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Dark Star – TH Seeds – Experience and Strain Review

Dark Star by TH Seeds—grow info, strain review and links to buy seeds. Dark Star is a potent indica dominant cannabis strain that produces rock-hard, blackberry-flavored dank buds, tested up to 22% THC. It is a photoperiod variety that takes 70 days to bloom. Dark Star’s genetics are Purple Kush x Mazar-I-Sharif.

Dark Star Grow Info:

💡 Dark Star can be grown both indoors and outdoors, although indoors is preferred. Outdoor growers have better success finishing Darkstar buds in a dry climate.

⚖️ Dark Star is bred from tried-and-true varieties for growers: Purple Kush and the Afghani strain Mazar-i-Sharif. This heavy yielding strain (400-500 g/m2) does great when fed a healthy diet of nutrients.

🌿 Dark Star’s fat and bushy structure benefits from larger applications of fertilizer. Provided adequate nutrients, these heavy feeding plants can grow to their full, dense potential. Dark Star performs magnificently in various growing methods, such as under a True Living Organics setup.

💦 Mold resistance is average for this indica dominant plant. Frequent bud inspection and plant cleaning helps to reduce the risk of Botryitis outdoors. For dry climates, Dark Star is a perfect variety to grow under the hot sun.

🌞 Outdoors, Dark Star’s size potential can be maximized by putting it under lights at night, early in the spring. Depending on the day length, you can do the math to get up near 18 hours of light per day. This will kick start the plants into vigorous growth, rapidly producing fat sucker leaves and structuring out big.

👍 For indoor growers and outdoor growers in a suitable climate, Dark Star responds well to topping and training techniques for increased productivity in small areas.

🌱 Buy Dark Star by TH Seeds, for sale as regular and feminized seeds:

Dark Star Bud Review

Here are three main takeaways from the finished product:

  • First thing you may notice about Dark Star bud is its super dense round nuggets.
  • Second, you’ll see its covered in a mass explosion of frosty crystals . Dark Star is a highly resinous strain.
  • Third, Dark Star bud has a strong fruity aroma and flavor. So fruity that some may wonder if it’s legit.

Darkstar is a visibly indica dominant bud. Frosty and sticky weed that looks great in a bag. The plants are beautiful to view during flowering, developing an appearance so dank it looks “trashed”. For sure a good strain to grow for those who want the super dank chronic.

Colors develop during late flowering with a cool temperature, and the frosty resin crystals gleam in the light. Sticky and candy coated. Real elaborate dark purple colors inside and out the bud, Dark Star is truly a cash croppers’ dream plant.

Besides the appearance, Dark Star weed is very fruity stuff. Smelling just like ripe blackberries this fruity bud is perfect if you’re tired of the usual pungent, skunky indicas.

The effects of Dark Star are balanced between head and body, giving a potent stone.

Dark Star Doobie Test

  • Pass around the bud: Everyone is impressed by the density, resin content, gleam and aroma.
  • Break up and roll: Hard nuggets. Incredibly dense. Must be broken up small. Sticky fingers.
  • Dry hit test: Tastes just like the smell. Dark Star’s berry-like flavor is exactly like real blackberries. You can feel the fruitiness stay in your system after sampling this chronic bud.
  • Light test: Needs to be lit slowly, or a canoe effect will happen. Hold flame to it for a while to get her going. Once she gets going the doobie burns nice and slow all the way down.


That joint of Dark Star got smoked down to nothing, everyone liked it.

Dark Star’s high is stony and hybrid like. Not quite the paranoid type, but more of the happy-go-lucky laughing type. A heavy, red-eyed indica stone, with some sativa kick and energy to keep you actively enjoying the time.

Dark Star has tested up to 22% THC, and it sure feels like it. Strong sativa and indica effects. You’ll be as high and spacey as the Grateful Dead song it’s named after.

Dark Star by TH Seeds is an A+ quality strain that produces high yields of potent indica dominant dank bud.

Disclaimer: Know your laws before buying seeds online. We do not promote or undertake in illegal activity.

Dark Star by TH Seeds—grow info, strain review and links to buy seeds. Dark Star is a potent indica dominant cannabis strain that produces rock-hard,