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She chuckled softly and carefully grinded the pale pink scars under her eyes The author has something to say Lan Lan You two am mother nature CBD oil are fine But do you two know how scared I am when I post this chapter Chapter 52 Zhang and the chestnut stewed cv sciences CBD oil reviews chicken were best CBD oil in san antonio blocked from sight, the wound under her eyes was kissed abruptly, Wei Zhihui blinked with her closed eyes, and her long eyelashes gently scratched Qianlong s palm like feathers.Qianlong couldn t help but chuckle, then he loosened the hand covering her eyes, kissed her eyes again, and whispered, Today, Shoukang Palace has made you aggrieved.Wei Zhihui opened her eyes slightly, her eyes slightly blurred.Looking at him, his low does CBD oil tighten skin Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil voice came to his ears.It was clearly what he said in his heart, but Wei Zhihui didn t dare to look at him, and turned his eyes away I best CBD oil reddit amxiety m fine.

Concubine Shu sighed, but did not stop her, but told Chu Ling and Xiao Gaozi who were following behind her Haosheng, take care of your master.At the same time, the harem Somewhere in the house, the two palace maids whispered Don t worry, I ve Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil told you, I won t leak.That s good, as long as CBD oil for dogs california she doesn t leak, her family will have a good life. In the Department of Circumstances and Penalties, it was dark, and only a few small windows placed on high places let in faint light.Going inside, there are all kinds of miserable cries, mixed with the smell of blood, can CBD oil kill you Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil and occasionally the cries of some unknown creatures, Wei Zhihui couldn t help but covered her mouth and nose with can CBD oil cause weight loss Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil a handkerchief, she was scared.The eunuch Yin Qize, who was in charge of the Department of Prison Penalty, was notified long ago.

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The queen mother spoke slowly, but Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil:Do They Work?- it was bluebird CBD oil classic 6x not where to get CBD oil Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil difficult to hear CBD oil for parkinsons Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil the complaining.Qianlong was silent for a long time The matter of the queen, Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil the son has his own considerations.You have been on the throne for a long time, and you have your considerations, but you must know that buy CBD oil with thc uk you favor your concubine, but you can t because of a concubine who has no children.The relationship between the emperor and the empress is messed up.It is benefits of CBD oil spray impossible to spoil the concubine and destroy the wife Wei Zhihui heard Qianlong s tacoma farms CBD oil Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil remarks, and vaguely buy CBD oil bay area knew the ins and outs of the matter.Looking at Qianlong, she asked in a low voice, Then what does the emperor think Qianlong tasted the oat milk bird s nest offered by Chuling The anger in my heart has not disappeared.Then how can the emperor s anger cannagenix CBD oil 500mg be eliminated Qianlong stretched out his hand and motioned people to do it beside him She is sad when Yong Cong passed away, I understand.

Wei Zhihui pursed her lips and looked Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil:Do They Work?- at him pitifully Where s my sister I was just recovering from a serious illness and I was too sad.I fainted.I have someone to take care of.He lowered his head and caressed Wei Zhihui s hand.After a long time, he gently squeezed and said, Zijin, you can worry about yourself anytime Wei Zhihui stood up, took the initiative to snuggle into Qianlong s buy CBD oil norway CBD oil burner arms, and whispered, My sister, Yu Chen s concubine, is a confidant, even a relative.Qianlong embraced her, understood CBD oil for vertigo her intentions, and just said hello.Your Majesty The imperial doctor said that although Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil the prescriptions for treating epidemics can effectively cure the disease of the elder sister, but one of the medicines is harmful to the mother s body, and the elder 6 000mg CBD oil sister is afraid that it will be difficult for her to conceive in the future She said softly, the side effects of prescription CBD oil those prescriptions were CBD oil packaging actually in the There is nothing to talk better food company CBD oil about before the recovery, but when everything is over, it CBD oil sverige is still regrettable.

E niang prayed, and said that this are plant lectins found in CBD oil ceremony will be made up after returning to Luan.Hearing that Concubine Shu, a allegheny health network physcian CBD oil pregnant concubine, was also very happy, and said hurriedly Why, she is pregnant now, so she should take good care of buy CBD oil with 5 percent thc oil her.For the concubine, the letter Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil:Do They Work?- mentioned that the imperial doctor said that the fetal CBD oil store near me Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil image was stable, but the reaction was a little bigger, and it would be better to take care of it.The Queen heard the words and said.Wei Zhihui sat CBD oil capsules online at the bottom.It wasn t that she didn 100 percent CBD oil in kentucy t receive the letter, but the content of the letter was different from theirs.Everyone sat in the tent with the Queen Mother for a best anti anxiety CBD oil can u bring CBD oil on an airplane Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil long time, and they talked very happily.They didn t leave until it was almost lunch time.The josie maran skin dope CBD argan oil Queen Mother left the Queen Mother and Princess Hejing to eat together. much CBD oil to give dogs Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil

Fu Fang said on the side.Wei Zhihui sat quietly at the bottom.She also sent the Chongyang congratulations, a Xiuyu Ruyi and a pair of pastel tea tins.She also made Chongyang cakes and sent them to woman arrested for CBD oil at disney Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil her.She didn t care what the Queen Mother treated her now.What kind of attitude is it, anyway, I have done my surface work well.Although the Double Ninth Festival is celebrated outside the palace, the proper etiquette has to be followed.The son has already decreed that the emperor s mother will be given the emblem Kang.Qianlong paused, remembered something, and said, A few days ago The letter came from the womb, and the son read it.Concubine Shu and several Chang Zai promised that although the person was not by the emperor s side, the filial piety was there.They said that although the ceremony of the Double Ninth Festival was not available, they were also the emperor in the palace.

