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Earlier this year, I was gifted a couple packs of feminized Sour Dubb crosses from Greyskull and Joeygreen on Maui. I had planted all of them but unfortunately a rodent ate all but two of the Key Lime Pie x Sour Dubb seedlings. I am around week 5ish now and have two pretty different pheno’s.

One short, low yielding pheno that smells like sour cherries and citrus and is very frosty and a tall, stretchy pheno that smells like bubble yum gum.

Here is a little backstory on Grey Skull and the Sour Dubb written by Hammerhead.
some small edits indicated with(e)

Earlier this year, I was gifted a couple packs of feminized Sour Dubb crosses from Greyskull and Joeygreen on Maui. I had planted all of them but…

Greyskull Seeds

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Greyskull Seeds claim to fame is that they “found” a mysterious, clone only strain named Sour Dubble — Ancestor of High Times Cannabis Cup award winner Gorilla Glue #4 (or GG#4).

Similar to the kid who moves to a new school and tells lies about how cool he was at his former school to his new classmates — Greyskull showed up on Maui in 2010 with wild tales of how he was the only person on Earth to have a lost strain called Sour Dubble, Mother of Gorilla Glue #4 (during the period that Gorilla Glue #4 was being celebrated as one of the strongest strains on Earth).

Strain-gely nobody in San Diego can vouch for Greyskull’s story, because he is not even from San Diego: he is from Oklahoma!

Did he “find” Sour Dubble in a corn field in Oak-la-homa or did he find a seed of a clone only strain in one of his fragrant fake dreads??

One of the Greyskull San Diego Pakalōlō Pirate Gang members, who engaged our representatives in discussion, says Greyskull “found a single seed of Sour Dubble in a import pound from San Diego home of Sour Dubble”.

1st off: if this mythological seed even did exist, there would be no way to verify if was pure Sour Dubble & not a result of accidental pollination by a hermaphrodite in the grow room. Plus, California warehouse weed importers are notorious for putting popular imposter names on pounds so they will sell.

2nd: Sour Dubble is a CLONE ONLY strain that the original breeder says is lost, yet now Greyskull “found” it?

3rd: Greyskull San Diego is not even from San Diego he is from Oklahoma??

How does a newbie from Oklahoma get in with tight clone only cannabis circles in San Diego after only a few short years.

Probably the same way he becomes an online forum expert on Hawaiian Cannabis Culture in less than a decade:

By faking the skunk funk online.

Greyskull The Grower is a Pakalōlō poser. He has no idea about Hawaiian Cannabis Culture because he is an outsider — yet he opens his big fat mouth online as if he is all knowing & all seeing.

Greyskull spreads misinformation about Maui Wowie & Alaskan Thunderfuck being names to put on regional specific cannabis without a clue that Maui Wowie is a old school, world renown Hawaiian Sativa strain & Alaskan Thunderfuck is a hybrid that was bred specifically so it could be cultivated outdoors in Alaska during their legendary long sun light days by crossing a California Sativa to a Russian Ruteralis x Afghan Indica.

Ruteralis produces an auto-flower response allowing a plant to flower when there are over 12 hours of sunlight.

Greyskull doesn’t know abour these strains, yet he speaks on them online as if he was an expert.

Just like the girlfriend who is always jealous, suspecting you are cheating (all the while she is the one getting down around town) Greyskull & his gang of punk Pakalōlō Pirate posers question the validity of every other breeders genetics — yet it is Greyskull Seeds passing off a fake Sour Dubble to sell their random hybrid seeds.

Worse still: Greyskull Seeds organized a fake cannabis cup competition (blatantly copying High Times Cannabis Cup) to promote their bunk brand & are tricking locals here in Hawai’i into believing they are legitimate by showing them Instagram photos of their invite only fake Cannabis Cup.

The real High Times Cannabis Cup is open to the public.

What do these Pakalōlō Pirates have to hide.

Greyskull Seeds are total scammers, scallywags, scumbags & absolute rip offs.

