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I have traveled with Amtrak twice. Both times to National Parks across the US. The worst that has happened was that we were 4 hours late at our destination in MO and 7 hrs late in CO.
This past Holiday my sister and my niece decided to come visit from Arizona to Illinois via Amtrak. The trip started okay. However once they got to St. Antonio, Texas, the last 2 wagons of the train were detached and simply forgotten for 12 hours. When the train detached the wagons the power was shut off automatically and you could not leave the wagons, you couldn’t open the windows, couldn’t use the restroom because the doors were shut down, there was no running water, there was no electricity, and there was no Attendant,Amtrak employee, nor a Conductor in sight for the duration of the entire event. At the detachment time which was 5 am the wagons were pushed to the side of the station and just parked there. The wagons were moved back and forth a couple of times, during which time the power came on for a few minutes. The passengers tried to call the San Antonio Station without any response whatsoever. The station seemed to be closed (no one in sight). The last person leaving at that time, a man who presumably was the Conductor, said that his shift ended five mins prior, his trip ended and tjat he has no answers, to sit tight and that soon (at 7 am) the wagons will be attached to another train headed for Chicago.
Hours had passed without any contact or communication with or from Amtrak. At around 3 pm an Attendant came from yet another train, after she heard the yells and screams for help, and rudely said she doesn’t know anything and to sit tight.
In the meantime I’ve been trying to get answers from Amtrak. For over six hours (during which I was on the phone or trying to connect with customer service, supervisors, or the president himself) I had been lied to continuously. I had been told anything from:” the the train is moving”, or that “there is ice on tracks”, or that they were late comin in and the” pick-up ” train left, or that the” pick-up” train is late, or that they just don’t know what’s going on. During my incessant calling I was hung up on 9 times. No one ever bothered to call back even though I asked and gave my number.
At some point after 5 hrs of complete lock-down, the men-passengers on the train opened the emergency windows and started screaming for help. People who heard them from nearby homes brought hot water and milk for the two mth old newborn that was on the train. Police came and also brought some water. People went to the bathroom on the floor in the corners of the changing room.
Finally at around 4:30 pm the crew, who was extremely rude and unprofessional, told the passengers that they shouldn’t worry, and that they will eventually get there sooner or later. The “Pick-up” train got them (cleaned the mess up) and finally my family got to the destination, however, we still have no explanation as to what happened.
We thought that the stress and trauma was over with and that after what had occurred Amtrak would up their game. wrong.
Two weeks have passed. Today is Jan 4Th. My sister and my Niece are on their way back. We can’t afford $1000 to fly back. Also, driving through the USA for my sister and young Niece is not possible. Having little to choose from as means of getting back home, and since they had round trip tickets, they took the train again hoping, that what had happened was just a sporadic episode. After all, what are the chances of anything like that or worse happening again? Can this Company truly have a 100% failure rate?!
Apparently YES.
Another nightmare. The train started out yesterday, 4 hrs behind schedule. Again, we heard multiple excuses: weather, pipes that froze, late train, mechanical issues.
Thus far, a day later, they are 12 behind.

Once they get to Fort Worth they are supposed to take the bus to St. Antonio, TX. The bus ride and the amount of time that it will take will depend on the weather, the way the driver drives and God knows what else. Their estimate is between 5 &8 hrs. Say what. Is the driver senile.
What happens once they get there is another mystery, as nobody knows, including the Crew, Conductor or Amtrak Headquarters (I called) ..
The newest update is that the reason why the passengers are to take the bus is that the train is 12 hrs late and the same crew has been servicing it, so they need to go home and rest. The train will not go any further and the passengers are at the mercy of taking the bus and finding out how their travels will end once they get to their next unscheduled, unexpected and unforseen destination. total nightmare.

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