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Origins and Backstory: Originally bred by Doc D Seeds, (who I believe is re-branding under the moniker Magic Spirit Seed Company) the “SHADYNASTY” is a cross of Big Wyrm’s Chem 91 clone, and Frank’s Little Beauties (FLB) This clone (and the strain in general) was selected and became instagram-popular for a bit thanks to @midsmastermike. He was kind enough to give me this clone so I could give it a shot in my garden. I wasn’t aware of what FLB was, and it in turn is a cross using “Thundergun Express,” another cultivar I have never heard of. In any case, @midsmastermike raved about this clone to me enough that I wanted to give it a go.

As a note, I did recently learn that “Frank’s Little Beauties” and “SHADYNASTY” are It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia references. I don’t personally understand them.

Appearance: This plant produces classic cannabis spears, and fairly robust ones at that. This is actually one of the most vigorous plants I have grown in recent memory—I do not recall more vigorous plants than Blue Dream, and SHADYNASTY. Buds stay completely green, even if temperatures get low. The buds are very resinous and frosty, and all of them have a satisfying spearhead shape to them. The calyxes are a bright green while the leaves remain somewhat darker, somewhat diesel-esque. The frost factor definitely gives this herb a high bag appeal.

Aroma: When I first whiff jars, the first thing that comes to mind is baby poop. This one is definitely strong, chemmy funk! The profile overall is very reminiscient of Chemdog. However, there is a much stronger emphasis on sweeter tones, even with hints of dark stone fruit like black cherry. There is a semi-rotten weird funk in this one. I was told by Mike that the aroma was “chocolate-cherry”—I can get hints of these if I look for them, but personally would not have picked out those descriptors. This is really a sweet, rotten, almost overly-ripe garbage smelling strain. It is not quite as putrid as other strains or Chemdog itself, but is nasty and funky enough to get your attention. While I generally favor the nasty, funky strains, the sweeter twist on SHADYNASTY is welcome. The aroma is very appealing, and almost reminds me of some home-made fermented drinks I’ve had on summer days.

Flavor: The flavor follows suit of the aroma. The smoke is sweet but not sugary with mild fruit notes that remind me of dark cherries and stone fruits. There are also some mild chemical and metallic notes, which are typical of the Chem family—particularly Chemdog 4. The smoke is very smooth and goes down easy—not a cougher like Sky Cuddler Double Kush. It is classically-dank, with some sweet dark fruit notes and a prominent baby poop flavor. I am not super into the baby poop thing going on, and I’d say the flavor of SHADYNASTY is above average, 3 out of 5 stars.

Effects: This is happy, warm, and uplifting smoke without sacrificing potency. Each hit is a noticeable uptick in stoniness, but it’s hard to get overwhelmed with this one—the effect is consistently a pleasant, warm, happy smoke. The come up is euphoric and cerebral, mostly felt in the front of the head along with an immediate shift in thinking. This quickly shifts to being felt behind the eyes, and more of a traditional stone settles in over time. The full effect of SHADYNASTY takes some time to manifest, with full peak coming about 20 minutes after smoking. I was joking with a buddy that this weed puts the “fun” in “functional.” The effect is fairly long-lived, and each hit is strong enough that I’ll often leave a bowl half-smoked. I’ll start getting high, and will start going about any given task. Even though this isn’t zippy weed, it can be really motivating while still being satisfyingly strong. Some functional, happy weed just doesn’t have the punch that a lot of smokers look for, but that is certainly not the case with SHADYNASTY. This is about as close to a functional Chemdog as one can get!

Overall: SHADYNASTY is one of the most vigorous plants I’ve grown in memory, and is incredibly easy to keep happy. On top of that, the finished flowers are gorgeous, super-sticky, stinky, and hit both fruity and chemmy notes. The aroma is complex, the effect is borderline-exquisite, and the flavor is above average. I’m not a fan of the baby poop thing going on, but everything else about this plant is remarkable. It’s an incredibly vigorous, and high-yielding plant that puts out A-grade flowers. My only complaints are that the flowering time is extended (ideally you’d go over 70 days) and the baby poop flavor just isn’t my thing. The chemmy aroma with the uplifting effect is an unusual and very welcome combination—most plants that smell definitively of “Chem” are incredibly narcotic and opiate-like. I frequently bring this flower out to impress visiting friends, because it is such a winner in every category, as well as being an enjoyable and appropriate in social settings. I am stoked to have this one on the shelf and it is likely the second or third-best weed I grew in 2019 (LimepopKush x Sky Jaro being #1). It is an interesting an off-the-beaten-path work of breeding, and a great selection by @midsmastermike.

Doc D Seeds SHADYNASTY Origins and Backstory: Originally bred by Doc D Seeds, (who I believe is re-branding under the moniker Magic Spirit Seed Company) the “SHADYNASTY” is a cross of Big

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