The day of filming in the Forbidden City was more like a trip for the two of them at public expense, even though the public expense was actually money from Qu Hongli s pocket.The two strolled under the lengthy red wall of the Forbidden City, but unfortunately, it was not the season when the begonias were blooming, and they could not see the begonias in the Yongshou Palace.In this best oil for CBD oil huge palace, the epitome of a whole era is concentrated, whether it is joy, sadness, stupidity, resentment, or shame, but at the root, it is an indispensable part of this vast history, even if it lacks Not a single cent can make up this meaningful historical picture.The photographer did not find an angle to pose, and more often, he quietly followed the two of them to capture the most natural love.It is the brilliance of the setting sun hitting the wall through the window lattice when the sun sets in the west.

Yong Bao s words surprised everyone present.The sixth princess is only four years old.If these words hadn t been CBD hemp oil capsules said often by the concubine, the princess would certainly not have said it so cleverly.Wei Zhihui glanced down at Yuning with a hint of guilt.So far, she has not asked Yuning what happened before.She held best CBD oil for prostate cancer Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil Yuning s hand tighter.You are talking nonsense Ben Gong has never taught Yuan Xin to say this.Xin Concubine s face was a little red, and she didn t know if she was angry.Concubine Shu chuckled Yong Bao has never said that the words of the sixth princess were taught by you.Why, you admitted it yourself Xinbi was silent, Qianlong looked at Yuan An in her arms, He asked, Is what Brother Eleven said true Yuan An rarely saw Huang Ama s sharp eyes, and was a little scared, but nodded anyway.

Wei Zhihui put a is CBD oil covered by insurance canada few dishes in a food box and handed it to Chu Ling.She used the leftover scraps to make dinner for the two of them.The meat that the maids could eat was pitiful, and the leftovers were just scraps, but fortunately, she also had golden fingers, He is a traveler of food bloggers, and he is not too stumped.She made a simple potato with leftover potatoes and beans, and the sweet, soft and glutinous potatoes were still enough to eat.After being here for so long, I can only see and smell the meat and fish, but I can t eat it.Thinking that she is CBD oil types Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil a person who has tasted meat and fish all the time in modern times, she sighed lightly.Some things seem to be on buy CBD oil 70458 the agenda After all, it has been ten years since Qianlong.It stands to reason that this year, Wei was named a nobleman, and in the same year, he was promoted to the concubine.

She stood up best CBD oil for schizophrenia Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil and gave the empress a smile.If she wants to fight for her son and fight with her, then she is willing to accompany her.Wei Zhihui stepped up and walked towards Qianlong.After leaving the crowd, Qianlong grabbed her hand and seemed to return to the night in Qinhuai Yebo.I watched Zhan all night, and I have nothing to say Qianlong smiled softly.Since Dolan appeared, her eyes full spectrum CBD oil for pain have never left him.Is there anything to say about the concubine 900mg best CBD oil Congratulations to the emperor on the advanced CBD oil from hemp with terpenes reviews life CBD oil price wedding Qianlong shook his head, took the person into his arms, and nodded her nose The emperor s mother is in a dispute with the queen, and I don t like the emperor s mother to worry about it.The matter of the harem will naturally not go according to her wishes.The queen was displeased with Yongjing s affairs for a long time, so I should give her face.

She sighed and said nothing more.Concubine Shu, on the other hand, vaguely guessed something and said, You can rest assured that Concubine Ying and I will take care of the funeral of the Sixteenth Brother.Prince Ding Fujin and Brother Mian En also come to help.Wei Zhihui nodded, only Seeing Hancui walking in, she said, Just now, Father Li Jin came to spread the word, saying that the emperor had sent people to block the can CBD oil cause weight loss Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil Spring Festival of Wuling in Yuanmingyuan and the Palace of Yikun, and sent people to search the queen s residence.Got it.Qianlong would also be worried about the I won t find anything else.By the way, how s Concubine Cheng Wei Zhihui remembered that on the way to the south, there was no Concubine Cheng.Concubine Ying said from the side, I drowned, I heard that there is still water in the coffin.

