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Strain Review: Grizzly OG by Grizzly Peak

@grizzly.peak always has quality #Kush and Grizzly OG #grizzlyOG is no exception.

Lineage/Genetics: Master Kush x OG Kush x Unknown

Grizzly OG Strain Review

Grabbed this one from #vho in #sacramento and opened that jar with the familiar dank smell of pine, pepper, and just the smallest hint of sweet sugar. The nugs are covered with white trichomes. The green mixed with small spots of purple leaves gives way to red/orange hairs.

Breakdown of the dense nugs takes a while by hand; I used a grinder this session, nugs were not dust afterward so I was extremely happy.

First hit off the bong, standard Kush taste: hotter/spicy pepper with earthy pine exhale. A tad bit harsh but not out of the ordinary for OG. The high is heavy on the body within 20 mins. The mind was settled and calm, the body high lasted nearly an hour, then I packed a new bowl.

I’ve had multiple flavors by @grizzly.peak and this is one of my favorites by far. #23% #thc would recommend to my heavy smoking folks, those with body pain and looking for relaxation. However, social and light weight smokers would prob get too couch locked on this one. A little bit goes a long way!

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