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Home Depot Xtra Discounts, Rewards & Benefits

Posted by Kindra K.

Home Depot Pro Xtra

There’s nothing quite like the smell of Home Depot. Is it the wood? The plants? Or just the glorious scent of home improvement? Whatever it may be, the smell of sawdust is just one of the things that makes you a frequent customer at the world’s largest home improvement retailer. If you’re a professional landscaper, carpenter, plumber, what have you, there’s one thing you need to know about—Home Depot’s Pro Xtra Member Program.

Providing exceptional customer service has been a staple of Home Depot’s mantra, and this program designed for pros like you makes doing your job easier. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about Home Depot’s Pro Account, from everyday discounts to assistance with scheduling orders.

Home Depot Pro Desk or Lowe’s Pro Desk, which one has more benefits and works better for your home service business? See a full comparison of

How to Create a Home Depot Pro Xtra Account

How does the Home Depot Pro Xtra Member Program work?

At Home Depot, the customer is always top of mind. The Home Depot Pro Xtra Program gives members exclusive, money-saving offers and special coupons for products they use most. Creating a Home Depot Pro Xtra Account is free and requires basic information such as name, company name, industry type, and address. You can s

or visit a Pro Desk at your local Home Depot to create your account. Once signed in, you’ll be directed to your My Pro Extra Workbench. Your workbench is where you’ll find information such as your purchases, business tools, credit cards, and more.

Exclusive, money-saving offers for Home Depot Pro Xtra members

With a Home Depot Pro Xtra account, you’ll have exclusive access to Home Depot Pro Xtra rewards, benefits, and discounts. Your line of duty, whether building a hospital or constructing a shed, can be expensive. The idea behind this program is to reward professionals like you with discounts and benefits to save money on all of your projects.

Paint Rewards

If you’re a painter, having a Home Depot Pro Xtra account will be a lifesaver. Take a look at these money-saving rewards:

Spend $2,000, get 10% off your order

Spend $4,000, get 15% off your order

Spend $7,500, get 20% off your order

With up to 20% off on paints, stains, and primers, you’ll have more money in your pocket to put towards new equipment, payroll, and other expenses. Not only do Home Depot Xtra members save on paint costs, but they also have access to additional perks, such as:

Free direct-to-job site paint delivery

Free factory tinting & color matching

Dedicated field support

Phone in orders

Up to five years of color history by job

Some of the most appealing perks are free direct-to-job site paint delivery and a five-year color history by job. With free shipping, you’ll save more money by not having to transport paint from your supplier and paying for additional transportation materials.

Even better, having a five-year color history by job will help you remember that the Smiths’ used

Midnight in the Tropics Semi-Gloss Enamel Paint

in their son’s bedroom 4 years ago. Pair these services with our painting contractor software, and you’ll streamline all of your business operations so you can focus on coating walls and getting new customers. These services will not only will it make your life easier, but it will also convert customers into loyal, lifelong clients.

Volume Discounts

Volume discounts are one of the big incentives for businesses to join the Home Depot Pro Xtra Program. To receive a volume discount, all you have to do is spend $1,500 or more on windows, lumber, fencing, decking, drywall, insulation, and more. What’s so appealing about Home Depot’s volume discounts is that any product can be considered, no matter how many different products you buy. This means you don’t need to spend the full $1,500 on lumber alone. You can mix and match eligible products to save the most money.

Discounts like these level the playing field so you can save money and make competitive bids to compete with the biggest contractors in your area. What makes volume discounts an even bigger deal is that you can even combine their Pro Xtra bulk-pricing benefits with weekly specials and email or print coupons. Now you don’t need to find a magnifying glass and see if the words, “Cannot be combined with other offers,” are written in fine print anywhere.

To get your discount, either call, fax, email, or go to a Pro Desk in person with your order to receive a quote in minutes. Say goodbye to expensive bulk orders and hello to ultimate savings!

Xtra Services

Not only do members receive amazing Home Depot Pro Xtra benefits, but they also receive services to help boost their business as well. Home Depot understands your business needs products right away. With consumers expecting immediate delivery (thanks to Amazon’s same and next-day delivery), businesses need access to materials immediately in order to beat their competition. That’s where Home Depot’s Pro Xtra services come in.

