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wifi OG is an indica dorminant strain and good for Nausea,insomnia,Anxiety and appetite lose.

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wifi OG is an indica dorminant strain and good for Nausea,insomnia,Anxiety and appetite lose. THC level = 85%

Exotic Carts Review: THC Cartridge Delivers Strong Hits, But Untrustworthy

After testing and reviewing Exotic Carts, we are still questioning it’s authentication. We tried it with the G Pen Nova, giving it strong hits and thick smoke to it. Although its oil quality is strong, there is no information about the company itself out there. With that being said, we can’t be sure if the product is pure nor the legitimacy of this company. It may be one of the many fake cartridges out there.

Pros :

  • Good oil quality
  • Very efficient
  • Strong hits and thick smoke

Cons :

  • May give harsh hits
  • Has a burnt aftertaste to it
  • These carts can’t be reliable

Recommendations: Provide more information about the brand company as well as tested lab results with it.

UPDATE 9/11/2019: DISCLAIMER: In light of more recent news, it has become apparent that black market cartridges, counterfeit cartridges, and fake brands of cartridges have become more widespread than we had ever realized. We urge readers to apply their own discretion, and caution that at no point should readers assume that a review of a cartridge on our site is a guarantee of its safety. We advise readers to always verify their cartridges as coming from a legitimate source.

Below is our video review of Exotic Carts. Keep reading on to see our in depth written review.

Update 6/6/2018: New Packaging

As shown above, there recently has been a switch on the packaging itself. This isn’t new, it’s been this way since the beginning of 2018. Although they seem more authentic and more of a legit company, people still question it’s authenticity. See our Fake Exotic Carts post to see if your cartridge is legit or not.

It did give strong hits, but also followed with harsh hits

The Exotic Cart Gelato flavor does have a strong, lemony taste to it. It was nice at first, until it started giving harsh hits. Most times, it would have a burnt after taste. This surprised me because it will come and go. Besides this, it did give hits strong enough to get you high with only a couple of rips.

Oil quality did feel potent, but still questionable

This Exotic Cart really did catch me by surprise. Because of the lack of credibility, I personally didn’t expect much from this cartridge. Soon to realize that I did get very high with just a couple of hits. The oil this flavor comes with has a thick wax consistency to it. Anywhere between 3-10 hits will guarantee you a great feeling.

Design is typical and mouth piece came off

There’s nothing special with the design of the distillate. Apart from this, the mouth piece is removable. It is a twist on, which makes it difficult to trust the actual quality of this cart.

Exotic carts aren’t reliable nor credible

The only thing about this company is that there are many vendors selling fake Exotic carts. This allows shady vendors to put in whatever they want in the distillate. Additionally, it is difficult to differentiate them between fake and real Exotic carts. Because of this, it can’t be fully trustworthy.

Strong and durable, lasting distillate

First off, the Exotic cart is a lot more efficient than I expected. There are a good amount of hits to it and it did last me a few days. Depending how often you smoke, you’ll just need a few hits per day (or per hour) and you’ll be set. Second, it gives very thick smoke to it. This gives more strength getting you high quicker and easier.

The unfortunate part of this is that it isn’t as discreet as I’d like it to be

Because of the strong hits it gives, it does leave a loud, sweet scent to it. You may not realize it at the moment, but it will leave a strong smell in your environment. It’s more of a fruity smell rather than a skunk like smell, so it doesn’t stick and stay forever.

There is no exact THC percentage or any lab test results

On the back side of the packaging, Exotic carts have a lot of claims to it. Although it says it is pesticide free and 80-85% THC, this packaging is sold everywhere online through companies in China. As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of confusion on the legitimacy of this company. We unfortunately have to be skeptical of them because of the lack of information on it. The research that is available online from Reddit

Apart from this, Exotic carts do not provide a website. They do have an official Instagram page with a few posts. Also, it is very difficult to tell the difference between fakes due to the lack of data.

An inside look of this cartridge

Here is an inside look of this cartridge as show above. It actually looks very similar as the Mario carts. Something that I disliked about this design is how it’s built in the bottom part. The thickness of it makes it difficult to take hits once you are low on oil.

It comes in a plastic single cotton, quartz coil, which is better than I imagined. I expected a stronger atomizer just because it did give thick smoke when hitting it. The wire is wrapped around this coil and goes through, to the bottom of it.

Exotic cart VS Mario carts

Although we did like both of these carts, neither the Exotic carts nor Mario carts are very trustworthy. They both do have strong hits to them and good quality oil. Unfortunately, they also came with a couple of burnt and harsh after-taste. If we had to choose, we would prefer Exotic carts over Mario carts. There was a recent test that show Mario Carts THC coming in at 69.35%, giving it a disadvantage. Still, we recommend you to purchase cleaner cartridges that have been lab-tested.

To conclude our Exotic carts review: They great but unfortunately suspicious

I personally did like the potency of this cart. Disregarding the harsh and burnt taste to it, it can be worth the price. I wish that I can put more value to it, but the credibility really lowers the value of this cart. I would just much prefer knowing that the oil I’m smoking is clean and quality with no pesticides in it.

Depending where you’re from, these Exotic carts can range anywhere between $40-$60. Some people say there are vendors selling them for an even higher price. Although we like these carts, our final analysis must recommend against them. Without the guarantee of a legitimate company, we will never know if it actually contains pesticides. It’s also too easy to fake the product if a company isn’t legit. They really don’t have the means to fight any fraud. With so many lab-tested products on the market today, it’s worth the extra few dollars to stay safe.

Our Exotic Carts review overall showed a great THC cartridge despite the burnt after taste. Unfortunately, we are unsure of its legitamicy.