how to keep your weed from drying out

How to prevent weed drying out early?

So you have taken your time to grow and harvest your marijuana and you are thrilled by the bumper harvest and the tremendous skunky aroma of your high-grade weed. But there and then begins your next dilemma, how to keep your weed fresh green and potent for months to come. Surely it would not profit to grow your weed for lengthy periods and then finally just put most of it to waste. Most first time growers have a hard time storing freshly harvested buds because they don’t give much thought to it in the earlier stages. Because such loss is not acceptable, today we take through a miniature course on how to keep your freshly cut buds fresh for months to come. Learn weed drying and curing weed the easy way for longer shelf life.

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Importance of curing weed

If you are a weed enthusiast, there are only a few things comparable to the pleasure of tasting freshly harvested weed of your favorite strain grown right. There is value in growing your own weed or for commercial production only if you have the technology in place to cure and store it appropriately to avoid post-harvest losses. Fresh pot not only tastes better but also delivers more benefits to the body and gets you higher if that is what you seek. Further, fresh weed is smoked more smoothly than dry weed because of less rate of combustion. Unlike what most people imagine, less combustion is better for a denser cloud and higher potency.

Drying weed does not mean letting it dry out!

What most people do not get straight up when it comes to marijuana is that storing weed requires proper curing and drying to avoid rotting and decay but not drying out the weed. There is a humongous difference between weed that has dried out and dry pot. It doesn’t seem like it, but we will now expound.

You need to dry your weed to avoid potential rotting and molding since moisture comes with all that water content. That does not mean to put your weed in a furnace. That will destroy the quality of your weed since it will become utterly devoid of moisture leaving behind nothing but a dry matrix. It’s the juicy concentrates that are more valued in the produce and should be taken care of.

Dried out weed will be bone dry, and it burns furiously and contains less dose of cannabinoids. A huge chunk of joy from the Maryjane plant is the exciting aroma with tens of exciting notes that give your tongue and lungs a thrill. When weed is dried out, it loses some essential structural components destroying terpenes and other nutritional ingredients making it less delicious and much less beneficial to health.

So whether you are growing your own pot or if you purchase in bulk for more than a single use then you will want to keep your buds alive for longer. There are a few storage methods that you can use to accomplish this so it shouldn’t be so hard for you. We only chose ways that are sure to keep your entire stash healthy without having to reinvent the wheel.

This guide would not be complete without telling you about a few ways how to do it all wrong. So yeah we also give you surefire ways to achieve the opposite effect of destroying the quality of your perfectly fresh weed so that you know what not to do.

How to keep your weed from drying out

After harvesting (because overgrown weed is not pretty) moisture, air, light, and mold become a sworn enemy of your product. All of the above somehow become a reason for your weed to degrade. Going by these there are four maybe five considerations to take when deciding on the best method of storing your fresh weed.

Glass jars for weed

Glass jars have been used to preserve so much else including animal organs by some crazy scientist in the past and so why not put a lid on your weed too? There is a wide array of jars to choose from when considering glass jars for

Put a Lid on It. Some jars clamp down, jars with screw on bands or rubber seal for airtight storage. Jars are an excellent and cheap solution for considerable long storage of pot but are limited in the quantity they can put away. Glass is susceptible to sweating, and that means if it is too large there is an opportunity for mold.

Blacked out jars will block out excess light and if it is also airtight, the odor does not draw much attention until opened.

Additionally, many tobacco humidors are constructed using cedar wood, which has a distinct woody smell that could potentially alter the smell and taste of your weed. There are cannabis humidors created expressly for the preservation of marijuana available online.

Are you storing your weed in a tobacco humidor?

Caution! Tobacco and marijuana require different relative humidity to remain active!

As earlier noted, humidity is not your friend when you are stashing weed for future use. Humidors are a great way to regulate humidity of an herb without much fuss. Just the same, using tobacco humidors is the wrong way to do it. While the earlier requires about 72% humidity, marijuana requires only a little over 50% RH.

Furthermore, tobacco humidors may be made from scented wood like cedar, but that would be detrimental to the unique aroma of your weed. So if you want a humidor for weed, get one expressly made for marijuana storage.

Vacuum Sealing

Vacuum sealing is one of the most effective ways to store your pot away from air exposure. It works well for a large scale weed supplier and should work for you too. A little biological lesson will reveal that some of the processes that cause weed to deteriorate in quality will not take place in the absence of oxygen. Home vacuum sealing machines are prevalent among Maryjane users nowadays, and you can easily order one online at any time. It is useful for more copious amounts of pot that is meant for the apocalypse.

For this method, you will need to get some quality vacuum seal bags in which to store your pot. It’s straightforward to operate the machines since most of them have an easy operation procedure at one press of a button. Some DIY diehards will tell you to improvise with your vacuum machine, but you need to be careful not to collect your entire stash in the waste tank of the device. Also, heat sealing the bag at the edges of the vacuum machine is tricky.

The additional advantage of vacuum sealing your product is that the aroma is adequately controlled and your stash will fly under the radar provided your bag is puncture and tear proof.

Evacuating the storage bags will ultimately cause your buds to be flatter which shouldn’t be a problem anyway. Further, you will need to make sure your pot is not sunbathing regardless of the material of the bags. Heavier plastics are better if you are wondering. It’s usual to store in a cool, dry place but you want to throw in some darkness too.

Removing all the air from the bag this way will tend to flatten your buds. Additionally, even though the bags are made of heavier plastic, you’ll still need to store them in a cold and dark place. The underside of the vacuum sealing preservation method is that you have to do it all over again when you open your package. It’s not ideal for a stock that you are currently using.

Don’t use thin plastic bags for weed

Thin plastic bags for veggies and sandwiches are one good way to ruin the quality of your weed completely. They leak petroleum-based toxins into your weed, and they are also agreeable to air entry which causes drying out of the buds. Worse still, they are highly electrostatic due to rubbing and attract all the fine pot to the inner lining and that a real pain.

Final thoughts on keeping weed fresh

Well, there you have it, because of time and space constraints, these are our quick round-up of sweet methods to preserve the goodness in every stash of the holy herb. The best approach is one that works for you best. If you are carrying for a short time to the rendezvous point to hang out with your jamming buddies, then a plastic bag meant for veggies and sandwiches is not such a taboo. But if you are intent on storing your weed for the cold nights, you need a better plan and whatever you choose, make sure to avoid the five fiercest enemies of the pot. Light, moisture, air exposure, mold, and other times detection.

We hope you found this article useful in your bid to store more weed for the coming period or proper transportation. If you know of more weed tricks to retain the freshness and great taste for longer then don’t hesitate to share in the comment section below. Also, watch out for our next post on how to rehydrate weed and revive it once it has dried out — all the best with your pot preservation efforts.

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