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High point genetics

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Auction Location
East Edge of Osceola, IA South of Highway 34, 1/4 mile
Osceola, IA 50213
United States

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Hi Point Genetics

Bad Chicken

Visionary X Twin Turbo
Stress: Negative
Bred by: Hoge Livestock Off-Season Semen Price: $50/Dose

Youngest Class Winner – 2016 SWTC. This guy has an impeccable build and design for 2016. His presence, range of motion, and balance are ideal. His width of skeleton and muscularity appropriately match his frame size, length of body and stoutness of skeleton, making him an incredibly proportional option.


Sky Wire X Point Maker X Lunchbox
Stress: Negative
Bred by:Riggs-Thurston Showpigs and Greg Clark Off-Season Semen Price: $100/Dose

$40,000 Champion Boar STC. We were prepared to bid for a while on Bluegrass and feel fortunate to own him at $40,000. In our opinion, this is one of the best-made, squarest-built blue boars to be offered.

Chasin’ Fame

Fortune X Springsteen
Stress: Negative
Bred by: Livermore Swine Genetics Off-Season Semen Price: $100/Dose

Class 1 Winner STC $18,000. Chasing banners is everyone’s goal! When we toured the Livermore farm we knew we had found one or two that could make reaching that goal of collecting banners easy. Chasin’ Fame stands tall with a cocky look, yet he has real width and is jerked apart down low with an excellent shape and curvature to his rib.


Hillbilly Bone X Super Monster
Stress: Negative
Purchased from: Mikayla Grady Off-Season Semen Price: $250/Dose

Introducing C’mon – the clone of the 2014 Grand Champion Barrow at Houston shown by Mikayla Grady. C’mon! We would like to genuinely thank the Grady family for allowing us to add this monster to our lineup. The talk today is about tall-fronted, jack-headed market hogs that are super-stout and possess a flawless build. Well that is why we say C’mon!

Hi Rent

How We Roll X Motorboater
Stress: Negative Off-Season Semen Price: $35/Dose

Every year we pull in some outside semen to give customers some new genetic options. How We Roll is a boar we used because of his correctness and bone work. Hi Rent is out of our best Motorboater daughter that is wide sprung, attractive in her look and high on her pasterns.

It’s All Good

Bone Thug X Deep Threat x Batman Stress: Negative Bred by: Eric Polich Off-Season Semen Price: $50/Dose $60,000 Crossbred Boar – 2014 WPX

When you love one at the show and then bring them home and see them get better everyday and see their weakness become a strength then you know “It’s all Good”. This was a popular boar at WPX because of his bone and his ideal set to his rear hock with an ultra-flexible rear leg but now It’s All Good has massed up and opened up in his blade and knee is thicker bodied and still maintains those ideal angles. If you are looking to make the next generation sounder and more flexible but add the bone and power to compete at the highest level then relax because we have the answer and IT’S ALL GOOD.

Make It Rain

Fortune X Springsteen Stress: Negative Bred by: Livermore Swine Genetics Off-Season Semen Price: $100/Dose

$50,000 Off-Farm Purchase. When we toured the Livermore farm we knew we had found one or two that could make reaching that goal of collecting banners easy. Make it Rain is just like his brother, Chasing Banners, he runs up hill and has that extraordinary alert, high head carriage. He is stout and square in his build and reaches off both ends. Width goes hand in hand with that look and extra stoutness to elevate to the next level. Now it’s your turn to Make it Rain on the competition!

Mama’s Boy

R U My Sister X Bandit X Coulson Sow Stress: Negative Off-Season Semen Price: $35/Dose

This chromed up killer has elite body and center mass and can go like a cat. We really love his center and upper rib and the way he stands tall at the shoulder and hip. As you read him from blade to hip he is wide and true up there and takes that width to the ground.

Mama’s Calling

R U My Sister X 8 Ball Stress: Negative Bred by: Gault Farms Off-Season Semen Price: $50/Dose

With the trend today going towards taller-fronted, better-balanced hogs that can move, yet still have enough power – that’s Mama’s Calling. This phenom is sired by one of the hottest, biggest-boned boars in the industry – R U My Sister – and out of a line bred Super 7 boar – 8 Ball – that was ahead of his time in terms of making hogs that are built right and mobile. Mama’s Calling runs uphill and has extra length from blade to ear. He is slick necked and sharp faced. The odd belted boar is square and true in his build and plants all four within his skeleton and is loose in his structure.

