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The Worst Places in the World to Get Busted with Weed

For people who smoke weed, finding a reliable source is essential to having a good vacation. No one wants to be stuck desperately scouring the beach for a dealer, only to spend $50 on a couple grams of shake.

It’s a task that’s becoming slightly easier with countries around the world loosening their cannabis laws. Both Canada and Uruguay have fully legalized recreational weed, along with several U.S. states. And destinations like Amsterdam and Jamaica, known for their cannabis culture, welcome pot tourists.

But there are many countries that consider weed evil, as dangerous as meth and heroin, while consumers are vilified and written off as addicts. Depending on how much a person is caught with, serious jail time or even the death penalty is a possible punishment. Southeast Asia in particular has some of the toughest cannabis laws on the books.

Here are some answers about the riskiest destinations in the world to get caught with cannabis.

What happens if you get caught with weed in Indonesia?

Indonesia, known for its stunning beaches, temples, and volcanoes, is an incredibly popular tourist destination. Bali alone drew more than 6 million tourists in 2018.

But getting caught with weed there could easily mean jail time or even the death penalty for high-level trafficking.

Cannabis is a Group 1 drug in Indonesia, along with heroin, cocaine and crystal meth, which means the government considers it to be a dangerous substance with no therapeutic value. Millions of people still use cannabis in Indonesia, with the majority of it being produced in the Aceh region, according to a report from the Transnational Institute.

The punishment for getting caught with cannabis for personal use is a maximum four years in prison or mandatory rehabilitation. If you’re busted growing more than one kilogram or five plants, it’s five to 20 years in jail or a life sentence.

The Transnational Institute report notes that around 26 people a day are sentenced to jail due to cannabis crimes in Indonesia and that consumers can be charged for dealing. Having to bribe your way out of being arrested, is another possibility.

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