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How much Fox Farms nutrients do I feed to my marijuana plants? (in soil)

Question: How much Fox Farms nutrients do I feed to my marijuana plants?

So I have the Fox Farms growing nutrient trio for soil-based plants.

I was wondering how much to feed to my plants which have been in the vegestative stage for about a week now. My plants are in small plant pots for individual plants so I’m not sure how much to use and how.

Do I mix all three nutrients in one container or do I add one at a time?

Answer: In soil, you can usually wait for a few weeks before you need to start feeding nutrients, as high quality soil usually has enough nutrients to get your plants started. If you were growing hydroponically, you’d want to start feeding nutrients almost right away.

If you started with quality soil (not dirt you found outside), you probably won’t need to start adding nutrients until your plants are about a month old. Or you can start right away if the soil was low-quality. When you do start with nutrients, here are some guidelines in soil.

Follow the feeding instructions at half strength, but only add nutrients to water with every 2nd or 3rd watering.

Like I said, follow the chart they provide except add the nutrients at half strength, and only every 2nd or 3rd watering. This nutrient line is very strong, and too much at once will burn your plants.

Only raise the strength if your plant is a heavy feeder.

For example, if you notice a lot of lower leaves are turning yellow and falling off (before you reach the last couple of weeks before harvest when that’s normal), then it’s a sign that your plant wants more nutrients. At that point, you may consider raising the dose.

Still, treat the official guidelines as a MAX level of nutrients. Never go above the amounts listed in the feeding schedule or you will burn your plants.

Never mix the nutrients together.

Always add nutrients directly to your water.

And even when you’re giving plants plain water, remember to continue managing your pH or you may get nutrient deficiencies from pH lockout.

[Answer inside!] I was wondering how much to feed to my plants which have been in the vegestative stage for about a week now…

Foxfarm Trio Review

Whether you are a novice or beginner, it is important to select the proper mix for your plant’s health and growth. In addition, the best nutrients for deepwater cultivation or soil are imperative to achieve higher yields.

Today you can find a wide array of soil mixes to fit your needs, both liquid and soil-based. However, there are not too many mixes that deliver complete nutrition and provide a full spectrum of nourishment.

That’s why many growers prefer Fox Farm, a company that has products that deliver results at an affordable price. In addition, beginners typically need cheap hydroponic nutrients for growing weed that boost their yields.

Who is Fox Farm?

Fox Farm was launched in the early 1980s out of Humboldt County. Their business began with a passion for producing the best quality soil mixes in the industry.

In fact, their soil was one of the first mixes that were not serialized. In addition, unlike many commercial brands, it was composed of natural ingredients.

At the time, the majority of soil mixes on the market were made without beneficial microbes. As well, many commercial brands contained very few natural nutrients for plant health and growth.

Today Fox Farm has greatly expanded. They are a company known throughout t the world and offer a large variety of products that boost your plant’s health and productivity.

For example, Fox Farm has simplified their products for its customers by offering a three-pack of their grower’s favorite. The three-pack is used in sequence for ease of use and outstanding blooms.

Fox Farm also provides an advanced feeding program for the entrepreneur and novice. The 12 week feeding schedule offers a more precise platform to help encourage growth and production.

Additionally, Fox Farm likes to have excellent educational resources for their customers as well as proficient customer service, many Fox Farm sales representatives, and product booklets with instructions and guidelines.

Are Fox Farms Nutrients Good?

Fox Farm has been a favorite among growers since the mid-80s. The nutrients are not only good but they are ideal for soil and the hydroponic growth of weed.

Typically, the nutrients are used for growing marijuana indoors. Fox Farm nutrients are utilized in both the vegetative and flowering stages of growing weed. In fact, the nutrients are specifically formulated for cannabis plants.

What’s more, the formula offers the perfect amount of nutrients to keep your plants healthy. The Fox Farm product line of liquid plant food includes Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom, Bembé, Boomerang, Flowers Kiss, Kangaroots, Microbe Brew, and SledgeHammer.

There are also various soluble fertilizers – Beastie Bloomz, Bush Doctor, Cha Ching, and Open Sesame. The soluble fertilizers are used at specific times of growth and in very small quantities.

The post popular Fox Farm line is the trio formula – Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom. The 3 part formula is a cost-effective solution that meets the growing needs and stages of your plants.

Fox Farm Grow Big Overview

Fox Farm Grow Big is an organic concentrate composed of micro, minor, and major nutrients. It is strong enough to give your plants optimum nutrients yet mild enough to not affect the pH balance of your water.

The formula contains 6 percent nitrogen, 4 percent potassium, and 4 percent phosphorus. Fox Farm recommends that you use Grow Big during the second and third weeks of the vegetative stage.

In addition, it should be used for three weeks in the beginning flowering stage.


  • Encourages a bumper crop
  • An organic-based concentrate
  • A complete mix of micro, minor, and major nutrients
  • Contains 6 percent nitrogen, 4 percent potassium, and 4 percent phosphorus


  • Prices can be high

Foxfarm Trio Review – the proper mix for your plant’s health and growth. Everything you need to know about Foxfarm Trio.