Paint The Town

See My Point X Solid Monster X Hillbilly Bone Stress: Negative Bred by: Carpenter Creek Farms Off-Season Semen Price: $75/Dose

$21,000 2016 STC Purchase. Big body, and big legs with extra soft mass and the ability to float off all four will make Paint the Town the choice to cover a number of sows here at Hi Point. No, he is not that choked fronted prospect, he is a power hog that can go and is ultra-complete. In class he stood second to Bluegrass the Champion, and the Judge Aaron Cobb described him as “One that matches up everywhere and you won’t have to protect anywhere.”

Pistols Firing

John Wayne X Colt 45
Stress: Negative
Bred by: Ottenwalter Showpigs
Owned by: Trogdon & Farnham

Off-Season Semen Price: $75/Dose

Posi Track

Deuce X All Star X Outta Hand Off-Season Semen Price: $75/Dose Stress: Positive Bred by: Newcastle Genetics

No, we have not gone off the edge – but it’s hard to find boars with muscle or even a good stress carrier boar that has shape. Andy and Taylor had pulled this chromed up prospect out of their boar barn and were fitting him for the Cross Bred Classic, when they received the first test back that he was positive. They could not believe this one was positive because he is so stout and big boned and too good, so they kept fitting him to show. But after the third positive test, they scratched that idea and contacted us. If you need to get back on Trac and add shape with style and eye appeal, lock in the Posi Track!

Secrets Out

Young Gun X Low Boy X Sweet Emotions Stress: Negative Raised by: Weaver Family Showpigs Sold By: Edwards Family Genetics, Bennett Showpigs, and Brad Hutton Off-Season Semen Price: $75/Dose

Ultra-attractive with a more unique look and head carriage and an impeccable set to his blade and curvature to his rib makes Secrets Out the most promising herd boar to stand at Chrisman, Illinois in quite some time. The Secret is out! If you are looking for that unrivaled combination of Mass, Shape, and Showring Presence, you have found the Secret. Secrets Out is moderate in his frame and has a stouter skull with a huge upper rib and is extreme in his bone and foot size, with a perfect angle in his pasterns.

Stanky Leg

It’s All Good X Tribute X Big Stick X Toxic 28-3 Off-Season Semen Price: $75/Dose Stress: Negative Bred by: Grinstead Show Team

Champion Overall Male – Field of Dreams Pig Sale 2015, Top Selling $10,000.Stanky leg is awesome in his chest floor and takes that width through the top of his skeleton. He is one of the tallest shouldered, neatest-fronted boars in the stud. What adds to his quality is his perfect length of body (a rib shorter) and exemplary curvature to his rib. If you are looking to add structure with the right body mass and length while achieving that high-headed showring presence, you will need to do the Stanky Leg!

Turn On

Turn Me Loose X Point Maker Off-Season Semen Price: $75/Dose Stress: Negative

We have only had a handful of these blue boars, but each one of them has left his mark at Hi Point. This jacked-fronted wide based boar is perfect in terms of length of body and has a picture-perfect set of running gears. Power should not be problem because the dam of Turn On and My Turn is by far the most impressive female at Hi Point. This Point Maker daughter is huge-boned, neat-looking and barrel-ribbed! We retained all the females in this litter and have high hopes, come state fair time, for a pair of littermate barrows we sold online. Turn On will enhance look, add bone, and keep them sound. And as the trend shifts, we feel he will make a huge impact next summer!


Barn Talk

No Debate 18-8 X Outlaw (Grand Gilt 2015 IN State Fair) Off-Season Semen Price: $150/Dose Stress: Negative Bred by: Harvey Show Stock

$21,000 Grand Champion Boar – 2016 IN State Fair. Barn Talk is tall, long and cool fronted. However he will be supreme because he will add blade width and that optimal spring and shape to rib that we cannot give away. Over the years we have bred or housed some of the most influential Hampshire boars and we feel Bark Talk will take his place near the top of that list.

