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Amid lockdown, drug smugglers try to mail ganja from the US in sleeping bags

Rs 9 lakh worth of high-quality cannabis from the US was seized at Chennai airport

In the absence of human drug mules since the stoppage of all international flights from March 22 due to COVID-19, drug smugglers have turned to the postal service.

However, the special alert maintained at the Foreign Postal Office and Courier Terminal at Chennai to check smuggling has put a halt to the plans of drug smugglers, who tried to bring in a consignment of 1.7kgs of cannabis from the United States, hidden inside a pair of sleeping bags.

According to a press release by the Chennai Commissioner of Customs, the Postal Intelligence of Air Customs detained a parcel suspected to contain narcotics substances, which arrived from the USA at the Foreign Post Office. The consignor had declared the parcel to contain “sleeping bags and hand vacuum”.

On examination, the parcel was found to contain two red sleeping bags and one carton of hand vacuum cleaners. On opening the sleeping bags, two plastic bags containing greenish dried flower pods were found concealed in each bag. In the carton too were four plastic bags containing greenish dried flower pods that were found concealed inside. On opening the eight bags, a strong ‘weedy’ smell similar to that of high-quality cannabis of high quality was noticed. A total of 1.7kg of cannabis of foreign origin, valued at Rs. 9 lakh, was recovered and seized under the NDPS Act, 1985.

In view of the suspension of court functioning during the lockdown period and as per the instructions laid down by the City Civil Court, a petition for submission of case property and samples for analytical examination has been sent by email to the designated court.

The parcel was consigned to a person based in Annavaram, East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. As a follow-up action, searches were carried out at the address of the consignee by jurisdictional Customs formation in Andhra Pradesh and further action is being taken to nab the persons involved.

The parcel was consigned from Vancouver city in the US state of Washington. The use of cannabis for recreational purpose is legal in eleven states in the US including Washington.

Rs 9 lakh worth of high-quality cannabis from the US was seized at Chennai airport

A Mumbai-Based Dealer Explains Why Instagram Is So Great for Selling Weed

Hey, You Around?

Bruno, 21, shuttled between Mumbai and Goa while growing up, and now lives in Mumbai. He sells hydroponic weed, hybrid cannabis and hash all over India and, surprisingly, Bali. Under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, the production and sale of cannabis flowers and resin is banned and criminalised in India.

VICE: Hey, you around?
Bruno: What’s up?

What do you sell and where?
I sell hydro, hybrids and hash all over India. Cannabis not grown in India is the most in demand because of its quality.

How long have you been dealing drugs and how did you get into it?
It’s been almost five years since I’ve been dealing. At first, I used to buy all this stuff for myself. Then my friends started asking me for stuff. I had great contacts with everyone I used to get the stuff from, so I would help my friends out. Then, the number of people reaching out to me started increasing. Everyone would tell me, “We fear scoring it from anyone else because of cop issue or because the stuff would be a total bummer.” So I started getting for more people, and they’re all really happy with what I can procure.

How do you source your stuff?
I get it from the dark web systems and some of my contacts in the Netherlands and Canada. Three years ago, one of my friends got me into coding and accessing the dark web. Everything is available here, anytime and anywhere, although there are many people accessing at the same time and servers end up crashing very often. But to be honest, for India, the dark web isn’t the best place to source stuff. When you order 10 ounces, chances are only five will come the other five will be seized by the Indian Customs. This is the only reason why the best OG and homegrown Sativa-based 40 percent THC-level cannabis is very expensive. I also grow some of my own stuff in the mountains of Maharashtra.

“I manipulate people. I might follow them but wait for them to see my Stories to know I sell.”