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Indoor Greenhouse Garden: Tips For Creating A Mini Indoor Greenhouse

Starting seeds indoors can be a challenge. Maintaining a warm environment with sufficient humidity isn’t always easy. That’s when a mini indoor greenhouse garden is called for. Sure, you can purchase one from a variety of sources, but a DIY mini greenhouse is so much more fun and a worthwhile project in the dead of winter. Read on to learn how to make a mini greenhouse indoors.

Mini Indoor Greenhouse Garden

A mini greenhouse indoors is great at creating and maintaining the perfect microclimate for starting seeds before spring. This greenhouse garden for indoors can also be used to cultivate houseplants, force bubs, propagate succulents, or grow salad greens or herbs – anytime.

There are lots of indoor greenhouse gardens for sale from elaborate Victorian era versions to simpler boxed sets. Or you can opt for a DIY project. Creating your own mini greenhouse can often be put together inexpensively to free from whatever items you have on hand.

How to Make a Mini Greenhouse

If you are handy or know someone who is, your indoor greenhouse can be made from wood and glass; but if you don’t think you are up to cutting, drilling, etc. these materials, we have some simple (literally anyone can do them) DIY mini greenhouse ideas here.

  • For those who want to make an indoor greenhouse garden on the cheap, try repurposing. A mini indoor greenhouse can be created from cardboard egg containers, for example. Just fill each depression with soil or soilless mix, plant seeds, moisten and cover with plastic wrap. Voila, a super simple greenhouse.
  • Other simple DIY ideas involve using yogurt cups, clear salad containers, clear containers such as those a precooked chicken comes in, or really any clear plastic food container that can be covered.
  • Clear plastic sheeting or bags can also easily be turned into simple versions of indoor mini greenhouses. Use skewers or twigs for supports, cover with plastic, and then tuck the plastic in around the bottom of the structure to keep the heat and moisture in.
  • Beyond repurposing stuff you already have, for just a little over $10 (courtesy of your local dollar store), you can create a simple DIY mini greenhouse. The dollar store is a fabulous place to get inexpensive project materials. This greenhouse project uses eight picture frames to create a slanted roof and walls. It can be painted white for continuity and all it takes to put it together is white duct tape and a hot glue gun.
  • Along the same lines, but probably pricier unless you have them lying around, is to make your indoor greenhouse with storm or small casement windows.

Really, creating a mini DIY greenhouse can be as easy or complex and as expensive or cheap as you want to go. Or, of course, you can just go out and buy one, but where’s the fun in that?

Maintaining a warm environment with sufficient humidity isn’t always easy. Click here to learn ideas on how to make a mini indoor greenhouse garden.

DIY Indoor Greenhouse

One of the perks of having an indoor greenhouse is you can keep gardening even though the weather is bad. Other than that, if you don’t have any spacious area, it can be the best alternative. It also helps you to control your plants easily.

Sometimes it costs a lot if you buy it, indeed. That is why the DIY indoor greenhouse is the best answer.

But, some people prefer to choose indoor wall planters instead.

Don’t worry. See the ideas along with the tutorial below. Then you decide which one is better. Or you can combine both concepts.

DIY Indoor Greenhouse with Grow Light

During the bad weather, you will need a greenhouse to make your baby plants grow properly. And the best alternative comes from the DIY indoor greenhouse.

And if you want to make sure they get a sufficient amount of light and warmth, installing the lights can be the best decision.

Read the steps and instructions on how to make it here.

Sophisticated DIY Indoor Greenhouse

It would be amazing to have an automatic-operation DIY indoor greenhouse.

It is a perfect invention where you can deal with unpredictable weather. Also, it is easier for you to take what you need while you are cooking.

This kind of greenhouse has to contain water, light, and heat controller. Make sure it fits its natural habitat.

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DIY Vintage Indoor Greenhouse

Bring in a vintage hint to your room through the DIY indoor greenhouse. It works best both aesthetically and functionally.

It is the best alternative for you who loves gardening during the bad weather. Other than that, if you grow vegetables, it can be the best supplier of your kitchen.

The most important thing is the plants are under your control, which is good for your health.

DIY Tiny Indoor Greenhouse

Upcycle the old photo frames and make a mini DIY indoor greenhouse. It helps your plants to get a stable temperature and humidity.

Plus, it works to increase carbon dioxide levels inside the enclosure. It makes the plants grow quickly.

It is a straightforward project, which worth making. The supplies you will need:

  • Photo frames
  • Hot glue
  • Duct tape
  • Spray paint

Figure out how to make it here.

DIY Mini Elegant Indoor Greenhouse

Bring in the elegant DIY greenhouse to your house to accentuate the fancy vibe. It is great to have an adorable decorative piece that also functional at the same time.

The supplies you will need:

  • Ikea Socker greenhouse
  • Gold painting
  • Foam brush

You have to paint the greenhouse before you assemble it. When it dries completely, you can assemble the greenhouse and put the plants inside.

