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Dream-Pot Portable Thermo Cooker

The Time Saving Dream-Pot is simply left to work its magic so you are free to work, relax or enjoy yourself with no worries about boiling over, burning or over-cooking.

The Portable Dream-Pot can be used indoors at home or outdoors and is readily transportable with no worries about spillage – Use it when Camping, in the Caravan/Motorhome, on the Beach, for Picnics, BBQ’s & Sporting Events when Boating or Fishing.

The Versatile Dream-Pot can also be used as a Rice Cooker, yoghurt Maker, BBQ Bain Marie and a Cooler or Ice Bucket.

How it works

Thermo cooking has been about for many years in both the form of the ‘Vacuum Flask Cooker’ and the traditional ‘Hay Box/Straw Box Cooker’.

The key to the Dream Pots incredible success is both its robust and portable nature and incredibly efficient insulation.

Cooking Simplicity Itself

The Dream Pot consists of a double layer superior insulated outer pot thus ensuring maximum retention of heat. The Dream Pot comes with one or two 18/8 stainless steel inner pots and lids (these are the saucepans).

Step 1: Add ingredients into inner pot. Place on a heat source and bring to boil. Continue to simmer for the short time required (maximum 30 minutes, based on a Dream Pot recipe).
Step 2: Transfer inner pot into Dream Pot and close the lid.
Step 3: The meal now cooks using its own heat because of the highly insulated Dream Pot.

Cooks with no constant monitoring, your meal cannot burn, boil over or overcook.

After the required cooking time is completed, serve when ready, even hours later.

The Dream-Pot Cool Box

The Dream-Pot also acts as a very efficient Cool Box. Place your food and drinks in the Dream-Pot with ice and they will stay cool and fresh for several hours.

What did we think?

The Dream-Pot has been tested by member Cas54, a keen outdoor chef. Below are her thoughts

“Just what it says on the tin �. It�s a Dream Pot”

The first attempt was done in a rush, using a recipe from the book. Spaghetti Bolognaise – the sauce was just coloured water and whole thing was rather bland – On the up side, we had a hot and edible meal ready as soon as we had set up camp.

Second use was much better, Treacle sponge pudding, shared with nine fellow campers – everyone loved it.

Easy to use – need a bit of prep time (but you do with any meal) boil on the hob for 10 minutes (30 for steam pud) in one or both of the saucepans supplied – once you have placed it the Dream Pot – forget it until needed

Easy to clean using hot soapy water.

The Cook Book is Australian, ok we speak the same language – but do use different reference wording eg cooking in cupfuls. Also corned beef here comes in tins from Fray Bentos – there it�s a silverside joint! Trial and error will soon get this sorted

Would recommend the medium size one – comes with two saucepans – plenty big enough for family meals and you can do a meal and dessert at the same time.

Small has only one saucepan – so half a dinner or just one meal

Where Can I get them from?

We are trying to locate a new supplier of the Dream Pots

Introducing the Dream-Pot – full details, our review, and an exclusive discount for members

DreamPot 5 Litre

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J60913 South East Queensland, QLD
  • 31 reviews

Takes a bit to get used to but great for travelling !

I bought this at a camping show a couple of years ago, checked out all of the other Thermal Cookers but decided this one was the best out of the bunch! I was convinced when they cooked a lamb leg and it was the first thing I tried when I got it home 🙂 I used it a lot when we went caravanning for a year, did all kinds of stuff but curries and stews (slow cooking) works the best. It takes a little to get your head around the method but works a treat!

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Angel1111 South East Queensland, QLD
  • 6 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Wonderful Pot and wonderful Crew to deal with.

My 5lt DreamPot arrived to day, I had a Mustard Chicken in the slow cooker and decided to finish the next 5 hours cooking in the DreamPot. Wow it’s wonderful, I love the accessories also, they are going to come in very handy, I love making my own bread, cakes and puddings. I have seen many of these type pots but the DreamPot is by far the best, and yes very easy to clean after you have finished. I have been collecting recipes since deciding on the Dreampot, but wow those beautiful Cookbooks that come with the DreamPot are a Treasure in themselv. Read more

es. If you are looking at getting a great camping pot then you can’t go past the DreamPot, the quality has to be the best I have seen and you will find it is not only great for camping, you will be able to find use for it in your every day life, I know I will. One other point, the DreamPot crew are so down to earth, happy and friendly, they make you feel part of the Family.

DreamPot 5 Litre (Slow Cooker): 5 out of 5 stars from 6 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site