grape stomper og smoke report

*(Grape) Stomper OG*

Dried & cured report.

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Strain: *Stomper OG*

(Grape Stomper X Underdog OGK) from Gage Green Genetics.

see link in my sig for full grow journal thread with more info & pic’s.

Yield: Sativa pheno’ – 68g

Indica pheno’ – 118g

Total Dried & Cured weights off each plant.

Bag Appeal:
The Buds look great a nice light ganja green colour and a lot of amber hairs, good size but very dense too. Totally covered in frosty, sticky resin crystals (see pic’s).

Quite complex tbh, very strong sour, stanky and spicey herbs kind of smells is the closest I can describe it.

After a weeks cure time the flavour of this strain is just amazing & morish much more fruity than the smell. Grape sherbert/candy with a sour twist that is quite intense and leaves the mouth dry and coated in fruity grapey goodness long after exhale. The smoke is thick and easy on the chest too, a real connoisseur treat and pleasure to smoke imo, jars wont stay full for long.

Strain: *Stomper OG* ~ (Grape Stomper X Underdog OGK) from Gage Green Genetics. Growth: Solid, strong and vigorous growth from the…

Grape stomper og smoke report

Grape stomper love it got the dab alot better than the bud

Sativa dominate at 60 to 70%. Chunky lighter green colored buds covered in a ton of frosty crystals with amber hairs. Taste & smell was a milder sweet sour grape which made for a smoother smoke. Cerebral high at once making me happy & uplifted. Followed by nice body relaxation without the heavy/sleepy effects. Mine was Home Grown & it did get the job done but, the effects did not last long. Would buy an eighth from a dispensary if i come across it. I am STOMPing my way out of here, Peace!

Grape Stomper, also known as “Sour Grapes,” is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the classic Purple Elephant X Chemdawg Sour Diesel strains. With its sour taste and sweet sativa heavy effects, Grape Stomper will have you begging for more after just one toke. Its sweet and sour…