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Seeing that the person behind her hadn t moved for a long time, Wei Zhihui couldn t help but be puzzled, and asked, What boulder dr CBD oil s wrong, E niang Wei Yangshi was pulled back to her thoughts by her voice, resisting the tremor Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil in her full spectrum CBD oil tincture Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil heart, and said, It s okay.But it wasn what does CBD oil do for people t like that, Wei Zhihui felt like there was a tear on her waist after a while.She was startled, and turned around to see Wei Yangshi wiping her tears Well, what are you crying for Chu Ling can you freeze CBD oil Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil happened to bring the medicine in, and saw Wei Zhihui sitting up, Wei Yangshi was there wiping her tears, Surprised in his heart, he hurriedly stepped forward to gather Wei Zhihui s buy CBD oil wa clothes, pulled the quilt, and helped Wei Yang to sit down on the edge of the bed.Wei Yangshi wiped away can dogs have peppermint CBD oil her tears and said, Is there a mole on Best CBD Oil Gold Bee Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil the lower back of your mother Wei Zhihui s face turned red when she suddenly heard her mention the mole.

Du Mao thought for a long time, Kowtow Please forgive me, Your Majesty, the tenth elder brother is really young, and the ministers are incompetent.Du Mao s words were like a thunderbolt, splitting the black sky and splitting Concubine Shu s heart in half.She fell to her seat.On the ground, Wei Zhihui quickly grabbed her.Your Majesty, the concubine wants to see the child.Concubine Shu fell to the ground, looking at a corner with dull eyes, not looking at Qianlong, her voice was extremely low.Qianlong sighed, and was about to refuse, when he heard the nurse s exclamation from inside Ten elder brother is not good This time, there was no need for Qianlong to agree, and Concubine Shu got up and went straight inside.On the bed, Brother Shi still closed his eyes as if he was sleeping, but the hands on the quilt kept shaking, which made people worry.

Threatening, you used to be her dowry, and she never protected your life when the turtle was cooking, but now she can t protect herself, do you think she will still protect you Maybe Qianlong s eyes were too cruel Xizhen finally spoke up Concubine Jia Gui is afraid that Concubine Shu is pregnant and has a high birth, for fear that the prince will surpass the fourth and eighth brothers after the birth of the prince, so she asked the Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil slaves and maids to buy puffer fish from outside the palace., pretending to be a puffer fish raised in the palace, with the intention of poisoning the concubine Shu and her fetus.Xi Zhen spoke slowly, but Xi Zhen had only said these words until now, and Wei Zhihui was even more shocked when she heard it, she had never thought of the puffer fish at all.The soup was actually aimed at Concubine Shu, so that day, whether it rained or not, the meal at Chengqian Palace would have the puffer fish soup But what was left in the puffer fish soup buy CBD oil buenos aires argentina was amazon hemp oil with CBD exactly what Wei Zhihui liked, and that was why.

Qianlong froze, put down the tea cup, chuckled lightly, walked to Wei Zhihui s side, hooked her Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil little finger, and pulled her into the interior.Wei Zhihui s hand gently unbuttoned the button at the front of his shirt, and she heard someone whispering above her head Why isn t this shaking like last time Zhihui lightly benefits of CBD oil edibles tapped Qianlong s shoulder in annoyance, softly.He said, Your Majesty is going to pick up some embarrassing things about his officials and concubines After taking off his coat, Qianlong s whole person seemed to be a lot looser.He took advantage of the situation and knocked Wei Zhihui down on the bed, playing with her hair in one hand.Pulling the tent lightly with one hand I have a way to treat you.The author has something to say I really dare not write I m afraid I will watch the lock chapter in my sleep Hahahahaha has fallen, and the number of bricks is from the TV series Zhen Huanzhuan.

No matter how calculate extraction efficiency for homogenized CBD oil sinister the days in the palace were, the emperor s favor was just a ray of light in the darkness.Concubine Shu was silent for a long time.She glanced at Concubine Ying and Concubine Qing who were still waiting for the two of them to go in and play together.She sighed, and changed the subject and said, Go in, they are still waiting.Inside the hall, the four of them casually Playing chess pieces to pass the time, no matter what the game is, adelaide CBD oil beside him is Yong Bao teasing the young You Ning with the nurse.Seeing this happy appearance, Qing Concubine couldn t help but sigh My lady is really lucky.She has been in the palace for more than ten years and her holy favor has not faded.When everyone thinks that the lady is not blessed, she has many pregnancy.She paused, He replied, It s not like a concubine, I m afraid that day will never happen again.

As for Ma s sister, she is a wet nurse in Arrigon s mansion.Living in the mansion, my concubine came from a small family, and I still have some connections to inquire about rural women, but a concubine is not very capable of a famous family like Arikon.Wei Zhihui nodded, and a little clue was a clue It doesn t matter., Fu Jin has already shared the worries for this palace.Perhaps she has to check the rest of the matter by herself, and Arigon dotes on this daughter, and will not let her die so young.Niangniang, the palace gate is about best CBD oil nonsponsored to be keyed.Hanyun walked Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil in and said.Illaris stood up and said, It s getting late, and I won t bother my lady anymore.If there is any news in the future, I will go to the Forbidden City again to greet you.Wei Zhihui also got up and nodded, Thank you, Fu Jin, from Ben Gong.

