expert seeds review

Expert Seeds Review

Expert Seeds Bank was founded in Ireland and is a project involving quality cannabis breeders from many different European countries. Therefore a lot of different experience comes together within our one seed bank, mixed with love and passion for cannabis. Our genetics is one of the best and we are well-respected.

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Original Berry marijuana seeds deliver long tight and dense buds when placed under optimum conditions. This small plant is quite pest resistant too and so produces a good mother plant. Outcome of a feminized Blueberry Original #99 which values the sweetness and aroma trait of blueberries. Amazing resinous plant that frequently assumes shades among purple and red. Effects are intense and revitalizing.

Thunderbud is a ferocious bruised and strong totem towards the sweet fruit side from the force whose characteristics are just equaled by its stunning appearance and immense candy flavor. These F1’s develop huge! However with tiny internodes and a penchant for big levels of many of the most original colored crystal laden buds on this planet, whose heritage sits squarely amongst the “Purps” and “Pineapple Funk.” With massive arms that grow powerful enough to support the huge chunky buds this variety grows during its 9 week flowering cycle preserving some very big and yummy medicinal trichomes also excellent for hash making. Rounding off yet another Stella strain belonging to the House of Holys genetics.

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