dank genetics

Dank Genetics

Dank Genetics is a team of cannabis connoisseurs, working as a seed bank since 2010 with US genetics they’ve created based on top quality strains from around the world.

Dank Genetics’ reason for being is to create the highest quality cannabis strains with unbeatable flavour, potency, aroma, resin production and yields.

All these desirable characteristics combine to make this American seed bank a real contender for serious growers looking to stock their grow with the best genetics of the highest quality and really stand out from the rest.

Dank Genetics varieties are offered as both regular and feminised seeds, meaning that those growers who prefer to select mother plants from regular seeds can do so without any problems.

On the other hand, the option of growing feminised seeds means that growers who simply want to grow female plants for production, and don’t want to spend time identifying and throwing out male plants can satisfy their needs and know they’l obtain first class results.

All the strains offered by Dank Genetics are top quality, but a few in particular deserve to be highlighted:

  • Atomic Sour: The strength of Atomic OG combined with the taste of Sour Dubble to give the maximum expression.
  • Cherry Heads: Karma Head Stash x Sour Dubble. flavour, production and high quality potency.
  • Dankalato: Gelatto #33 x Sunset Sherbert. great flavour, high power and massive resin production.
  • Fresh Orange: Mandarine Kush x Sour Dubble, great orange flavour, excellent yields in resin extractionss and a potent psychoactive effect.

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