Looking at Wei Zhihui, who lowered her head again, The queen mother didn t say a word, and what is the strongest full spectrum CBD oil only continued to make people kneel, and Chu Ling, who followed behind, naturally did Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil:Do They Work?- the same.Fu Fang took the food box early, walked to the Queen Mother, and served the Queen Mother and took two bites.Wei Zhihui knelt up straight and lowered her 300 mg CBD oil Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil eyes, waiting until the queen mother had eaten one.Your craftsmanship is really good.Thank you Queen Mother for your praise.Wei Zhihui was neither humble nor arrogant.Seeing this, the Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil queen mother sneered You are so brave Wei Zhihui could only lower her head I don t dare.Who do you respect among the members of this harem Wei Zhihui did not dare to raise her head, lowered her eyes and said, The imperial concubine is taking the affairs of the six palaces.Among the noble concubines, the pure noble concubine is the most respected assistant in the six palaces.

Mao, what percentage of the guarantee do you have to be able to cure Concubine Shu and Brother Shi Du Mao hesitated for a while, then said, If the prescription comes out, Wei Chen is 90 sure, otherwise, please forgive Wei Chen for his incompetence, the epidemic is dangerous., Wei Chen Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil is only 50 60 sure.Wei Zhihui clenched Qianlong s hand subconsciously and said, I don t care, I want you to take good care of the prince and Concubine Shu She instructed Qinzhi Take care of your master and brother She heard Qinzhi choked behind the screen and replied, This CBD oil and multiple sclerosis servant understands.Qianlong glanced at Wei Zhihui, who was not in a good state at the moment, and opened his mouth.Go down and serve Concubine Shu.He looked at the person beside him again and said, Go back first, you are here, they still have to worry about your body.

The respectful and occasionally arrogant Wei Zhihui in the palace in the past no longer exists.The smile and free laughter on her face seem best CBD oil dropshippers to be that she is for this grassland.pregnancy.After galloping for a long time, Qianlong returned on horseback.Outside the tent, the can CBD oil cause insomnia Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil queen and everyone had been waiting for a long Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil time.People on the hunting ground were always reporting to them.Qianlong got off the horse Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil:Do They Work?- first, stood under the horse, looked at Wei Zhihui, and said with a playful expression How can you still pet CBD oil Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil get down He didn best most trusted CBD oil t feel tired when he was on the horse, but when he stopped at this moment, he felt more and more weak and for the day.Chen and concubine, of course.She saw Chu Ling and Hanyun standing not 10g CBD oil far away, secretly gave her a look, pointed at others who could understand, and helped herself down.

Wei Zhihui thought for a long time before she realized that he was saying it s okay just now, she smiled silently My concubine believes that there is an emperor in everything.Qianlong heard the words, kissed her softly behind her ear, and then loudly called someone to come in to serve him.It wasn t too late, because Wei Zhihui didn t eat much for a day, strong CBD oil uk Qianlong had the heart to accompany her to eat well, but he didn t expect to eat something else first.He glanced at the person who was walking behind him, buy CBD oil vape pens smiled, looked at the maid at the door, and said, Go to Chuanyan.When Wei Zhihui came out, dinner was already set on the round table, steamed pork ribs with pumpkin, stir fried pork liver, Chicken stew with mushrooms, tofu and a dish of fried fungus with yam and lettuce.Wei Zhihui s face was still flushed, and she couldn t help but look at Qianlong with a bit more resentment.

In the copper pot, the taste of the tomato soup base is quite rich, and there are some diced tomatoes floating, and the faint tomato fragrance lingers on the tip of the nose, which is mouth watering.Wei Zhihui asked Chu buy cannibus CBD oil Ling to weigh two bowls of soup.The bowls CBD oil anti inflammatory were filled with diced celery, minced coriander and minced green onions, and minced pork was used instead of Haidilao s five spice beef diced.The emperor should drink a bowl of warm soup first He was used to eating clear soup at the bottom of the pot, and it was rare to change his taste.Qianlong s emotions suppressed by Yong Cong s illness in the past few days were inevitably relaxed.After eating, the two sat best CBD oil reddit Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil opposite each other on the couch, with a bowl of bird s nest and roasted milk strips on the small table.Qianlong Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil:Do They Work?- effect of CBD oil took CBD oil store near me Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil a bite of the milk strip, and the sweetness of the milk filled his mouth, which was much better than drinking only milk in the past.

The fireworks bloomed one after another, and Wei Zhihui s heart was beating with the dull sound of the fireworks.The person beside him never paid attention to the fireworks.He stared at the person holding his hand CBD olive oil for sale with a smile and stared at the gorgeous fireworks in the sky.Qianlong held Wei Zhihui s hand benefits of using CBD oil vape tighter, and he turned his head to join her, looking into the splendid fireworks.He knows when the fireworks will stop.When the fireworks were about to stop, Qianlong turned around Wei Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil what is the best CBD oil for psoriasis Zhihui and leaned over to carve a kiss on her lips, lingering and gentle.The eyes are closed, the senses of the lips are amplified, and so is the hearing.Listening to the fireworks blooming in his ears, and then dissipating, there was only the two of them breathing deeply, and he took the time to whisper Fortunately, I am a grass tree all my life, and I am happy with it every year.

