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Dispensary Labels

Statistics show that the recreational and medical marijuana has become a growing and very prosperous industry. With recreational and/or medicinal use of marijuana legalized in more than half of U.S. states, the number of marijuana dispensaries is proportionally growing.

Marijuana laws vary from state to state and some marijuana laws are broader than others, however dispensaries need to comply with all laws depending on the state they are in. To stay in compliance with these regulations, dispensaries must ensure their dispensary labels are within accordance of their local laws and label their products properly.

Although the information that dispensary labels provide varies from state to state, here is a list of what most of the states require to be included on the dispensary labels:

  • company name
  • strain name
  • the indica/sativa class
  • the THC and CBD level
  • a net weight statement
  • nutritional fact panel for edibles
  • ingredient list for edibles
  • various date statements, such as production date, expiration date etc.
  • warnings and other labeling requirements

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