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HiFi 4G (Dutch Passion) feminized

At 20% THC, HiFi 4G is a beginner-friendly hybrid that all recreational smokers will appreciate, but is particularly coveted by music fans. She’ll relax your mind, open your ears, and sharpen your senses until every tune sounds way richer and more focussed. If you can’t get a ticket to the next big concert, get some HiFi 4G flowers. It’ll be like your favourite band is playing just for you!

HiFi 4G (Dutch Passion) feminized
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Dutch Passion – HiFi 4G: Weed Seeds Designed For Audiophiles

To continue their USA Special line, Dutch Passion crossed the American-bred WiFi OG with their own champion Glueberry OG. The genetics are nicely balanced between indica and sativa for a relaxing effect that amplifies the senses while erasing stress from the mind. As the name would imply, music sounds better, but that’s not all. Food becomes tastier, art is more thought-provoking, and even your smoke will have a more enticing aroma. Need a little creative boost of your own? HiFi 4G can take care of that too!

HiFi 4G plants are simple to grow, even for beginners. They’re uncomplicated and can thrive in just about any environment without the need for a perfect grow room. Make a few mistakes and they’ll happily look the other way, still producing extra-large yields of sparkling, crystal-saturated buds—with killer THC levels to boot. For such an easy strain, the terpene profile is surprisingly complex, boasting pleasantly strong aromas and flavours.

When fully mature, the bud structure is truly spectacular. HiFi 4Gs green and gold flowers are dense and hard to the touch from the time the calyxes show, and they get huge near the end of bloom. Resist the temptation to cut early and you’ll see something really special in some phenos. The buds will start to form rocky foxtails that shoot out stacked calyxes from multiple sites. If you’ve never seen this before, the flowers will have a strange, bumpy look.

If you smoke or vape dried herb, you’ll certainly enjoy HiFi 4G once it’s properly cured. But, this hybrid also has more than enough terpene-filled trichomes to make plenty of oils and extracts for either recreational or medicinal use. Why not give these cannabis seeds a try?

Music lovers take note: HiFi 4G sharpens the senses until the roughest stream sounds like a full-fledged concert. Get these 20% THC seeds at Zamesia!