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Destiny 2 – Thaviks Nightfall Cheese and Anomaly

Learn how to cheese the Thaviks Nightfall Strike with this anomaly in Destiny 2.

The Nightfall in Destiny 2 is one of the toughest activities that you can participate in. It requires high Power levels, good teamwork, and a whole lot of skill. This week’s Nightfall, however, seems to have a very cool cheese method, which is shooting Thaviks off the wall so that he falls to his death.

Thaviks Nightfall Cheese and Anomaly

As you enter the final boss fight against Thaviks, he’s going to periodically turn invisible and head for the wall. He’ll climb along it until he pops up in a new area, once again attacking members of your fireteam. Normally, Guardians use this time to clear out the Fallen and give themselves a moment to pick up some much-needed ammo, but there’s potentially a better use of your focus here.

In the video we’ve embedded, the player spots Thaviks climbing along the wall and shoots him. This causes the boss to fall off the wall, and a few moments later the Nightfall strike is over. This is a cheese move that will be patched at best, and a one-time anomaly at worst. Bungie won’t allow this to sneak by if it’s something that can be replicated, and right now we’re not sure if it can.

Your Nightfall team will have to decide how they want to approach this. You can either complete the Nightfall as intended, or go for this cheese move and see if it works. If it does work, great, you’ve likely saved yourself some trouble. However, if this was just a one-time anomaly, you’re risking a fireteam wipe that forces you to have to start this week’s Nightfall all over again. Choose wisely, Guardian.

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Learn how to cheese the Thaviks Nightfall Strike with this anomaly in Destiny 2.

The Most Hated Strike In Destiny 2

Have you met Thaviks, The Depraved? He’s a jerk. If you’ve ever finished Destiny 2’s Exodus Crash strike, you’ve fought him, and probably hated him.

Strikes in Destiny 2 are standalone mini-adventures designed to be taken on by three players. Each one usually lasts around 30 minutes or so (provided nothing goes wrong) and has you move through a few challenges until you get to a big room with a big boss. The boss of the Exodus Crash strike is a big Fallen Vandal Marauder named Thaviks, The Depraved, and he is probably the most hated foe in the game.

In fact, Exodus Crash is easily fans’ most loathed strike, and has been more or less since the game launched. There are forum threads and reddit posts from last September, when Destiny 2 first came out, talking about how annoying the strike is, and that annoyance has only increased over time. The early tipping point was probably when the strike had its turn as the modified, more difficult Nightfall strike, when it was so difficult it required players to use out-of-bounds “cheese” strategies to win.

Parts of the strike are fine. People aren’t mad about the story, which has you fighting off a group of scavenging Fallen from the Exodus Black, a crashed ship that belongs to the friendly A.I. Failsafe. Nor even the jokey script, though there are only so many times you can hear Nathan Fillion sing solfège before it gets old. It’s not the challenges leading up to the boss room, which have you collecting pulses out in the Nessus patrol zone (annoying but easy), fighting off waves of Fallen while you wait for Ghost to hack something (as standard a Destiny encounter as exists), and taking down a Fallen spider tank (except maybe that). No, the vast bulk of complaints about Exodus Crash are to do with the fight against Thaviks.

After the spider tank and the radio banter and the platforming, the strike culminates in a big open space where Thaviks lurks. The boss room consists of a series of platforms connected by walkways, arrayed in a circle. There are pits in between the platforms, so if you aren’t careful, you’ll fall in and die. Thaviks is smaller than your average Destiny boss; in fact, he feels like an experiment by the developers at Bungie to see if they could make a boss fight that didn’t involve a big hulking monster stomping around the room. Thaviks can become invisible, and he attacks with a fast-fire shotgun and a brutal melee attack. He moves quickly, and tends to target one member of your fireteam and chase them relentlessly around the arena. At various points in the fight triggered by the state of his health bar, he disappears in a cloud of smoke and a wave of less powerful enemies enters the room from the sides. He’ll eventually return, again invisible and hunting you.

The disappearing and reappearing is a big part of why people dislike fighting Thaviks. There have been bosses that teleport or leave the room for a while in Destiny in the past, but none of them worked quite like he does, and certainly none of them inspired such animus among players. It feels like Thaviks is always teleporting away, and he’s impossible to keep track of even when he’s around. That means it’s impossible for everyone on your fireteam to coordinate their supers and power weapons to “burn the boss” quickly, because even if you do, he’ll probably just vanish in the middle of your attack.

Bosses in Destiny 2 have health bars broken into three large segments, but Thaviks’ disappearing act isn’t tied to him losing one of his segments. It happens more frequently than that, so it’s hard to visually gauge and predict when he’s about to vanish. I can’t count the number of times I’ve popped my super, done just enough damage to get him to enter a new phase, and then wound up sitting in an empty room with an active super like a jerk.

Have you met Thaviks, The Depraved? He’s a jerk. If you’ve ever finished Destiny 2’s Exodus Crash strike, you’ve fought him, and probably hated him. ]]>