how to get away with smoking weed

How to get away with smoking weed at work

Is it possible that introducing a little cannabis into your workday could actually improve productivity?

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If you caught consuming cannabis at work, there’s a good chance you’ll face discipline, if not get fired. This can be the case even if you are a medical cannabis user.

To some, the idea of being high in the workplace seems unproductive, irresponsible, and even disrespectful. But unless you’re operating heavy machinery or working in a safety-sensitive position, there should be no reason why an experienced cannabis user can’t indulge and perform well at their job.

People often report that they work better after having a coffee. Many people feel the same way about cannabis. Only, we treat it far differently than we do coffee in the workplace.

Cannabis is absolutely a performance-enhancing drug for me. I discovered in university that cannabis helped me concentrate in class. It also helped me develop a real excitement for learning.

In fact, I figured out that the right dose made me better at my job.

I actually feel a sense of not having done my job to the best of my ability without assistance from the cannabis plant. It just doesn’t feel like I’ve taken a good hard honest look at all angles of an issue unless I do.

Is it possible that introducing a little cannabis into your workday could actually improve productivity?

To smoke, eat, or vape?

Choosing a method of ingestion is an important factor when dabbling with cannabis at work.

Low-dose oils or edibles are the easiest methods – and least likely to get you caught.

This is harder with smoking or even with vaping cannabis. In which case, it’s a good idea to wash your hands and face after your smoke break, or you might find yourself having to make up jokes about having an encounter with a skunk.

Smell ya later

There are several helpful products on the market to help keep your cannabis use to yourself.

A smell-proof bag or purse will keep your stash from smelling up your workspace.

If you really need to get the smoke smell gone in a pinch, an air sanitizer will do the trick. A product called Ozium has been touted as the most effective in ridding you of that dank smell.

Finding your productive dose

How high should you get? That depends on what you do.

If you are simply punching a clock, you may want to test the boundaries.

If, however, your job involves interacting with the public, you may want to scale things back.

A good starting point would be 1/8th of your normal dose to see how that affects your performance. Even a few drops of oil (or a few puffs if you can keep the smell away) could make a big difference to your productivity – not to mention, how much you enjoy what you do.

Ingesting cannabis, however, can affect your short-term memory.

So if you’re a little more elevated than normal, avoid long conversations with co-workers. Forgetting what you just said can come off looking a little less than intelligent.

Get your medical marijuana card

If you enjoy using cannabis, consider applying for a medical license.

There is a chance that part of the reason you love cannabis is because it’s reducing unpleasant symptoms from a condition you don’t know you have.

Years after discovering cannabis was beneficial for my productivity, I was diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Cannabis slows my brain down enough so that I can focus more clearly.

What to do if you get caught

Legal experts recommend medicinal cannabis users inform their employers about their cannabis needs at work.

If you have a good relationship with your employer, it’s a good idea to have an honest conversation with them about cannabis.

But if you are disciplined for using cannabis at work, lawyer Caryma Sa’d advises that you will need to prove that your cannabis does not impair your ability to do your job. A note from your doctor should be enough.

If your employer is still unconvinced, however, there is still legal latitude to make a claim that your marijuana use is a disability-related workplace issue.

Introducing cannabis into your workday could improve productivity, but if you're job involves interacting with the public, you'll want to scale things back.