After all, place it on the desk.

DIY Indoor Greenhouse: Count Your Children In!

See the tutorial at

Do some beneficial things with your children, such as gardening.

It is a good idea to do it during the weekend. You can make a DIY indoor greenhouse. It is a simple project, which is easy to follow.

You can use some old and unused materials around you. Are you ready to get yours? See the tutorial here.

Note: If the room is too warm, you don’t need to cover the plants.

DIY Indoor Greenhouse for Seed Starting

It is such a great thing to have your own garden, right? However, it is too bad to seed starting outside of the house.

You can let the worry away by installing a DIY indoor greenhouse. You can control some things to make sure the seed growing well like maintaining moisture levels, temperature, and also light.

For further information along with the tutorial see here.

DIY Indoor Greenhouse: Save your money!

Here is the best idea for you who don’t have any spacious area. Repurpose the wire shelf and turn it into the inexpensive seed starting.

Attach the warming mat system, heating mat, insulated base, plastic dome, and plastic cells to plant in.

It can be the best solution for extending the growing season.

DIY Farmhouse Indoor Greenhouse

Here is another mini DIY indoor greenhouse made out of the old photo frames. This kind of greenhouse infuses the farmhouse style through the painted old photo frames.

The supplies materials:

  • Old photo frame
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Brackets
  • Paint

You can put your favorite plants inside the greenhouse. Place this greenhouse in your living room to make your room looks prettier.

DIY Small Indoor Greenhouse

It is okay if your space is limited but you really want to keep gardening during the bad weather. You can create a small DIY indoor greenhouse and start gardening inside your house. It also a budget-friendly project, which worth making.

  • Wooden skewers, or twigs/sticks
  • A big see-through bag or any kind of see-through plastic sheeting
  • A pair of wire cutters, or a knife, or scissors

Find the tutorial on how to make it here.

DIY Hexagon Indoor Greenhouse

If you are bored with your old cabinet, you can recycle it and turn it into a DIY indoor greenhouse. You need to paint it so that it looks like a brand new greenhouse.

Decorate the greenhouse with the hexagon vinyl to make it looks elegant. Opt to use the white pots, which match perfectly with the greenhouse. Fill them with the favorite plants and seedlings.

Although you are going to place it inside the house, you have to make sure it gets a sufficient amount of sunlight.

DIY Easy Indoor Greenhouse

Besides the budget-friendly, the DIY easy indoor greenhouse is one of the most wanted projects.
If you love gardening, then this project must be on your bucket list.

It only needs some clear plastic storage boxes and also the pots. You have to take the lids off, then put the plants in.

Group the plants according to their cold tolerance, so that you can treat them easily. Also, utilizing the storage box will help you to move them easily.

DIY Basement Greenhouse

Make your basement more functional by turning it into a DIY indoor greenhouse. When winter is coming, you can make sure that your plants live properly in the greenhouse.

This greenhouse is made out of the 4-shelf metal storage racks on wheels. Attach the lights on the top of each shelf. Place your plants and control them frequently.

Make sure you group them according to their light tolerance.

DIY PVC Indoor Greenhouse

Do you know that you can even make a DIY indoor greenhouse without spending a lot of money? Here is the secret.

Upcycle the PVC and the clear plastic sheet and turn it into the greenhouse frame.

First, assemble the PVC, then drill and screw them at each joint as well. Then, cover the greenhouse with the plastic by attaching it to the pipe frame.

See here to figure out how to make it properly.

DIY Covered Indoor Greenhouse

We all know that the benefit of covering the greenhouse is to keep the humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide.

It is perfect for your small plants. There is an opening on the top of the cover to make sure it has a good air circulate.

The zip on the front part of the greenhouse helps you to treat the plants easily. Place the greenhouse next to the window for better sunlight.

DIY Wooden Indoor Greenhouse

Opt to use the wooden material to make an indoor greenhouse that also can be a decorative piece in your house.

The wooden materials can infuse the natural vibe, which good together with the plants. That is why keeping its natural color can be the best option.

Since the light is important for their growth, installing LED grow light is a must. Now you can start seeding and keep an eye if your plants easily.

IKEA Indoor Greenhouse

Get the product at IKEA

It is amazing to have your own garden where you grow lots of vegetables to fulfill your daily needs.

The thing is it is pretty hard to make sure that the plants grow well outside during the unpredictable weather. Hence, the DIY indoor greenhouse is the best option.

You will need the 2-tiered cultivation unit if you have lots of plants to grow. It is made out of galvanized steel and PET plastic.

Portable Indoor Greenhouse

The benefits of the portable DIY indoor greenhouse is you can move it easily to get a sufficient amount of sunlight.

It looks classy with the white wire baskets and metal frame material. On the other side, the top of the greenhouse is made out of the wooden dowel. It matches perfectly with the white greenhouse and also the wooden wheels.

Opt to place the small plants to make it grows as well. Placing this kind of greenhouse in your kitchen will make your kitchen looks adorable.

