana

Once legalized you will need to qualify for a Indiana Medical Marijuana Card so you can legally purchase medical marijuana from one of the dispensaries, once they are open. In order to be eligible you must fulfill the following qualifications: Be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition; Have the official written certification from an Indiana licensed physician; and Be an Indiana resident with proof of residency, (IN driver’s license or IN State ID card).

What Conditions Are Approved For Treatment with Medical Marijuana?

Since the law has yet to pass, there are currently no approved conditions. However some of the most common conditions in other states include the following:

• Epilepsy and other seizure disorders

• Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

• Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

• Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

• Sickle Cell Anemia

• Cachexia and wasting syndrome.

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How to Get Approved for an Indiana Medical Marijuana Card ​

If you have previously been diagnosed with a qualifying condition, or believe you currently suffer from one, you will most-likely eligible for an Indiana Marijuana Card. The next step in the process is to find a compassionate doctor to review your condition(s) and if appropriate, recommend marijuana as part of your treatment plan.

While Indiana may or may not require physicians to register with the state or obtain certification to recommend medical marijuana, all of our doctors have taken the time and made the effort to expand their current knowledge base to include the most recent research and studies through continuing medical education coursework.

Once you’ve identified the doctor you wish to see, you will probably need to schedule an in-person physical evaluation. At the appointment, you and your medical marijuana doctor will likely discuss your condition, as well as your medical history. Please note, that it is always helpful for the doctor to have access to your medical records, if available.

If your Indiana medical marijuana doctor is able to confirm your qualifying condition, and believes medical marijuana is an appropriate treatment option, you will receive a signed certification from the Indiana marijuana doctor recommending medical marijuana and or medical marijuana products as part of your treatment plan. This signed recommendation will then be submitted to the Indiana Department of Health along with a probable annual registration fee.

Once the state has processed both the recommendation and fee, you will most likely be added to the patient registry and receive your Indiana marijuana card. At Indiana Marijuana Card, we will take care of submitting your application to the Indiana Department of Health to make the process as easy as possible for you and will stick with you every step of the way until you have received your Indiana marijuana card and beyond.

At the appointment, you and your certified marijuana doctor will discuss your medical condition(s) and treatment history. It is helpful if you can bring any relevant medical records documenting your qualifying condition. By bringing your medical records to the appointment, you significantly increase the likelihood of receiving a recommendation from the doctor during your appointment.

The doctor’s signed recommendation, with the aid of our physician support staff, will then be submitted to the Indiana Department of Health. You will most likely be responsible for the state’s registration fee. Once you have paid your fee and the state has received your doctor’s certification, you will be entered into the patient registry. After your submission, you will receive your Indiana marijuana card in the mail (or via email).

What Information and Forms are Required When a Patient Applies for a Medical Marijuana ID card?

The following may be required when submitting your application:

• The application form

• The completed physician written certification

• Photocopy of your Indiana issued driver’s license or state ID, please be aware that your name and address on your application form must match what is listed on your Indiana driver’s license or ID

• Most likely a nonrefundable application fee.

Am I Guaranteed to Get Approved for Medical Marijuana After Visiting Your Office?

We can’t guarantee approval for anyone, as the doctor is the only person that makes the determination whether or not a patient qualifies. To make it more likely that you receive approval from the doctor, we recommend that you bring as much information as possible to your appointment regarding your medical condition and past treatments.

​Why Get An Indiana Medical Marijuana Card?

If you currently suffer from one or more of the qualifying conditions, we strongly suggest that you initiate your treatment regimen under the supervision of a physician who has the training, compassion and belief in the medicinal qualities inherent in cannabis. At Indiana Marijuana Card, all of our doctors are not only licensed under the State of Indiana but have also taken additional continuing medical education cannabis courses to ensure that they have critical and recent information related to the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana.

We also believe that any medical marijuana products should be purchased from an Indiana licensed dispensary. Once passed, the Indiana Department of Health will support the use of medical marijuana (in its various forms) as a low risk and successful method of treatment for any one or more of the qualifying conditions. With your Indiana Marijuana Card in hand, you’ll be able to access any Indiana dispensaries and purchase medical marijuana. These state-licensed marijuana dispensaries will likely carry many forms of medical marijuana in varying strengths and potency. You may be able to buy products such as tinctures, oils, creams, dry flower and plant material for vaporizers, as well as edibles.

Patient Product Confidence

Each licensed Indiana dispensary will likely have a wide variety of marijuana flower (also known as ‘bud’) providing each patient with the opportunity to obtain the perfect match of THC and CBD strength as well as blend of Indica and Sativa. These dispensaries may carry all types of medical marijuana products, including edibles, oils, patches, and vapes. However, a patient is required to have a Indiana Marijuana Card issued by the Indiana Department of Health to gain access to any of Indiana’s dispensaries.

Your Indiana Marijuana Card will make it easy for you to demonstrate to law enforcement that you are registered with Indiana’s Medical Marijuana Control, and thereby allowed to possess, transport, and consume medical marijuana products.

Access To Other States ​

An Indiana Marijuana Card will get you access to all dispensaries located within the state. That’s a given, but you may end up getting more value than you originally anticipated. Many states with medical marijuana laws already on the books offer reciprocity with their program. What this means is that your marijuana card will allow you to purchase marijuana in states that have similar requirements.

I Have A Qualifying Medical Condition, Now How Do I Get Approved?

If you are currently living with one of the eventual approved conditions, then you may be eligible for treatment with medical marijuana in Indiana. However, before you can walk into dispensaries and purchase medical marijuana, you will need an Indiana marijuana card. The easiest way to obtain one is through our services here at Indiana Marijuana Card.

What Is An Indiana Medical Marijuana Card?

An Indiana Marijuana card is simply the patient identification card that you will receive from the Department of Health once you’ve been registered as a Medical Marijuana patient in the state of Indiana. With your card in hand, you’ll have all of the legal rights and benefits granted to patients under the eventual medical marijuana laws. The card itself may look similar to any other identification card you might have. It will have your picture on it, your address, and a unique patient identification number. ​

Indiana Marijuana Card understands that the medical marijuana laws in Indiana may be confusing, and that your primary care physician may not be prepared to discuss medical marijuana as a treatment option if you have a qualifying condition. That is why Indiana Marijuana Card removes the guesswork and stress from this process. Our friendly support staff will carefully walk you through the entire process, from helping you collect your medical records before your appointment, to submitting your recommendation to the Department of Health after your appointment. Also, we have the most affordable pricing anywhere in the state of Indiana! ​

Please give us a call today if you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment.​

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