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Then there was can you ingest CBD oil Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil the sound of the wind whistling in his ears.In this situation, Wei Zhihui couldn t peanut butter CBD oil for dogs help but wonder if she had returned to last year, but the difference was that last autumn, CBD oil depression Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil Qianlong took her to ride, this time it was Qianlong who taught her.The horse stopped at best cannabis derived CBD oil biy online the top of a hill, and Wei Zhihui discovered that there was already a variety of equipment set buy 0 thc CBD oil up here, including stoves, iron wire hoods, and table tops.Li Jin and Chu Ling were also waiting here.Wei Zhihui looked at Qianlong a little puzzled, and then looked at Chu Ling with a smile on her face, bone and biscuit CBD oil trying to get an answer from her.The emperor specially Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil instructed the servants to hide from the empress.Chu Ling met Wei Zhihui s gaze and said with a smile.Qianlong hummed, took Wei Zhihui s hand, and sat down on the cushion, almost sitting on the ground.

This princess didn t even care about the concubine Shu, who came from a family, let alone her.After all, the can you smoke CBD oil two of them didn t even drink tea after being here for so long.She touched the fish the whole time, until Concubine Shu stood up, and Wei Zhihui stood up after realizing it.Sure enough, as soon as she left the side hall, Concubine Shu whispered, This princess has a lot of spirit.Does everyone have the spirit of Princess Di Wei Zhihui CBD distillate vs oil Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil laughed, but ac dc CBD oil for sale she never saw that Concubine Shu was an interesting person The author has something to say Thanks at 2022 04 22 21 00 00 2022 04 CBD oil absorption through skin 23 21 19 does CBD oil tighten skin Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil During the 14th, 1000mg CBD natural hemp oil bramd registry CBD oil amazon the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution Thanks to the little angel who CBD oil for autism mayo clinic irrigated the nutrient solution Hey, the embarrassing 5 bottles Thank you very much making CBD oil in instant pot for your support, I will continue to work hard Chapter 22.

, gently picked two bites of dishes, but didn t eat them Don t you know all about it You know She only knew about her relationship with Bai Guiren.This was what Illaris told her.If it weren t for that, she wouldn t be able to find out more details.Really I m thc oil vs CBD oil Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil afraid that what I know is only a drop in the ocean.You know Bai nobleman, right She is my direct sister.She was given to the emperor by officials as early as the second year of the emperor s accession to the throne.She was much more beautiful, but she was only designated as a permanent presence when she entered the palace.At that time, the 3rd party testing labs for CBD oil imperial concubine Huixian was favored, and her sister s favor was second only to her.In the fourth year of Qianlong, her sister was promoted to a nobleman, but it didn t take long for the imperial concubine When she is ill, the emperor banned my sister from the palace because of Qin Tianjian s one sided remarks, saying that my sister and the imperial concubine were unfavorable.

Wei Zhihui tilted her head, always feeling that the atmosphere at Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil this moment was too weird, the sky was bright and the sun was shining, no good or bad.She stood up but was hounded There is an imperial doctor in Chengqian Palace, so you don t have to worry too much.Wei Zhihui nodded, took the cold cake on the side, and fed it to Qianlong with a silver spoon, saying My concubine knows that the emperor is busy with government affairs every day, but the emperor, do you want to go to Chengqian Palace to see Concubine Shu s sister Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil Maybe my sister will get better when she best CBD oil austin tx sees the emperor Qianlong heard the words, Go see her tonight.Sure enough, after dinner, Wei Zhihui sat in the Yongshou Palace, and Xiao Gaozi came in and said, The emperor went to Chengqian Palace buy CBD oil brazil tonight.Wei Zhihui nodded, the child in Concubine Shu s belly, she doesn t know what the future will be like, and she doesn t know what Concubine Shu s future will be, but she still hopes that at this moment, Concubine Shu can be in a better cali CBD oil Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil mood, although she sees it.

I was afraid that you would be sad, so I came to see you.If you said that I hated me, then I would leave.Although he said that, he didn t really mean it.She wanted to leave, but Wei Zhihui still held back Everyone has come, the emperor can t leave.Wei Zhihui was daring, so she went straight to Qianlong s side and leaned does CBD oil tighten skin Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil against him.Qianlong held her in one hand and her face in the other, staring at her red CBD oil be Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil eyes Have you cried Meeting Ama E niang, it s uncomfortable.Wei Zhihui said dully, Chu Ling said that the concubine and Ama E niang look alike.Man, he didn t see Wei Yang s, but if he said they were similar, between their eyebrows, she and Wei Qingtai were indeed somewhat similar.He didn t say much, just said The father and daughter are always alike.But Nothing, Wei Qingtai is your Ama, Wei Yang is your mother, if you don t Like, who is like Wei Zhihui heard what Qianlong meant and insisted that her life experience would be like this from now on, so she didn t say any more.

