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Haze Hookah Tobacco – New Shisha Flavors: Pearlicious & Iced Cucumberita

Haze Hookah Tobacco – New Shisha Flavors

Pearlicious – ?
Iced Cucumberita – ? ❄
B.O.F. – ? ? ? ? ?
Beat The Heat – ?
Cotton Clouds – ?

If you don’t currently smoke Haze Tobacco, you are absolutely missing out. Their slogan “Simply the Best” explains it well as Haze Hookah is now a world renowned hookah shisha… Ещё

Mazaya Tobacco New Shisha Flavors Review – Ruby Crush, Candy Drops, Rock A Pie, Plus More!

New hookah shisha flavors from Mazaya Tobacco are now at! With the latest release of shisha flavors from Mazaya Molasses, you’ll have a mix of flavor profiles to choose from. Some savory, some fruity, all delicious. Craving something icy with a cooling mint? Try Midnight Mint or Mojito. How about shisha dessert? Blueberry Cream or Rock-A-Pie should do the trick. If you have a hookah sweet tooth, Candy Drops and Mango Twist should fill your hookah bowl just right. Check out some of our hookah flavor reviews from the latest batch of Mazaya Hookah blends.

Adalya Hookah Tobacco Review – Love 66 & Lady Killer

Founded in 2003, Adalya Hookah Tobacco is based in Turkey and is now the largest manufacturer of shisha tobacco in Turkey as well as the second largest in the world! A release in the United States in 2019 of over 20 fantastic hookah flavors has hookah enthusiasts raving. Flavors created from experience in the Middle East as well as influence from the European Union and years of R&D.

Flavored tobacco made with natural ingredients like Virginia leaf blonde tobacco, vegetable glycerin, molasses, and all-natural flavoring… Ещё

Malaki Hookah Tobacco Overview

Modernly sleek with a touch of class and a whole lot of tradition, Malaki Tobacco is transcending the world of shisha. Based in the hookah history and culture of the United Arab Emirates, Malaki Molasses Tobacco is a relatively new shisha brand bringing modern hookah tobacco to the market. Using the highest quality ingredients, Malaki hand strips and roasts each tobacco leaf to create the smoothest, most flavorful blends in the industry. The end product is a familiar blonde tobacco with red dye and bold, innovative flavors that last from the start of your hookah session to the finish.

Fumari Rook & Mini Rook Hookah Bowls by Alpaca Bowl Company

When two great brands get together, it’s a wonderful thing. We all know the quality shisha that Fumari Tobacco puts on the market. Creative, bold hookah shisha flavors that have become staples in the rotations of hookah enthusiasts and hookah lounges. When paired with the right hookah bowl, Fumari Hookah is unmatched. In steps the Alpaca Bowl Company. High quality clay hookah bowls that perfectly compliment Fumari Tobacco. Both companies recognized this and created special Alpaca Bowls with Fumari branding and exclusive colorways. The collaborative bowls are now available at!

Hookah Guide 101: Essential Hookah Parts

Whether you are completely new to hookah or having trouble setting up your latest hookah purchase, we at SouthSmoke are here to help with the latest hookah parts guide. Even enthusiasts that are troubleshooting a hookah issue need a refresher every now and then so don’t feel like hookah beginner guides are just for newbs. When you know what each hookah accessory does and how every hookah part works together, you create an understanding of the entire concept which leads to better smoking sessions in the future. Sit back, buckle in and read on to enjoy the largest clouds and boldest hookah shisha flavor from your hookah.

Haze Hookah Tobacco – New Shisha Flavors Blog: Haze Hookah Tobacco – U.S. Resurgence… Pearlicious – 🍐 Iced…

Haze Hookah Tobacco

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ABOUT HAZE™ We stand for Premium Hand Crafted Hookah Tobacco Haze™ Tobacco is a one of a kind premium water pipe tobacco known for its bold, unique flavours and longevity quality. Our hand crafted premium blends are flavoured to an unparalleled perfection. We us the world’s finest combination of ingredients to create o