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5 reviews on Greyskull Seeds

False info, slander, personal attack

This guy’s slander gets it wrong. Same rant on another site with an erroneous photo claiming Greyskull is from Oklahoma. Known him since he was in grade school in the Newport Beach area. Greyskull was given seeds from BOG. We have had his SDxSB (Sour Dubble) cut since ‘07 and was gifted personally from Greyskull …it is everything that he describes. We have run the S. Dubble x Fire Pie cross …it is Fire. If this sleazy slanderer is concerned about diluting Hawaiian Pakalolo genetics, then he should make himself a guardian of those genetics by growing them; not by slandering a well rooted California transplant that lives aloha (obviously more than he does).

Is slandering local seedbanks in Hawaii how Greyskull lives aloha?

Or is it when he imports shwag mainland warehouse weed to undercut local farmers prices??

Please tell us more about how Greyskull “lives Aloha” in Oklahoma.

The B.O.G. remake is fake — it is not the real Sour Dubble

Greyskull & his whole Pakalōlō Pirate posse are as fake as their crusty crusty dreads

More slander authored by Pua Mana Ohana Seedbank

Kerry Emerson of pua mana seeds has been posting this same misinformed BS all over the internet. This idiot gets all his info off leafly and seedfinder…which says alot. Both sites are filled to the brim with misinformation and inaccuracies.
It’s funny that the only person talking shit about Greyskull, is this lonely troll on Kauai with a failed seedbank that tries to capitalize off uninformed mainlanders.
You can ask just about any reputable breeder or grower in the industry and they will tell you the opposite of what this pua mana guy is constantly trolling about…and they will all tell you what a nutjob this pua mana guy is.


Just like the girlfriend who is always jealous, suspecting you are cheating (all the while she is the one getting down around town) Greyskull & his gang of punk Pakalōlō Pirate posers question the validity of every other breeders genetics — yet it is Greyskull Seeds passing off a fake Sour Dubble to sell their random hybrid seeds… #FakeSourDubble


Pua Mana ‘Ohana puts information ON Leafly & Seedfinder.

Pua Mana ‘Ohana is a old school Hawaiian cannabis collective who shares seeds and stories of classic strains.

Greyskull Seeds are just mad they never sampled Maui Wowie in the 9 years they were on Maui selling cheap import lbs of shwag mainland warehouse weed because everyone on Maui knew they were crusty custys with fake dreads & avoided them like the plague.

Greyskull got booted from Maui earlier this year for all the hate he spread online about Maui Uncles.

Greyskull lives in Oklahoma now where he smokes fake sour dubble & tries to tell people how cool he was when he lived on Maui.

Anyone can put info on seedfinder and leafly

Anyone can put info up on seedfinder and leafly, that doesnt add validity to anything pua mana seed company does. He is a fraud in every sense of the word. Just ask all the former partners that made his seeds for him and now have similar scam reports filed about them on numerous websites like this one.

I grow strains that Kerry at PMO bred and it is the best of the best

I can tell you personally that Pua Mana Ohana has awesome genetics that are stable and healthy and strong AF…..they are the real deal…..
they are a cornerstone of every grow I put into flower now….no bullshit Hype or fake ass made up canni cup nonsense…
just some of the best weed I grow right next to some Arjan and Franco sent me as well….and some DJ Short strains ….

Half of every flower room I grow is Strains I got from Pua Mana Ohana and it will always be that way from now on…..

as soon as someone smokes some…. they all have the same Question…..
“”Damn that tastes good…where did you get that. ””
I have 17 diff strains and it is always the favorites above everything else for taste….smell and potency……and if you grow…. it is super resistant to WPM or any moisture issues……strongest and healthiest plants in my roster….

I always recommend Pua Mana Ohana if someone wants hawaiian bud…..but I would reccomend them to anyone who wants a hardy strain that is full of taste and potency that will make you fall in love the first time you smoke it or grow it…..100% REAL Hawaiian pakalolo….