Purchase Tracking

We get it, you’re a blue-collar worker by heart, not a financial analyst or accountant that’s used to sitting behind a desk all day. However, handling your finances is part of the job when it comes to owning a small service business. If you find yourself spending too much time recording orders or making errors on your data sheets, signing up for a Home Depot Pro Xtra account will save you big time. The last thing you want is to miss an order or lose profits. With purchase tracking, you can organize and track up to two years of purchases by job, location, PO, or date.

From there, simply export your records to Microsoft Excel or QuickBooks Online (QBO). From your Pro Xtra Workbench, you can download a summary of your purchase data that can be imported to your accounting software. QBO easily integrates with Housecall Pro’s

so you can keep track of every single moving part right on your phone, computer, or tablet.

Housecall Pro

is the ultimate software to manage and grow home service businesses. With our scheduling, payment, marketing features and more, you can streamline your business and maximize work efficiency.

Now, when Uncle Sam comes knocking at your door, you’ll be able to prepare and file your taxes with no hassle. All business owners should practice keeping receipts for record-keeping. Doing so will allow you to write off certain expenses as deductibles and will ensure you have proper documentation for when the IRS may need it. The Home Depot Pro Xtra Program keeps all of your receipts on your My Pro Xtra Workbench for easy access when you need it.

Advanced Business Tools

As you know, keeping track of all your business papers and other documents can become hectic. With a Home Depot Pro Xtra account, you can manage and analyze your purchases from anywhere at a glance. On your Pro Xtra Workbench, click on the “Business Tools” tab and you’ll be able to sort and view purchases by date or job name. You can see most frequently purchased items by:

Top items by spend

Top stores by spend

Spend by department

Manage Your Credit Cards

On your Pro Xtra Workbench, you’ll also find the “Credit Cards & Accounts” tab. Home Depot Pro Xtra links all of your cards together, so making and tracking purchases is easy. You can link Home Depot credit cards, debit and credit cards, THD keytags, and checking accounts. You can also link Pro Xtra Reloadable Purchase Cards. These cards can be issued to employees with set spending limits that can be tracked and given e-receipts for your records.


With Text2Confirm ordering, you can authorize employee purchases quickly through text, so you don’t need to be with them if they have to run out to the store for a missing or broken part. Linking your home, office, or cell phone to your Pro Xtra Workbench gives you the ability to make payments as well, so you can purchase an item even when you’re on the go.

Professional Trade Organizations

Professional trade organization members also receive some pretty appealing perks. Members of organizations such as the NAA, IEC, NARI, NREIA, and USC, for example, receive:

Cash back rebates

Competitive product pricing

Dedicated national support team

Easy and compliant e-procurement integration

What other benefits can Home Depot Pros get?

As a pro, you’ll also have access to a plethora of money and time-saving benefits that will add to your bottom line and help your business become the next big success story. So, pull up to your reserved Pro parking spot and check out these savvy Home Depot Pro Xtra discounts and benefits:

Commercial Credit

Maximize your purchasing power with a

. Applying with one of these cards is an easy process, and once approved, you’ll have access to these money-saving benefits:

Flexible payment options

Easy-to-read, SKU level, itemized billing statements

Online account management and purchase tracking

4x longer to make a return, up to 1 year, than regular Home Depot shoppers

Payment due in full each month

Fuel Rewards savings program

Save 10¢ a gallon for every $100 of qualifying purchases at participating Shell and other select stations

Get 60 days to pay with no interest. Minimum monthly payments required. Interest will begin on unpaid balances after 60 days.

Get 60 Days to pay your balance in full with no late fees if balance is paid in full.

An authorized user will be able to make purchases while giving you detailed information on the transaction and control over employee spending.

Optimize cash flow with the flexibility to itemize and pay invoices

A Home Depot Commercial credit card simplifies your bookkeeping and finances, so you don’t have to rummage through mounds of receipts and paperwork looking for purchases you made in the past. Every purchase on your commercial credit card will be displayed on your Pro Xtra Workbench which can be printed or exported later.