Carried Away

EN: 14-6 Registration: 492219006

Carry On X Point Maker Stress: Negative Off-Season Semen Price: $150/Dose

If we are talking bone, or squareness of build, or body mass, or the ability to have agility with the mass, you will be Carried Away. His stout skull attaches into a high neck carriage and smoothly ties into a huge blade with flat massive forearms, standing down on enormous feet and toes. Carried Away stands down wide yet square and true on both ends which enables him to maintain a fluid stride within his skeleton. Like all of our Carry On sons, Carried Away has a big old barrel rib and added depth to heart and flank.

Carry On

Ear Notch: 21-1 Registration #: 487675001

Colibob X Augusta Stress: Negative DOB: 9-10-13 Bred by: Jerry McLemore Owned by: Keith & Brian Lambright, Hi Point Swine Genetics and Jerry McLemore Off-Season Semen Price: $75/Dose

What makes Carry On extra special is Jerry swore that Carry On would never leave Ninnekah, OK because he is “The Best One I Have Ever Raised!” Carry On is as unique as they come. He is moderate in his build, but tall fronted. When he raises his head, he runs uphill with an ultra-stout, cocky look through his head. Carry On sets down on an immense foot with widespread, extra-large toes and has thick legs with wide set dewclaws.

Here’s The Deal

EN: 28-8 Registration: 493837008

Flat Bill X Forefront (Same dam as West Point) Stress: Negative Bred by: Fecke Livestock-Jr Fecke Family Off-Season Semen Price: $100/Dose

This narrow belted mature boar is super boxy, monster boned, big chested, and moderate framed. His squareness of build and feet and legs are impeccable. Here’s the Deal has zero Point Maker or Carry On in his pedigree which makes him a different deal and all his extras make him a big deal!

Last Call

EN: 10-4 Registration: 493806004

Carry On X Homemade 17-3 X Huggy Bear Stress: Negative Off-Season Semen Price: $50/Dose

This Carry On son combines those older lines (No Point Maker) with a sharper look and a tighter ear set and that overwhelming body shape and rib curvature. Last Call is extra comfortable and mobile with flawless feet and leg placement and the ability to go forward and square off all four. Body mass and correctness in a sounder package will let you make that Last Call!

The Click

EN: 6-4 Registration: 492213004

Outlaw X Flat Bill x No Debate x Unreal x Black Oak (sow side heavily lined up Black Oak 44-2) Stress: Negative Bred by: Mark Long & Ryan Bell Owned with: Heimer Hamps & Wendt Livestock Off-Season Semen Price: $75/Dose

This taller fronted breed mover is neat headed but stout and masculine thru his skull. He has a big blade and good bone work in his forearm and feet on both ends. The Click is very sound and comfortable and can go all day taking a long free stride. This powerfully made prospect sets his rear two perfectly with no bow and is the kind that will fix problems while maintaining width and center mass.

The Process

Ear Notch: 8-1 Registration #: 494191001

The Game X Lumberjack X Kendal sow (Look at Me x Sterling Silver x Witness) Off-Season Semen Price: $100/Dose Bred by: Cody & Samantha Smith Shown by: Rex Smith

Grand Champion Hampshire Boar – 2017 NSR Winter Type Conference. No matter how long we have bred Hampshires we have still to this day strived to make them wider, bigger ribbed and more open in their makeup while maintaining bone and look and that’s where The Process fits in. Going hand in hand with his mass, we love the extra look he offers and his ideal hip and rear leg design.

Up Roar

EN: 15-2 Registration: 492057002

Carry Out X JL 20/20 Stress: Negative Bred by: Earl Cain & Family Off-Season Semen Price: $50/Dose

If you like stoutness and natural thickness of skeleton, this belted herd boar is getting ready to cause an Up Roar! The Cain family has been a stalwart cornerstone in the Hampshire arena for decades and has produced some of the Hampshire legends. It was an easy choice to add Up Roar because he is backed by a breeding program and has a phenotype that will make the next generation stouter and more open in its construction from the ground up and from blade up thru their center and rump.

Hi Point Genetics Bad Chicken Visionary X Twin Turbo Stress: Negative Bred by: Hoge Livestock Off-Season Semen Price: $50/Dose Youngest Class Winner – 2016 SWTC. This guy has an