Congratulations to the emperor, congratulations to Concubine Shu.Wei Zhihui didn Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil t quite understand the sincerity in 10 CBD oil 30ml everyone s blessings.Even Qianlong s face couldn t hide her joy.She stood up and said, Your Majesty, the imperial doctor said that CBD oil buy online Sister Shu is pregnant at the beginning, and the fetal image is still unstable.I think she can t stand Mulan Qiu s running around.That s the case.There are not many people in the palace, and if there is really something, Concubine Shu can take care of it.Qianlong waved Wei Zhihui to sit down, and solved the problem just now with a few words.The queen swept the few Changzai under her eyes and agreed, fixed her eyes on Lin Changzai, and said, Concubine Shu is raising a child, and all the trivial matters have troubled her.The gold bee CBD oil Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil concubine sees that Lin Changzai is attentive and sensible.

At this moment, Wei Zhihui was still thinking about the words that Qianlong had just said, and there was no need to greet the empress.It seemed that the empress would not be seen until the seventh elder brother recovered.Foot pain Qianlong stood there looking at the person who didn t know what he was thinking, and Chu Ling took off her shoes for her.Wei Zhihui hurriedly does CBD oil tighten skin Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil reacted and said in a low voice, My concubine is fine.Although she said so, she was wearing the bottom of a flower pot and fell, and she was twisted to some extent.Qianlong sighed The imperial doctor of the imperial hospital, I have allocated one or two to take care of Yong Cong.As for Du Mao, I did not intend to keep him, and he was used to taking care of Yong Cong, but I still wanted him to make up for his faults, so he took care of Yong Cong.

It took half an hour to finish the meal, Wei Zhihui didn t follow anyone to deliver the dishes, only said that her body smelled too much pepper, and she couldn t contaminate the ladies.But she knew that there was no Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil:Do They Work?- smell on her body, she just didn t want to attract attention so early. In Jingren Palace, Concubine Chun looked at the mapo tofu, hot and sour shredded cabbage, diced spicy chicken, scrambled eggs with green peppers, cold cucumbers, and a bowl of winter melon meatball soup on the table.On the small table table, at a glance, she saw the uniform green and red peppers.As soon as the palace maid opened the food box, she was attracted by the spiciness.It took a long time for a meal to be very fragrant.When Qianlong came to see her, she had just finished eating, and the two of them nuleaf CBD oil recommended dosage were sitting and talking, mentioning today s lunch, Su Shi smiled and said The dishes cooked in the imperial kitchen a few days ago were always not in the minds of the courtiers and concubines, but today These few dishes are just right spicy, and won the hearts of the concubine, even the meatball soup that relieves greasy is also wonderful.

Today, I applying ultracell CBD oil for pets will give the princess the name Youning.Princesses are given titles when they get married, and names are just taken in private.The Seventh Princess was the first to give her name like this, and even Wei Zhihui was stunned.If Chu Ling touched her shoulder lightly, she would not have noticed it.The concubine thanked the emperor for the princess.Qianlong looked at Wei Zhihui with a chuckle, and continued slowly In addition, from today onwards, the concubine will be the head of the concubine.The concubine thanks the emperor.Wei Zhihui was supported by Chu Ling She sat back in her seat again, and can CBD oil cause you to fail a drug test after a banquet, she was a little overwhelmed, and she didn t know these can you put CBD oil in dogs ears two wills.The gentleman Youning is the palace where the gentleman rests.The best CBD oil for dogs with inflammation and pain word You has the meaning of Nai, while the word Ning means tranquility and tranquility.

She can ride a horse, but she can t tame a horse.The manic lion jade, like a headless fly, turned around in a panic, Wei Zhihui could only hold on to the reins tightly and gently stroke the back of the lion jade, trying to appease it.It was also at this time that she discovered that the ear side of the CBD oil rub Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil lion jade was bleeding, and she knew that it was caused by the arrow just where to buy a CBD oil pen now.She didn t have time to think about where the arrow was flying, she just wanted to stabilize the lion jade, but it didn t seem to work.Maybe it was frightened by the sudden appearance CBD oil brands for dogs of the arrow crossbow, or maybe it was the pain after being injured, it was difficult for Lion Jade to calm down.Wei Zhihui was turned dizzy, and Yong Xuan s voice was still prime CBD oil reviews in her ear Ling Niangniang Ling Niangniang Seeing biocbd topical CBD oil that Yongxuan s Ma was getting closer and closer, Wei Zhihui didn t have time to do anything, she only CBD oil cleanser felt a sharp pain, and she was thrown to the Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil ground by the lion jade.

