how to grow desert rose from seed

How to Grow Desert Roses From Seeds

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The desert rose (Adenium obesum) plant will add texture and color to any area with its brightly colored flowers, glossy green leaves and unique bulbous stem. Desert roses grow slowly, producing funnel-shaped flowers in clusters during the spring and summer. Hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zones 10 through 12, according to the University of Florida, these African natives will grow in wet, humid regions. Desert rose seeds germinate readily given the proper care, and grow well as a houseplant or outdoor shrub.

Prepare Potting Soil

Mix one part perlite, one part sand and one part potting soil in a 5-gallon bucket. Add water slowly to the mixture until it is evenly moist but not soggy. Fill a plastic seedling tray with soil, tamping the media down slightly until it is 1 inch below the tray’s top.

Spread Desert Rose Seeds

Spread the desert rose seeds over the surface of the media in the tray. Space the individual seeds 2 to 3 inches apart. Press the seeds down gently to ensure full contact with the soil’s surface.

Apply Fungicide to Seed

Put on a pair of gloves. Read all label directions and warnings on a package of seedling fungicide. Dust the fungicide onto the surfaces of the seeds with a small paintbrush.

Cover and Water Seeds

Sprinkle a 1/4- to 1/2-inch layer of soil over the top of the seeds, covering them completely. Lightly mist the soil’s surface with water from a spray bottle. Cover the tray with a clear plastic cover.

Desert Rose Care

Position a heat mat in an area with bright, indirect sunlight and a constant temperature of 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Turn the mat on and adjust its temperature setting to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the tray on top of the mat.

Keep Soil Moist

Remove the cover once per day, and wipe away any condensation from its interior with a paper towel or cloth. Lightly mist over the tray when the top layer of soil begins to dry. Keep the media moist, but never soggy.

Remove Cover From Seedlings

Watch for emerging sprouts 3 to 7 days after planting, advises Wisconsin Master Gardener. Remove the cover once the seeds germinate. Remove the tray from the mat, put the mat away and replace the tray in its former position.

Water Seedlings Regularly

Water the seedlings in the morning with a watering can when the top 1 inch of soil becomes dry. Pour the water directly onto the growing media, being careful not to splash the leaves.

Fertilize Desert Rose Seedlings

Fertilize the seedlings weekly with a 10-10-10 water-soluble fertilizer. Mix 1/2 teaspoon fertilizer with 1 gallon of water. Pour the fertilizer solution directly into the tray, applying it in place of a watering.

Transplant Your Desert Rose

Transplant the seedlings into individual 6-inch pots when they develop six true leaves, generally four weeks after germination. Fill a 6-inch pot three-quarters full of potting soil suitable for succulents or cacti, advises North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension. Extract one plant from the tray using a trowel to dig carefully around its roots and lift it upward.

Place the seedling into the center of the pot, positioning the top of the root ball 2 inches below the top of the pot. Fill the pot with additional soil until the soil surface is even with the top of the root ball. Do not plant the seedling deeper than it was previously growing. Fill the pot with water two to three times to moisten the soil completely.

How to Grow Desert Roses From Seeds. The desert rose (Adenium obesum) plant will add texture and color to any area with its brightly colored flowers, glossy green leaves and unique bulbous stem. Desert roses grow slowly, producing funnel-shaped flowers in clusters during the spring and summer. Hardy in U.S. Department …

Desert Rose Propagation – Starting Adenium Seeds Or Cuttings

A true beauty in the cactus world, the desert rose, or Adenium obesum, is both beautiful and resilient. Because they are so lovely, many people wonder, “How do I grow a desert rose from cuttings,” or “Is starting adenium seeds difficult?” Growing a desert rose from seed or from cuttings is not hard at all. It simply requires a little knowledge. Let’s look at desert rose seed propagation and cutting propagation.

Desert Rose Seed Propagation

The real trick to desert rose plant seed starting is to make sure that you start out with fresh seeds. Fresh desert rose plant seed will have a higher germination rate as well as germinating faster. Purchase your seeds from a reputable dealer or find an owner of a few adult plants (they need to plants to produce seeds) that can give your seeds straight from the plants themselves.

Begin starting adenium seeds by preparing a container with a well-draining growing medium, like a perlite or sand and soil mix. Place the seed in the growing medium, just covering them with the growing medium.

Water from below daily and from above once every three days until the seedlings appear. Place the growing tray or container on a heating pad and keep the temperature of the growing medium at between 80 and 85 F. (27-29 C.).

Your desert rose plant seeds should germinate in one week, if the seeds are fresh. If they are not fresh, it may take longer (if at all). Once the seedlings appear, water only from below. In about a month, the seedlings will be large enough to transplant to a permanent container.

If you are starting adenium seeds, you can expect that the seedlings to bloom in the same year, which is nice as the flowers are what makes them so lovely.

Desert Rose Cutting Propagation

While desert rose seed propagation is relatively easy, most gardeners have better success with growing a desert rose from cuttings. You may be wondering,“How do I grow a desert rose from cuttings?” Not only do they start from cuttings easily and quickly, you will be able to keep the true nature of hybrid plants, as hybrid will revert if grown from seed.

Take a cutting from the tip of a branch. Allow the cutting to dry out for a day or two, then wet the end of the desert rose cutting and dip it in rooting hormone. Stick the cutting into a well draining growing medium like perlite or sand mixed with soil. Water the cutting daily, making sure the water is able to drain out of the soil. Use a spray bottle and mist the cutting daily as well.

The cutting should take root in about two to six weeks.

Growing a desert rose from seeds or cuttings can be done. With a little patience, you can have your own desert rose plant for your home.

A true beauty in the cactus world, the desert rose is both beautiful and resilient. Many people wonder ?how do I grow a desert rose from cuttings? or ?is starting adenium seeds difficult?? Read here to find out.