hydroponics outdoors

Can Hydroponic Plants be Grown Outside?

Your hydroponic garden can grow outside if that’s your decision to do so. By allowing plants to grow outside, you’ll use sunlight to fuel your plants’ development. This is a great, inexpensive solution for your hydroponic system because you won’t have to pay costs associated with lighting.

However, there are definite downsides to growing outside – your crop is subjected to all the threats a normal crop faces: Severe weather, erratic temperatures, bug invasions and pest animals. Excessive rain can also pose a significant problem – it may dilute your nutrient solution and put your plants at risk of malnourishment.

All that being said, if you’re located in a fairly stable climate zone where weather and temperatures are constant, there are plenty of OMRI Listed® solutions to fighting outdoor insects and pest animals.

Can you run a hydroponic garden outside? What happens when it rains or gets too hot? Find out with the latest Safer Brand FAQ.