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Strain Mastery is the term to describe your ability to harvest the plants effectively. When you water the plant at proper intervals you gain additional buds. If you reach a minimum number of buds your strain mastery improves. When you improve your mastery a specific number of times you level up and your strain receives a permanent bonus. There are 5 mastery levels allowing you to add a total of 5 buds to your overall yield.

Epic Buds Edit

Epic Buds are special buds which you can use in the breeding lab. (see Breeding Lab section below). Epic buds are dropped when you perform a perfect harvest, which means you have to fully water your plant at all intervals. You can still obtain Epic Buds without a perfect harvest but it’s a much lower percentage. Usually less than 30% chance and lower.

Legendary Buds Edit

Legendary buds are special buds that can be used in the breeding lab to improve strain quality. Legendary are extremely rare buds provide possible bonuses to all 4 attributes and can be used in a similar way that a regular bud can be used–they can be used once per attribute but provide a higher average reward.

The Breeding Lab Edit

Each time you breed two strains you have a chance to improve one trait of the mother strain. There is also a small chance to improve all 3 properties if the marker falls on the “Bonus” category. If two strains cannot be bred to produce a new strain a “bonus” option replaces the chance where the “new strain” found would normally be.

Strain Properties Edit

Each strain has 3 of the 4 properties in different proportions. Each strain has both a potency and aroma property as well as either pain or mood. Indicas have the pain property and sativas have mood. Hybrids have one or the other.

Strain Properties:

  1. Potency
  2. Aroma
  3. Pain
  4. Mood

Breeding Table

Mother Father Child
Afghani Skunk No 1 Northern Lights
Skunk No 1 Northern Lights Chemdawg
Northern Lights Chemdawg Hindu Kush
Chemdawg Hindu Kush Sour Diesel
Hindu Kush Sour Diesel Haze
Sour Diesel Haze G13 Haze
Chemdawg G13 Haze Jack Herer

Mother and Father strains Edit

The mother strain acts as the base (initial strain traits) and the father strain acts as the modifier (strain bonuses). The father strain dictates what bonuses are added to the mother strain to produce the new child strain.

Watering Edit

Watering the plants increases the number of buds it produces during harvest. Each strain has a different number of watering requirements and different intervals.

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Hempire Weed Strain Guide

The Game “Hempire” has different strains of weed. This video aims to provide you with all the information that you need to breed these strains as you start off in …

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Hempire Weed Strain Guide The Game “Hempire” has different strains of weed. This video aims to provide you with all the information that you need to breed these strains as you start off in …