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First Grow – Dyna Gro? PH?


Hi im attempting my first grow.
Doing it outdoors in a greenhouse using Fast & Vast auto flower (they pulled me in on the name :S ).

It has gone ok so far, 1 major spidermite problem but i exterminated them soon enough.
I made a big mistake early on, i used soil with some slow release nutes. I have had to re-pot & it went well (surprisingly).
I have humidity problems as my greenhouse is on grass (im praying i dont get budrot) but it shall be moved to concrete soon.
1 of my babies has just started budding & now im looking for some nutes.
Ive read alot & dyna-gro seems to be one of the best however ive just seen a schedule on their site & it includes mag-pro, pro-tekt & bloom for flowering. Is this really needed?
Will the bloom be good enough on its own?
(im on a very tight budget & cant afford to get all 3) otherwise any1 know of other good cheap bloom nutes?

For veg (if auto-flowers have veg, ive seen some argue they dont) i used baby bio which is 10.6 – 1.9 – 1.4

Also while im here what is a cheap & easy way to increase PH of water? my PH is way off (below 5.0), i check the water most times & its always between 6.5-7.5 i guess that soil really was bad & i guess if i dont fix it it will creep up on me.
My watering/feeding hasn’t been on a tight schedule, i try & water every 4 days but sometimes the soil is still wet & others they wilt before that. I have been sticking to water-water-water with nutes.

Finally can they handle high temps, recently we’ve had a mini heat wave & its been at least 30C in there, should i be worried about temps or will she still thrive?


I can help you with your dyna gro questions. First off. Dyna gro is not organic and is salt based. To use it you will need to do at least 3 flushes during a single grow. One at end of veg. One mid flower and a final flush. This will keep salt from building up in your medium , which causes lockout. Also recommend that you use the full schedule of their nutes in recommended doses. But it is easy to adjust rates up and down as your plants tell you what they like. One last thing When you flip to flower you will need to mix the grow and bloom formulas 1:1 instead of just using the bloom , to supply cannabis with the correct nutes. Dyna gro was designed for orchids which need more P during flower than cannabis. Theses tips will help you in good ways. I’ve grown some great smoke with dyna gro nutes. Imo they are the best value for nutes out there.

Lots of good threads on dyna gro nutes on the web. Best of luck.


Cheers for the reply,
yh i noticed high P i guess thats why the schedule i saw said use bloom, mag-pro & pro-tekt in flowering (nothing about grow) pdf Files/DG Hydroponic Feeding Chart.pdf
mag-pro = 2-15-4
pro-tekt = 0-0-3
bloom = 3-12-6
grow = 7-9-5
They are autoflower & flowering shouldn’t last more than 5 weeks (1 just hit flowering rest in veg)
Ive been using other nutes for veg which is 10.6-4.4-1.7
Grow would boost all but still boost more of P.
Would bloom & pro-tek be ok? as (from what ive read) they need less of N higher PK in flowering, the magpro (like the grow) boost them all but still more of P.

Flushing im still not 100%, as said i -water-water-water & nutes- would those 2 waterings count as a flush? I water until i get a fair bit outta the bottom before i stop filling her (or pause if it builds up on the top too much, poor drainage :/ ).
For big buds in flowering should i be adding nutes with every water then flush at the end? (I dont want chemically tasting buds & was planning to use only water for last week or 2).
Also would you still suggest mid-flower flush for less than 5 weeks of flowering?

Hi im attempting my first grow. Doing it outdoors in a greenhouse using Fast & Vast auto flower (they pulled me in on the name :S ). It has gone ok so far…


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Dyna-Gro Nutrients

I wanted to give a review of my my experience with this line of nutrients. First let me say, I have zero affiliation with Dyna-Gro other than being a paying customer. I switched over to Dyna-Gro 3 months ago and after working out the initial kinks I can honestly say, short of a blatant misrepresentation of what’s in their product, they’ve earned a customer for life. I’ve been growing for just shy of 2 years and I started out with the GH Flora series, first in Coco and then in DWC. I had great results with the Flora series but I was looking for something that would simplify the nutrient needs of my plants and make the process a little easier without burning a hole in my already empty pockets. My job demands a great deal of my time from May-October so I needed to find something that would cut back on my time in the grow room and allow me to just check pH and EC daily, leaving the training and maintenance to a once per week chore on my day off. At first glance Dyna-Gro fit the bill, it’s a 2 part nutrient line, Grow and Bloom, with all the Micro nutrients included in each bottle.

Step 1. Off to their website I went to do some research. Dyna-Gro was off to a good start as they’ve done research and development to give qualified recommendations for using their products when cultivating cannabis. Now just like every other nutrient company they want want you to use all their products because that’s how they make money. I’m trying to do this on a budget so. what do I really need?

Step 2. I visited a number of other forums searching for others who use Dyna-Gro to cultivate cannabis. Sifting through the clutter that is the internet, I managed to find a number of growers that get great results with Dyna-Gro, and get this they all said if used properly, Dyna-Gro had a rock solid pH that rarely if ever needed adjustment. So I took the plunge, bought what I thought I needed, and put their recommendations into practice with a couple of modifications of my own. So this is what I bought:

Dyna-Gro Pro-teKt/$16.88
Dyna Gro-Bloom/$17.45
Dyna-Gro Mag-Pro/$16.39(Optional as a PK Boost)

All prices are from Amazon and based on 1 quart bottles. All in all, very comparable to GH’s Flora Series if you supplement with Armor-Si,Cal-mag, and Liquid Kool Bloom as I did.

Over the last 3 months I’ve been very busy at work but with the simplicity and stability of Dyna-Gro’s nutrient line I’ve been able to harvest some of my best buds to date with all while reducing the time I spend with my plants. I now spend 5 minutes a day checking pH and EC on my 3 DWC systems and my reservoir changes take 10 minutes each. I haven’t made a pH adjustment in over 30 days, this is as close to “set it and forget it “as I can hope. I have come up with what I feel is a good feed schedule to use with Dyna-Gro line.

5mls/Gal. ProteKt
5mls/Gal. Grow

Transistion: 2 weeks
6mls/Gal ProteKt
1ml/Gal Grow
3mls/Gal Bloom
1ml/Gal Mag-Pro

Early Bloom: 4 weeks total
6mls/Gal ProteKt
1ml/Gal Grow
5mls/Gal Bloom

PK Boost: Week 5 of Flower
6mls/Gal ProteKt
4mls/Gal Bloom
2mls/Gal Mag-Pro

Late Flower: Start Week 6 at
5mls/Gal ProteKt
5mls/Gal Bloom

Reduce ProTekt and Bloom by 1ml/Gal each week until harvest. This schedule is based on a 10 week flowering strain, longer flowering strains will require repeating the Early Flower formula before and after the Boost week in order to keep the leaves healthy enough throughout the flowering period.

I hope this helps anyone searching the web as I did.

Failure is an opportunity for improvement!!

I wanted to give a review of my my experience with this line of nutrients. First let me say, I have zero affiliation with Dyna-Gro other than being a paying