Bulk Pricing

Walking through Home Depot is like walking through a forest. There are aisles with shelves stacked 30 feet high in warehouses that have over 200,000 square feet of space. Although it may be overwhelming, they have every tool, part, and product you can imagine when it comes to home repair. And if you’re a Pro member, you’ll have special bulk pricing to Home Depot’s spread of over

. Take a look at Home Depot’s featured categories for bulk items that may apply to you:

Paint tools & supplies

As their slogan says, “More Saving. More Doing.” With bulk prices like these, you’ll get the job done at a fraction of the cost compared to shopping at other supply stores. Purchasing bulk items will increase your profit margin and allow you to get the job done faster by having all the materials you need, start to finish.

Shipping & Delivery Services

Customers crave immediate gratification. When they want a home repair, they want it done as soon as possible. Luckily, Home Depot offers its Pro members convenient shipping options so you can spackle their wall or lay down a new sidewalk in a jiffy.

Delivery Right to Your Doorstep

Whether you’re making a bulk purchase or buying a few items, take advantage of Home Depot’s free two-day delivery. Home Depot has thousands of eligible items online to choose from so you can plan for the next steps in a project and meet deadlines. And if you’re crunched for time, you can receive same-day or next-day express delivery if you order before noon! Rest assured knowing you’ll receive your order on time with over 2,500+ Home Depot’s located across the country that deliver straight to your job site.

Pick Up in Store

With thousands of Home Depots scattered across the country, you’re probably in close proximity to one. If this is the case, you can receive free pick-up in two hours for online orders, depending on availability. Additionally, you can enjoy free in-store pick-up on over a million eligible online items. Simply place your order, check your email for confirmation, and pick up at your local store by showing the service desk your ID and notification email.

THD Rental

Not every job is the same. Sure, if you’re a landscaper you probably have the necessary tools such as shovels, rakes, and a lawn mower. But what if a client hired you to redo their sidewalk and there’s a giant tree stump in the way? If this is the case, you can go to your local Home Depot and visit their Pro Desk and learn about their

From stump grinders to concrete saws and floor strippers to pressure washers, Home Depot has it all. You can even rent large equipment such as scissor lifts, trucks, and moving trailers. This way, you won’t have to spend hundreds (even thousands!) of dollars on an expensive piece of equipment you only plan on using once.

Expanded Assortment

Sometimes you may get odd jobs or unique customer specifications that require a hard-to-find piece or product. The last thing you want is to lose a bid because a competitor has the missing piece. With Home Depot’s Expanded Assortment, you can order millions of products, even those obscure commercial pieces you’ve never seen before, that aren’t available in-stores or online. Simply

and tell them what piece you need and they’ll make sure you have it in no time.

Mobile Coupons

Nothing’s better than ringing out at the cash register, handing the cashier a stack of coupons, and watching the amount you owe drop lower and lower.

will send pro-exclusive text alerts straight to your phone with coupons, offers, new product updates, video demos, and more. Whether you want to operate sustainably, use products that are sourced responsibly, or learn more about your industry, signing up to receive texts will keep you in the loop. Even better, right when you enter your mobile number, you’ll receive a $5 coupon!


No matter what line of work you do, you probably find yourself breaking out the tape measurer for all of your projects. With the Home Depot HOVER App, there’s no need for this cumbersome tool. The HOVER App allows you to get accurate exterior measurements for roofing, painting, siding, windows, and doors straight from your phone or tablet. You can also create a 3D model of an ideal home for your client, so you can work together to create the dream home. With the ability to draw designs and make quotes in a fraction of time, you can boost your service business marketing growth and appeal to a larger target audience. With Home Depot’s HOVER App, you’ll gain a competitive edge to win more jobs and save time and money.

Does Home Depot price match?

Yes! Home Depot has a

that includes the price of the item(s) and shipping cost, and will even beat the competitor price by

ten percent

. The changing digital marketplace allows customers to wander through the aisles with their smartphone at hand giving them access to an entire industry. This allows customers to comparison shop to find the best deal. Home Depot’s Price Match guarantee will make sure you go home knowing you got the best deal. Price Match items must come from a competitor and

Learn about Home Depot’s Pro Account, from everyday discounts to assistance with scheduling orders.