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Charlie Girl

Charlie Girl Genetics

In 2011 at the height of the Cookie craze, HENDRX breeders crossed an SFV OG female with a Girl Scout Cookie male to produce a perfect representation of its famed parents. The resulting pheno hunt identified two unique cannabis cultivars. The Ebola No. 7 was deemed exceptional in its potent THC content which exceeds 31%, and the Charlie Girl, that struck that balance of power, beauty, and holistic therapy. The Charlie Girl has proven itself a crowd favorite in Northern California and has become the basis of our future strain development. Charlie Girl has been submitted to Phylos Bio-Science and relationship to various open source cannabis genetics are displayed below. To learn more about the Charlie Girl and its origin, view this Phylos genetic report.

Cannabinoid Profile

Looks like Cookies, smells like OG. This simple observation made by HENDRX breeders became proven fact, when terpene profiles from lab results of OG Kush and Charlie Girl were compared. Charlie Girl mirrored the combination of terepenes in OG Kush in every category. Prominent terepenes like (-)Fenchone, Linalool, Limonene, and b-Caryophyllene are expressed in abundance. The key difference was that Charlie possessed more of these uplifting aromas, and less b-Myrcene which has “couch lock” effects. As a result, the energizing OG scent remains longer with the flower, and the medicinal effects are less sedative than OG Kush.

Origin Story

The Charlie Girl was named after its “C” tag in the alphanumerical numeration in catalogue of its initial phenotype hunt. For consumers Charlie Girl is attractive, energizing, and delicious. For cultivators Charlie Girl is in high demand and rewards a large bounty. Try Charlie Girl today!

Looks like Cookies, smells like OG. Charlie Girl was conceived in 2011 when HENDRX breeders crossed an SFV OG female with a Girl Scout Cookie male.