Fake Dreads

Greyskull is the Yosemite Sam of Shwag

Kerry is obsessed with men with beards

Kerry of pua mana ohana has 10 different instagram pages dedicated to posting pictures of guys with beards. Pretty creepy.

Kerry Has a mangina

greyskull made moves and opened up a legal dispensary, while you haven’t done shit with your fake Hawaiian seed business except talk shit about people more successful than yourself.
Kerry is a disgrace to Hawaiian culture

This is terrible fake information

It’s common knowledge with many cannabis connoisseurs that Greyskull and Subrob and a few other San Diego people had gotten some seeds from B.O.G. at an event and from those seeds we now have Sour Dubble. The only part that has everyone confused is on which Diesel B.O.G. used. Did he use Somas or Rezdogs? That’s the unknown part of this, and but that fact that people are claiming that they lost the Sour Dubb is just preposterous.

Response to slander

First off, I’m sure anybody in the industry knows who wrote that BS report and a lot probably know why. I didn’t even read the whole thing, but I will go back and do a paragraph by paragraph rebuttal, the numbers will correspond with the paragraph in original post.

1) Incorrect. His claim to fame is decades of growing quality in California and on Maui.
2) Incorrect. He has never claimed to be the only one who had Dubb, he is the guy who made sure it was spread throughout the cannabis community.
3) Incorrect. Many of is here in San Diego know him. As an example of how ridiculous this report is, SourDubb is called SourDubb BECAUSE of San Diego. Greyskull and I were the only ones in the SDF crew to vote for the name Double Sour, or Dubble Sour, as Bog had stated that was the name he had planned on using, as it was two sours. The Dubble part of the name is, of course, a nod to sour bubble. But the younger bros liked the name SourDubble or SourDubb because the SD, as in San Diego. And they out voted us. You dummy.
4) what. 4 seeds were gifted to friend of greyskull, 2 were popped, SourDubb was kept as a clone named Cash I believe. By dudes who didn’t give two craps about names. Greyskull was gifted the clone. It IS the clone only, not a seed from a clone only. Dummy
5)I don’t know who that was, he was incorrect, but a lot closer than you. But again, you are not really interested in the facts right? Not the purpose of this report. Dago ain’t the home of Dubb, just where she got named and spread from
I believe it was up in the LA area that the seeds got popped.
6) 1st off, WHAT. See above. Dummy
7) 2nd off again, WHAT. I never heard Bog say it was lost, but I personally know tens of people who have been growing her virtually no stop since she was spread. I know nothing about this mysterious s1 seed you are constantly speaking about.
8) 3rd Incorrect. But who cares anyway.
9) Now there is a legit question! Good for you. And here’s the answer: I invited him into that circle.
10) well, that’s not for me to judge the accuracy of his views on Maui Canna culture, but I know w his brains and love of cannabis culture and history, he is capable of learning a lot in 10 years, especially with the people he was hooked up with
11) I don’t know what you’re referring to
12) not for me to be able to judge.
13) Now this one is in my wheelhouse, as I’m Alaskan. And your explanation of Matanuska thunder fuck is 100% horseshit. I’m not even going to get into it, as it’s a whole subject in and of itself. But you’re an outsider, so I don’t expect you to get it. Dummy.
14) WOW. A statement by you that is factually correct, if misspelled. Golf clap. Still a dummy.
15)he knows more about MTF than you do. Though he has been incorrect in the past. Until he asked me.
16)I don’t know who his punk gang is, don’t know who’s genetics have been questioned, but his cut is not a fake cut. It is 100% Dubb. The idea that for some reason, if he lost it, that he could not get it back from a looooooooonnnngggg list of growers is RIDICULOUS! HAHA. You dummy.
17) haha…shame on every single cannabis cup in existence, for copying the original. Haha.
Last few lines..who cares.

For anyone reading these posts, the dude who made the original posts is full of shit. I’m sure greyskull gave me the background of the beef this guy has, but I have already forgotten. Greyskull is a legit man. Legit genes. Legit grower. Legit businessman. Big heart. Good karma. Fuck that other dude….Rob

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