good places to smoke weed

Good places to smoke weed

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Best Places to Smoke Weed- Fun Places to Blaze Up

If you smoke marijuana or have for some time, then you undoubtedly have a favorite place/places to smoke in. Location is a huge part of a good sesh, if you’re smoking somewhere you’re not supposed to, or somewhere you’re being bothered by other people, it can really kill a good sesh.

Many of these places will depend on if you live in a state where cannabis is legal or not, which I will get into as they come up! Now lets get into the best places to smoke weed. By the way these are just my opinions, and hopefully I can give you guys some good future ideas, feel free to share your favorite places to smoke in the comments below!!

Table of Contents


This one is a given. Cannabis is a plant, and therefore a part of nature, so it’s only right that one of the best places to consume it is in it’s natural habitat.

There are many places you can consume cannabis in nature, which is the best part, you can explore and find your own little spot. If you live in a state where cannabis is not currently legal, you’ve got to be a little bit careful with this. If you’re outdoors in a public area, make sure your well away from people so that nobody will see or smell you smoking.

Here are several great places to smoke outdoors:

The Beach– This could be hard depending on where you live or what time of year it is, but a beach can be an amazing place to light up. The crashing waves and the sight of the water can be very soothing. I’d recommend using a wax pen or vaporizer if there are tons of people around, but if nobodies around then go ahead and spark up a joint or blunt with your friends.

The Park– Parks are another great place to smoke outdoors, find a discrete spot and light up with your friends. It’s nice to take in all the sights and sounds of nature, and fresh air is something we don’t get enough of nowadays! Be respectful and try not to smoke in the same area that a lot of other people are in, not everyone wants to smell weed on their trip to the park.

Go for A Hike– A hike is another great place to spark up. Whether you smoke on the way up or when you get to the top, it’ll be enjoyable either way. When you’re faded the view is going to look amazing, and all the sounds of nature will be extremely soothing.

Skiing/Snowboarding– There’s nothing like getting faded and hitting the slopes. The snowy surfaces and beautiful snow-covered trees will look even more amazing, and if you love skiing, you’ll love it even more with weed. A joint or blunt might not be the best option always, especially if weed isn’t legal in your state and the slopes are crowded, and because often times on top of a mountain it can be too windy to keep a joint/blunt lit. In this case, I recommend a wax pen or vaporizer, they’re easy to carry around and to use, and cut out much of the smell and hassle of a lighter.

At Home

Smoking at home is one of the most underrated places to smoke! For some this may not be an option if you’re younger living with your parents, but for those of you living on your own, it’s a great feeling. There’s something about smoking in your own home that is so relaxing. You can kick back in your favorite chair, pour yourself a drink, and listen to some music while sparking up with some buddies or alone!! As always, be aware of people around you, especially if you live in a state where weed is illegal, and if you live in an apartment try to be more discreet with the smell.

The Movies

The movies are an amazing place to be when you’re faded. The big screen, the dark room, the comfortable seats, and how could I forget, the snacks ;). I usually like to watch a funny movie, as weed makes it 10X funnier, or, and I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but I also love to watch scary movies high as well.

Now obviously you’re not gong to be sneaking a bong or dab rig into the theaters, and realistically, you shouldn’t try to bring a joint or blunt either. Ideally, if you want to use it in the theater, you’re going to need a wax pen, something that is virtually odorless. Even a dry herb vaporizer, which can be very discrete with its smell, is too smelly for the theaters, especially in a state where weed is not yet legal.

Often times your best bet is to smoke outside of the theater, and then head in, this way you avoid any possible problems.

I was hesitant whether or not to put this in here, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy a good blunt/joint cruise. Turning up the radio and hitting the open road can be such a satisfying feeling, and can make a car ride much more fun. I will warn however that smoking in the car can be risky, I highly recommend you don’t do it very often, as your car will smell. And it will bite you in the ass in the event that you get pulled over, and probably get your car searched.

If you do choose to smoke in the car, try to air it out as best as possible, or even spray some ozium in there to get rid of the smokey smell.


If you’re interested in some seriously new scenery for your next sesh and you like to travel, consider a trip to one of the many amazing pot-friendly places around the world!

Canada– With weed now legal all across Canada, there are so many great cities you can blaze up in. Toronto and Vancouver are both very popular, and getting weed there should be no problem, assuming you’re of age. There’s also many great places to visit and great places to eat in these cities, enjoy!!

California– The King of the west coast, California is another great place to light up. Since weed has been legal for the past couple of years, California has really made a name for itself in terms of weed culture. Cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, although crowded, are great places to enjoy a sesh. These aren’t the only two cities to visit however, and if you’re trying to avoid the crowds I would consider making a trip to one of California’s less-visited cities.

Colorado– Marijuana has been legal for some time here, making it yet another great place to light up. Denver is an amazing place, with parks that have amazing views of the Rockies, along with great food and entertainment that you’ll appreciate even more with some herb.

Amsterdam– Considered by many to be the weed capital of the world, I would be crazy to leave out Amsterdam. They have great weed out there, and it’s very easy to get as well. The have many “coffeeshops” throughout the city where you can legally buy up to 5 grams per person. In many of these places you can just light up right inside the shop too, which is amazing. Get out there and enjoy the food and culture Amsterdam has to offer as well, it’s a great city to visit!!

I hope I helped give you guys some Ideas on some possible new and exciting places to smoke, as always, I’d love to her you guys favorite places to smoke down in the comments below!! Thank you for reading and have an awesome day!!

A sesh is only as good as its location! What are the best places to smoke weed though? Today were going to be looking at some of the best places to blaze up!