After speaking, she pulled Chu Ling to the back of the kitchen.After leaving Ma Ma, Chu Ling didn t have the good face she had just now, and said angrily Humph, who are you, every time it is assigned to us, it s a difficult job, not to give it to the difficult one.The goddess gives food to cook for the pregnant goddess, who has a big temper.What kind of work is not done with her head in her hands When things are done, she will enjoy it, but when things are not done well, she has less of a confidant Chu Ling Wei Zhihui roared, You can say these words here, but there are only ears across the wall, don t put your life in your mouth one day Chu Ling saw that she was really angry, so she closed her mouth , Although the two stayed in CBD oil expiration Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil the kitchen, they didn t do anything, Wei Zhihui just sat at the desk with her head supported.

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This pregnancy is native nutrition oil with CBD really difficult, and now it has been more than eight months, but she is not much plump.The emperor is here, the concubine will not disturb the emperor and the empress talking.Concubine Ying and Concubine Qing looked at each other and left.Wei Zhihui looked at Qianlong who had not all jane CBD oil sat down in front of her for a long time, looked up at him, and bbird CBD vape oil asked, Why doesn t the emperor sit down Qianlong sighed and sat beside her I didn t sleep well yesterday.Affirmative.Before the concubine went to bed last night, I heard that the imperial physician Tang sent a message, saying that Yonglu had acne, and the concubine was very scared.Wei Zhihui s voice trembled a little, Qianlong held the person tighter, last night he Busy with government affairs, I didn t come here to accompany her to bed as usual.

Qianlong looked at the dishes on the table, fortunately, he could be considered to have coaxed people.I went to greet Huang e Niang yesterday, and Huang e Niang mentioned the next thing.After rinsing his mouth, Qianlong opened his mouth slowly.When Wei Zhihui heard the next words, she gargles for a while, and then returned to normal, listening to him continue talking.I thought about it, the next thing is not urgent, it s just that the two noble concubines in the palace now, although the noble concubine Xian is taking care of the affairs of the sixth palace, But how to say it is on an equal footing with the pure noble concubine.I have already drawn up the decree that does CBD oil tighten skin Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil Concubine Jin Xian will be the imperial concubine and will take pictures of the six palace affairs.When it comes to Concubine Xian, there is no emotion on Qianlong s face, as if he just american pickers CBD oil found a housekeeper for this huge harem.

She forcibly endured the spicy taste of ginger, but she cannaverda CBD oil how to use Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil koi CBD oil Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil still drank it with gritted teeth, after all, no one wanted to have trouble with her body.As soon as she finished drinking, she coughed violently, and Han Yun stepped forward to Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil:Do They Work?- pat her on the back and handed her candied fruit, which was better.Chu Ling came back from the Jingshi room and brought a plate of yellow sugar cake My bobby flay CBD oil lady is not feeling well, and I didn t even have anything to does CBD oil tighten skin Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil eat for dinner.Why don t you use some snacks.This yellow sugar cake is what Chu Ling is best at.When she was in the imperial CBD oil newr me pantry, Chu Ling also made a piece or two, 250mg CBD oil benefits and later became a master and servant.Every time she had her menstrual period, Chu Ling would make some for her to eat.As soon as she tasted a piece, the door of the palace was pushed open again, and a gust of cold wind came in, and she couldn t help but close the blanket on her body.

Wei Zhihui turned her head and glanced at the place where the singing came from.Without speaking, she stepped forward and hugged Yonglu from the wet nurse s hand, and walked towards the natural picture.Back to the natural picture, Han Yun gave her mung bean and white fungus soup to relieve the heat.Wei Zhihui tasted half the bowl and asked about Yong Lu and You Ning before calling Xiao Gaozi in.Go and find out about Yi Concubine s family history.After a while, she took a pen, ink, paper and inkstone and wrote a few words into the envelope, Go to the Prince s Mansion and hand it over to Fujin.She was almost never in the Forbidden City in Nian, so Mulan brought all the concubines and concubines above the concubine rank when she was in Qiuyi, but Yi Concubine, before leaving, said that she was unwell best temp for CBD oil and that it was not suitable to travel far, so she stayed in the palace.

The tent has already been set up.This is a special event for the emperor and the princes.The cases of concubines and concubines are waiting in the tent.But this time is different.Concubine Ying was born in the Mongolian army flag, and Hejing is the daughter in law of Horqin, both of whom are good at riding and archery.Li Jin, prepare horses for both CBD oil expiration Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil of them Qianlong glanced at the concubines below average mg dose of CBD oil tincture and said loudly.Wei Zhihui watched from a distance, looking into the distance, the blue sky, white clouds and green mountains, the brown horse, the bright yellow cloak lifted a horn with the wind.Concubine Ying and Princess Hejing turned around and went to the back of the tent to change their clothes.Wei Zhihui, like the others, just quietly looked at Qianlong who was not far away, only to feel that his gaze seemed to fall on her body.

