how much seed do i need

How Much Seed Do I Need?

How to Calculate Square Footage And Purchase the Right Amount of Wildflower Seed In 3 Easy Steps

Before purchasing wildflower seeds to plant your meadow, calculate the square footage of your meadow or garden bed. This guide will walk you through the 3 easy steps, so that you’ll know how much seed you need!

1. Measure

For Squares or Rectangles: measure the length and width of the space where you want to plant.

For Circles: find the radius – measure the widest part of your planting space and divide by 2.

2. Calculate Square Footage

For Squares or Rectangles: length (in feet) x width (in feet) = square feet

For example, a garden that measures 50 feet x 30 feet = 1500 sq. ft.

For Circles: radius (in feet) x radius x 3.14 = square feet

For example, a circular garden that is 20 feet across has a radius of 10 feet. 10 x 10 x 3.14 = 314 sq. ft.

(The mathematical formula for the area of a circle is Π · r 2 – the Π symbol is pronounced Pi and represents approximately 3.142, and r 2 stands for radius squared.)

3. Find How Much Seed You Need

The amount of seed you should plant depends on the flower display you want. We typically recommend planting on the higher side for a lush meadow. Plant on the lower side for a more scattered look.

  • 1 Acre = 43,000 sq.ft.
  • 1/2 Acre = 21,500 sq. ft.
  • 1/4 Acre = 10,750 sq.ft.
  • 1/10 Acre = 4,300 sq. ft.

For the best results in planting wildflowers, please read our Wildflower Seed Planting Instructions. This step-by-step guide will outline everything you need to grow a successful wildflower meadow.

For Larger Plantings: If you have a large site, from 1/2 acre to several acres, your planting rate may be affected by land conditions. If you have heavy weeds on the site now, some erosion, generally poor soil, or other land problems, additional seed is usually the most economical solution, since installation of a large planting usually costs more than the seed itself. If your site does have these problems and you want full coverage, use 1 pound per 1000 sq. ft.

For Smaller Plantings: Coverage ranges for smaller packages are on product pages.

For Individual Species: The recommended rates vary greatly from species to species. Check the product page, or contact us with questions.

Questions? Please contact Mike “The Seed Man” Lizotte, American Meadows’ Wildflower Expert!

Most Popular Wildflower Seed Mixes

Fall is the perfect time to sow wildflowers! Our Fall Maximum Wildflower Seed Mix is designed for fall planting and will have your garden bursting with blooms. Our easy-to-grow mix i.

All Annual Big Color Wildflower Seed Mix – Simplicity features a bold, simple color palette with 10 easy-to-grow annual wildflower varieties. This mix of wildflowers will make for be.

All Annual Big Color Wildflower Seed Mix – Variety will create a rainbow of color with 23 annual wildflower varieties. If you’re looking for a quick-blooming meadow to give you armfu.

The Northeast Wildflower Seed Mix contains 27 different annual and perennial wildflowers that thrive when planted in the Northeast. Exceptionally easy to grow, this mix brings a dyna.

3 easy steps to calculate the square footage of your meadow or garden bed, so that you’ll know how much seed you need!

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