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Green Crack Auto (FastBuds) feminized

The US breeders of FastBuds managed to create another top-performing autoflowering variety. This strain is an excellent representation of the non-autoflowering version of Green Crack. One can expect rock-hard buds and intense, uplifting effects. The THC content is extremely high for an autoflowering strain: 20%! Shift to overdrive and grow Green Crack in a short life cycle of just 8 weeks!

Green Crack Auto (FastBuds) feminized
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FastBuds – Green Crack Auto: The natural alternative with 20% of THC

The genetics of Green Crack Auto are highly valued in medical marihuana states like California. The skillful breeder of FastBuds managed to gain a solid reputation for their autoflowering strains in the US. They are expanding globally and want to conquer the European market with their autoflowering genetics.

This strain performs on all levels: Especially potency, yields, and flavour stand out from the crowd. Green Crack Auto is a balanced hybrid with some phenotypes leaning more towards their Afghani heritage. Genetically, we’re talking about a highly stable and homogeneous descendant from Skunk No.1, turbocharged with autoflowering genetics.

Growers will be very pleased about the most perfect internodal distance. The typical heights of 60-90cm contribute to making this a strain that is easy to grow. Green Crack Auto is suitable for indoor and outdoor growing and finishes after a short life cycle of only 8 weeks after germination. The yields are exceptional for autoflowering genetics: They usually peak at 500-650g/m², in ideal conditions! One single plant is capable of yielding between 70 and 300g per plant.
Especially outdoor growers will be rewarded with plants being a little bigger, and therefore yielding more grams per plant. High yields are nice to have but bud density, together with a very good bag appeal, make Green Crack Auto something highly valuable. Buds that are fully mature are resin-soaked and covered in trichomes. Oh yes!

FastBuds compares the taste and effect of Green Crack Auto to a mango-flavoured energy drink. Growers and smokers who seek fruity flavors are definitely on the right page with this strain. After hitting some of this bud, one notices a strong citrus-like flavour that reminds of freshly baked citrus tart, mixed with a distinct earthiness, and an exotic mango touch in the background. The whole aromatic package that comes with Green Crack Auto is amazing, especially when it’s being compared to other autoflowering varieties on the market.

Don’t expect a compromise on potency due to ruderalis genetics! THC levels were tested at 20%. Together with a high buds density, there was probably no other option, than to call this strain Green Crack Auto. We won’t be surprised if FastBuds releases a strain with a name like Green Meth in the future. Their goal is to convince growers with fast varieties that are in some way superior to other feminized cannabis strains. It’s more a daytime smoke due to the activating components of the high and one might experience sleep problems when smoking Green Crack Auto too late at night.

There is nothing that speaks against growing this strain, except for maybe the name. It somehow reminds a little bit of a product that can cause great damage to both body and soul. Green Crack Auto is nothing but the natural and less damaging alternative to other substances that provide energizing effects. Try it for yourself and be careful that you don’t clean your entire apartment or house while being on Green Crack Auto, it might feel weird living in an environment that is almost clinically clean.

Green Crack Auto is the natural alternative to other legal and illegal substances. Get blown away by 20% of THC after 8 weeks of autoflowering!

Green Crack Auto

Green Crack is an autoflowering strain with a strong energy high. It is famous for its high productivity and easy growth. The variety has many fans among fruit flavor lovers. Spicy floral and mango notes create a unique taste. The 20% THC content gives an energetic and stimulating effect. It is also a good choice for social activity, creative uplift and concentration. Suitable for medical use in bad cases of Crohn’s disease, depression and stress. The plant reaches a height of 60-90 cm and has bushy branches with buds that are covered with snow-white crystals. It needs 8-9 weeks from sowing to harvest.

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