how much is a dime of marijuana

How much is a dime of marijuana

Newbies to the budding world of legal weed (or those who have only purchased pot from a dispensary) might not be familiar with cannabis slang from yesteryear. But that’s why you’ve got your pals at MERRY JANE to bloom your brain and melt your mind with some 101 endo education.

This week, we’ve got another lesson in sensi-semantics for ya. In the past, we’ve defined such THC terms like a “zip” and “dub” — in case you forgot, they’re other units of marijuana measurement — and now we’re back for another hot lesson in weed words. This time, what is a “dime” of weed, and how much bud is that, exactly?

You won’t find a dime of weed in a pot shop, but you might find it on the black market. If it were 1999, a dime would be common. Yes, in Giuliani-era NYC, for example, street dealers would sell dimes left and right. Hell, your bodega guy might even have pre-packaged dimes of weed hidden behind the counter — perfect for when you show up wasted and want to cop a sandwich and secure yourself a little nightcap nug.

Today, however, a dime is less common. In 2019, few underground dealers will deliver you weed for less than a $60 order (typically at least an eighth of pot, especially if you’re in a state with prohibition laws on the books). But for the sake of this history lesson, let’s pretend dimes are still regularly pushed from your friendly neighborhood dealer.

What Does a Dime of Weed Mean?

Basically, a dime of weed — also called a “dimebag” — is $10 worth of pot. Dime is code for 10 as a dime in US currency is equivalent to 10 cents. (Did we blow your mind with that hard knowledge?)

How Much Pot Is in a Dime of Weed?

The amount of pot you can get in a dime of weed varies from place to place, and from dispensary to dealer. To understand if you’re scoring a deal or getting ripped off, you need to get comfortable with the metric system.

US dispensaries (and the rest of the free world) operate in terms of ounces and grams. One ounce is quite a bit of bud and is equal to 28 grams. OK, technically you can buy pot by the pound, but that’s a whole lot of herb.

On average, a dime of weed, dimebag, or ten bag is equal to about half a gram of pot, which equates to about two average-sized joints (or two large spliffs). However, the overall amount you get from your dime depends on several factors.

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Supply and demand is the basis of any product cost. In the US, the most significant factor that determines the price of pot is legalization. States with legal dispensaries offer more supply, and thus costs tend to be lower. So if you’re in a state with legal marijuana, you’ll probably see a little more in your “dime of weed” than if you were in a state where marijuana is not legalized.

If you are purchasing legally, the next thing to consider is taxes. Different states tax marijuana at different rates. If you’re in a high tax state, you’ll likely see less in your dime (bummer). Typically, if you’re closer to where your cannabis is grown, you’ll see more weed in your dimebag.

A “dime of weed” is half of a gram of weed (Photo by Tolula)


Dispensaries carry high-quality bud that is grown, transported, stored, and sold, according to strict guidelines. These businesses also make sure the herb is pure and can classify strains based on their THC level. Indoor grown weed is pricier than outdoor or sungrown cannabis, due to production costs like electricity, water, and other factors related to licensing. With higher quality, comes higher cost, which translates to less pot in your dime of weed. Still, though, if you go to a dispensary and only drop 10 bucks, the budtender is likely going to roll his eyes at you…

Time of year

Most outdoor farms have their harvest season in the early fall. If you time your purchasing right, you can take advantage of the influx of new herb and get a little extra in your dime. Additionally, the more you buy, the lower the cost per unit. Just like Costco, buying in bulk gives you the best deal in the long run (just make sure you store all of your weed correctly for later use).

A dime of weed is $10 worth of marijuana. That will get you different amounts of pot based on things like quality and location. But good luck finding anyone who sells dime bags in the black market anymore. Even the dealers who still slang weed in plastic cubes are likely pushing at least a dub, if not more. The more you know!

Today, we’ve got another lesson in sinsemilla semantics for you. What exactly is a "dimebag," and who even sells them anymore?

