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Earth apothecary

“Every Day is a new
Every Day is a day
Of Discovery”

Earth Apothecary® is located in Hollywood, Florida and is dedicated to a non-toxic approach to living through education, non-toxic health products, plant medicine, non-toxic beauty products and spiritual awakening. Plants and the Earth have been of primary importance to our ancestors and we have felt a calling to reawaken practices that have been pushed aside by the more “modern” approach to wellness. It is our opinion that each person is their own best Healer. Who knows their body better than the one living with it. It is through self exploration and education of what the Earth has to offer that we can create our Balance. When in Balance in Body, Mind and Spirit there is no room for dis-ease. We hope to inspire those that come here to search for their own road to wellness, ask questions and take an active role in the processes they chose. We can be the leaf blown by the wind, or we can be the wind creating the path.

Rose comes from an Iroquois/Scottish heritage. She has spent much of her last years discovering the wondrous and magical gifts that her ancestors passed to her. Her life’s Journey has had many difficult and painful times but her Joy has not been tarnished. She laughs easily from the Heart which is contagious if you are within 20 feet. She is a wonderful teacher of many subjects but mostly about the Joy of Life. She looks at the world with the eyes of a child seeing the wonder of Creator in All things. Her intimate relationship with the Earth and All Her Relations gives her the ability to look within the Natural World for ways to create her Personal Medicine, her Joy and of course her beauty products.

Using information passed down through generations and enhanced through travels, education and associations, we use modern techniques and materials to bring these ancient practices to you.

Reiki: Rose and I are passionate about this ancient energy healing modality. Reiki manifests in many forms in this country, for us it is simply assisting the student to move out of ego and allow the Universal Life Energy to move through them and into the person receiving the Reiki. We approach this as a trans formative tool of healing for the practioner. We offer six levels of Reiki ; Traditional Usui Reiki levels 1 thru Master Teacher and Light Karuna Reiki for Usui Masters wishing to pursue a more advanced energy level. If you are interested in our program please call us and with any questions you may have. 954-921-7808

We offer Reiki Circles every Friday at 7:30pm when we are in town

Essential Oils: extractions from plants have been a form of medicine for over ten thousand years. From pain relief to physical rejuvenation, we use only Medicinal Grade Essential Oils to create blends and body care products. Let the Essence of the Plant World assist in your Spiritual, Emotional and Physical wellness. Essential Oils and Blends ( for description and prices click here )

For over 30,000 years humans have used plants as a primary form of healing. In modern times pharmaceutical companies attempt to copy the healing qualities of plants but only manage to create a synthetic product that usually causes more harm than good. Return to the simple, safe and proven methods of good health. We offer Western, Native American, Chinese and Homeopathic herbal combinations and single herbs for your total wellness.

Natural Body Care Products: Inspired by the possibilities of the plant world to enhance our health and beauty, Rose launched our beauty and body care line for men and women. We use only plant and earth materials to create our salves, lotions, soaps, shampoos, body care and other products. We are happy to custom blend products for special skin or health requirements. Rose doesn’t mind getting old as long as she can stay pretty and feels everyone should have the same option. Products ( for product description and prices click here )

Shamanism : Mayra is an Earth Medicine Practitioner using Essential Oils, Herbs, Homeopathy and a variety of Natural products to assist in the physical balancing and well being of the individual. She is also a Shamanic Practitioner. Using this ancient form of dimensional/spiritual communication, she assists in the re-integration of the individual on an energetic level, allowing for the balance of body, mind and spirit. Shamanism ( for more on Shamanism click here )

—-Rose and our Rose Quartz Buddha —-Stones, Crystals and Specimens from around the world ———Human created ————-Nature Created

Stones and Crystals

“Mother nature has
provided all we need
for Health, Beauty and
Spiritual Well being”

Earth apothecary “Every Day is a new Beginning Every Day is a day Of Discovery” Earth Apothecary® is located in Hollywood, Florida and is dedicated to a non-toxic approach to living through

Earth Apothecary

Laura Metz-Velasquez, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.

Now is the time to keep distant and keep safe.

Unfortunately, Laura will not be taking any appointments until further notice.

Please check back for up-to-date information.

In the meantime, stay healthy with herbal medicine. To order herbs from Earth Apothecary or request a complementary consultation, please call or email Laura directly:


[email protected]

Harmony and Balance

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” – Buddha


Liquid extracts made from herbs that are taken orally. Created thousands of years ago, they much more effective then taking a pill as they enter your bloodstream and offer almost an immediate effect.

Traditional chinese Medicine

An ancient and vital holistic system of health and healing. Based on harmony and balance, utilizing the belief of moderation and prevention.

About Laura Metz-Velasquez L. ac., dipl. ac

Laura is a state licensed acupuncturist and a nationally board certified diplomat of acupuncture through NCCAOM. She earned a Bachelor of Science at Colorado Christian University in 2002, and a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2007.

In addition, to offering her acupuncture services and Earth Apothecary products Laura also creates custom formulas. She carries the highest quality bulk herbs, some of which are ethically wild-harvested. Her experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis means she can blend a custom formula specifically for any need. If you are interested in having her make a custom herbal formula, please contact Laura directly for a consultation that will address you health concerns.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines, Body Care and Acupuncturist. Laura Metz of Vista Acupuncture and Earth Apothecary in Buena Vista, CO