Serve.Wei Zhihui furrowed her brows, so why did Qianlong rush away Zheng Sui as soon as Empress Xiaoxian left It s not like hiding people s eyes and ears, it s more like driving him away in a hurry.She was still thinking about it, but Du Mao continued Wei Chen is grateful to the Empress, and several times when Wei Chen almost died, he interceded for Wei Chen to protect Wei Chen.Wei Zhihui cast a glance at Du hemp tincture vs CBD oil Mao and said coldly, Speak.Before Empress Xiaoxian passed away, Wei Chen had an internal pulse examination and heard the mother in law s babble that she couldn t give birth, but her voice was so low that how much CBD oil for dog with arthritis Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil no one else could hear it., so Wei Chen did not dare aurora CBD oil buy to speak whole leaf CBD oil Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil falsely.Can t give birth Who is she talking about If it was herself, it shouldn t be CBD oil for anxiety and panic attacks Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil CBD oil for small dogs anxiety her hesitating words before she died, Wei Zhihui thought for a while.

Wei Zhihui held Qianlong s hand back, not intending to let him sit back immediately.What s wrong Qianlong looked bulk price CBD oil at her suspiciously.She was rarely so clingy.The last time I saw her so clingy, it seemed that it was a certain night in Mulan, does CBD oil tighten skin Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil and she was extremely obsessed.Wei Zhihui raised her eyes to does CBD oil tighten skin Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil meet his gaze, looked low cost CBD oil at each CBD oil for infection other for a while, when the doubts in his eyes were all gone, and when it was about to become warm, she turned her eyes slightly, turned slightly best CBD oil pinellas and leaned in aria CBD oils his arms, holding buy CBD vaping oil the two of them together.His hand slowly moved to his still unswelled belly, smiling silently.After Qianlong s brief doubts, he was suddenly startled, turned her body gently, and the two looked at each other again.Wei Zhihui nodded Du Mao just returned to the Imperial Hospital.As soon as she does CBD oil tighten skin Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil finished speaking, she fell into a warm embrace.

In the future, she will be the queen, and will be admired by future generations.For a long time, it was not until Wei Zhihui CBD oil for breast cancer fell asleep in Qianlong s arms again that silence returned to the hall.Qianlong remembered what Du Mao had said in the Hall of Mental Cultivation earlier, saying that the imperial concubine was now on her deathbed, and she was exhausted.In his life, he has sent many people away.He has experienced the death of the Patriarch CBD oil tincture dosage and Emperor Sejong, the death of Empress Xiaogongren and Empress Xiaojing Xian, as well as the death of Zhemin, Huixian, Emperor Chunhui, and Empress Xiaoxian., Concubine Qing s death also sent away three sons who had high hopes for him, but he has never been so saddened as he is blended CBD oil today.He dared not leave here for a moment, for fear of missing every last second of her life.

Wei Zhihui lowered her eyes and hooked her lips, then glanced at Chuling Go to Qixiang Palace and tell the palace servants inside, Concubine Jia Gui is about to give birth, let them wait for them, don t disturb the fetal qi for something else.The concubine glanced at Wei Zhihui and asked, What are you going to do I think Concubine Jia Gui was shocked by this.I m afraid she will does CBD oil tighten skin Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil give birth prematurely.She paid a little price.When Chu Ling came back, she turned her head to look at Concubine Shu I m going to Yangxin Palace, I ll take a step first.Be careful.After returning to Yongshou Palace, Wei Zhihui entered the small kitchen, Hanyun handed over the CBD oil treat skin cancer Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil newly made mold according to Wei Zhihui s instructions.In a short while, Wei Zhihui made nine different colors of Bafang Ruyi Jiuzun Cake.The different is CBD oil beneficial for menopause shapes and their unique meanings are perfect for sending them to the Hall Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil:Do They Work?- of Mental Cultivation at this moment.

Most of the time, the lean waist is looming You, you, you, go inside and CBD oil illegal 2017 change.She dodged and lifted the skirt of her flag dress, looked down at the road 100mg CBD vape oil effects and walked outside.On the sofa in the office, there was a fan with peacock feathers, and a rose made of gold was used as the connection between the handle and the fan face.She hurriedly walked over, picked up the fan and blocked it in front of her I don t remember.Qu Hongli didn t expose her shyness and lies, took her clothes and walked inside.Fan, said with a smile It s not that I haven t seen it before.It was not until Qu Hongli finished wearing the whole set that Wei Zhihui stepped forward and took care of the shawl on his shoulders and the chao beads hanging around his neck.Qu Hongli held her hand with the armor on and walked out together.

The queen mother, listening to Yi 100ml CBD oil Concubine s words, replied nonchalantly My elder sister is also from Jiangnan, so she is naturally CBD oil brands Gloss Motive Pure CBD Oil gentle and submissive.The elder sister and younger sister in this palace are not of age.If you sit in that position, the concubine will call you.A big sister.Yi Concubine raised her chin in the direction of the imperial concubine, her voice a little lower.Wei Zhihui picked up the glass and glanced at Qianlong.The two happened to meet each other s eyes.She smiled slightly, nodded, and took a sip from the glass.Just as Lu Changyi finished playing the piece, Qianlong praised it, but it was not difficult for those present to see that Qianlong did not listen very carefully.Most of the time, he was still looking at the direction of the concubine Ling.The queen mother clapped her hands and started singing and dancing, and everyone enjoyed the singing and dancing while eating the banquet.

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