How Much is a Dime’s Worth of Cannabis

Understanding some cannabis hybrid can be the beginning of all knowledge and wisdom on how you can get high. You may have a noble reason for hitting cannabis joints (like discovering and proving their medicinal value), or you want to chill and ease out some stress of your life puffing some weed strain. Nonetheless, when it comes to your first attempt- taking slow must be the key, and knowing how much is a dime’s worth of cannabis can help practically speaking.

Dime of Weed: What You Need to Know

A ‘dime bag,’ or technically, a dime of weed is more or less 10 USD of cannabis. In the cannabis world, ten is coded as a dime, and it is practically 10 cents based on US currency or money. The price of a dime bag can be standard, but the amount of weed you can avail dramatically depends on location and from distributors up to dealers. Since potheads might get too creative because of their cannabis experiences- understanding the metric system can be helpful in instances you feel there is a highway robbery.

In answering how much is a dime’s worth of cannabis, as per standards- it is a bit more than half a gram. Nonetheless, in some places where the weed market is legal, a dime bag can get you more than a gram of cannabis.

Dime Bag Dimension

Of course, nobody wants to be cheated on first cannabis transactions- therefore, it pays to know some visuals of a particular dime bag. Having the knowledge on how much is a dime and what it looks like will make the first transaction a pleasant one.

Typical dime bags are the smaller ziplock-style containers you can imagine. Some distributors would like their dime bags to have some printed design for aesthetics and identity purposes.

A dime bag can have a 1.5 x 1.5-inch dimensions, and you can avail of these containers through some online stores. You have to take note that your cannabis package does not have to be in these zip lock pockets- as long as you buy a 10 USD worth of weed, an ordinary sandwich bag or any excellent container should do the trick.

A More Practical Cannabis Deal

Being a stoner does not mean you cannot get a more practical deal. If you can get a dime bag, keep your head high because ‘nicks’ is here to save your day. A ‘Nicks’ or a Nickel Bag of cannabis experience is just 5 USD. If you expect that your 5 USD worth of weed is in a ‘dime bag’ container- expect to have lower quality cannabis inside that package.

High-End cannabis in a nickel bag is more or less, weighing just .25 grams. However, to avoid any complication, a ‘nicks’ of weed is contained on a small zip lock pocket.

Making High Times Stay Longer

After knowing how much is a dime and then if you feel and think a dime bag and a nicks worth of cannabis is not enough, the weed market is more than ready to fulfill your yearning. If you can spend around 20 USD, then a Dub Sack deal of cannabis is a perfect fit for you. However, it should be noted that the content may vary depending on the quality of cannabis offered.

A Dub Sack can get you more or less 1 to 3 grams of cannabis. A Dub Sack is a bit bigger compared to a dime bag (around 2-inch by 2-inch dimension).

Talking About a Larger Picture

If you are not satisfied with the first three cannabis packages, ask your dealer if they have the ‘key.’ The ‘Key’ is the term being used to indicate a kilo amount of cannabis transactions. The word ‘Key’ is also used in large quantities of cocaine. The net weight is indicated, but the price of a Key of cannabis is not standard compared to dime bags, nicks, and dub sacks.

Final Takes on Cannabis Packaging

The cannabis industry has been rolling good times since the beginning of human history. The presence of stoners around the world has made it a very sustainable market. For this reason, applying regulation and organization is a must to set all things in control.

The legalization of cannabis usage for medical and recreational purposes paved the way for the understanding of the potency of this controversial plant. Knowing these marketing terms in cannabis distribution helps understand that these items are being controlled and appropriately regulated.

Stoners should also note that taxation plays a significant role in the prices of cannabis. This premise may mean that the amount may vary when these dime bags, nicks, dub sacks, and a key are being sold in the market. Although prices are already standardized, economic factors, such as inflation, may affect the amount of cannabis you will enjoy.

A stoner’s lifestyle begins with the recognition of how much can be spent in cannabis adventure. Knowing how much is a dime of weed is a practical approach.