DIY Minimalist Indoor Greenhouse

This DIY minimalist indoor greenhouse must be one of your bucket lists to accentuate the minimalist style in your house. It is made out of the wood and the glass.

It can be a perfect place to grow some plants inside the house. There is nothing to worry about. As long as you water it regularly, open the window of the greenhouse to allow the air circulate, and place it by the window, the plants will grow.

On the other side, it can be a focal point in the room.

DIY Eco-friendly Indoor Greenhouse

You can upcycle the egg cartons for start seedling when you are on a budget and trying to utilize the available materials.

You can place it inside of the house. It works properly to grow the seeds, just like the other DIY indoor greenhouse does.

You only need to fill the soil into the little cups. Put the seeds in, then water it. Cover the egg carton with the plastic, then place it on the windowsills.

DIY Indoor Greenhouse by the Window

Make sure your plants get a sufficient amount of sunlight by placing it by the window.

Besides the sunlight, your plants will get better air circulation. But, although you are placing it by the window, you still need to install the light.

The equipment you will need:

  • 3 x 23W Compact Fluorescent bulbs (CFLs)
  • 3 Recycled light hoods
  • 2 window boxes
  • Triple mix and soil
  • Seeds
  • Hooks
  • String

See the tutorials here.

DIY Indoor Greenhouse for Apartment

You don’t need any spacious yard to grow your plants. You can even grow the plants, although you are living in an apartment.

This tiny greenhouse will help you to deal with it.

But you have to make sure that the room has good air circulation and also light.

  • Seeds
  • Planting trays
  • Lids
  • Planting soil

For further information and detail, see here.

Compact Table Top Indoor Greenhouse

Available at Etsy

It is one of the coolest DIY indoor greenhouses you must have. According to the size, it is perfect for you who live in a limited space.

It is a self-watering greenhouse, which good for those who are with a busy lifestyle. On the other side, the canopy is adjustable.

You can set the light as close to the plants as needed. There is nothing to doubt.

Get yours here and be ready with the cool greenhouse!

DIY Automated Indoor Greenhouse

Project by Instructables

I bet this kind of DIY indoor greenhouse will be a great focal point of your room. It looks great and sophisticated at the same time.

It doesn’t only offer you a cool appearance. Functionally, it helps you who is with a busy lifestyle.

It automatically waters the plants, depending on the soil’s moisture using moisture sensors in the soil.

You can make it by yourself by following the instructions here.

Mobile Salad Indoor Greenhouse

There is nothing better than having a fresh salad harvested from your own garden. It is made out of the moveable cart, which accessible.

It holds 80 quarts of container mix. The drainage holes are on the sides of the tray.

Grab this kind of greenhouse for the sake of your veggies supply during winter.

Note: Make sure not to overfill the reservoir to prevent leakage.

Recycled Cabinet Indoor Greenhouse

Don’t throw your cabinet away. Make it more functional by turning it into a DIY indoor greenhouse.

Change the wooden door with the glass ones. You can also move the shelves inside and adjust it with your needs.

Install the LED in the center of each shelf to make sure your plants get enough light and warmth.

DIY Straightforward Indoor Greenhouse

Here is the straightforward DIY indoor greenhouse you can make within minutes. It is a super easy project, which also safe for children.

You can ask your children to join anyway. Make your weekend more productive by making this kind of greenhouse.

Supplies you will need:

  • Clear plastic cups
  • Potting soil
  • Dry beans
  • Painter’s tape
  • Knife

Bring the greenhouses to your house and place it in a sunny window.

DIY CD Case Indoor Greenhouse

Do you remember that the CD did exist a decade ago? If you are planning to throw them away, wait a moment.

Let’s make it more functional and be the DIY enthusiast.

Collect the empty CD cases, assemble it. Group them into the front part, sides part, roof part, and the base part.

Figure out how to make a DIY indoor greenhouse with details instructions here.

4-Tiered Movable Indoor Greenhouse

If you are planning to grow lots of plants inside your house with limited space of the area, consider using this 4-tiered indoor greenhouse.

It has 4 tier of trays, which helps you to grow some plants vertically.

Since the shelf is not too high, the small plants or start seedling are way much better than the big ones.

Also, the wheels help you to simplify its movement. You can move it wherever you want easily.

DIY Classic Indoor Greenhouse

Bring in the classic decoration, which also works functionally at the same time.

You can decorate your house with an indoor greenhouse. You can start by choosing the materials which accentuate the classic look.

Keep in mind that you need to make sure the plants get enough light and air circulation.

These are the indoor greenhouse ideas, which probably will help you to find the best one to be placed in your house.

You can modify the materials and the size as you desire. The most important thing is it fits your needs.

Please share your opinion about which one is the best idea you will try to make soon?

We have compiled the DIY indoor greenhouse ideas, which good for the beginner to the expert. No worries, you can find the best idea here along with detail steps