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Critical Mass

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We always have a place for moderately potent Indica strains in our lives, and this strain fit that bill perfectly, signaling its Afghani roots in smell, flavor, and effect. Though not overtly potent except right at the beginning, this strain had good “torque” and kept up at a fairly high level, declining smoothly over the 2nd half of the duration and leaving behind a relaxed and capable mind. It didn’t help with severe pain, but it did really make our bodies feel good, and we like this strain mostly as an evening relaxer for days when a little mental uplift and a few hours on the couch leading into sleep is the perfect recipe.


Afghani x Skunk #1 (originally from Mr. Nice Seeds, their version of Sensi’s Big Bud)


Bred by Mr. Nice Seedbank


Thin claw-shaped wasabi green sepals with armadillo accents arranged in open spiral calyxes, snaked with shocks of ochre pisitls, and above average coverage by short, thick-stalked trichomes with large heads


Slightly earthy, musky, and lightly citrusy smell which limited pungency, even after grinding


A base piney, earthy type of profile that was somewhat pungent, but didn’t really taste like anything specific of noteworthy. It wasn’t just the taste of smoke itself, but was not too far from that point — the Afghani seems to have taken charge in the flavor department for sure, as there was no Dutch Skunk sweetness in it at all.


This medicine came on fairly strong to start, hitting behind the eyes and giving a somewhat heavy feeling (like being pulled downwards) throughout the body. An uptick in head pressure and a vibrating/buzzing feeling around the scalp and face made for a relaxing experience, as did the buzzing body. The reviewer who had the largest dosage felt a bit more mentally-stilted than the others, staying in that slightly spacey, stare-at-nothing type of state for much of the first hour. The others reported a less heavy feeling during this period, one that left them able to function if needed, and overall elevating the mood and making for a placid, smiley mood overall. Regardless, the main feelings began to decline around 1 hour, leaving behind either a smooth relaxation, or a deep one, largely depending upon dosage. One reviewer who did the review late fell asleep at the 1.5 hour mark, earlier than normal for him, and awoke feeling wonderful, so we believe there are some sleep aid properties to this one for sure.

We always have a place for moderately potent Indica strains in our lives, and this strain fit that bill perfectly, signaling its Afghani roots in smell, flavor, and effect. Though not overtly potent except right at the beginning, this strain had good "torque" and kept up at a fairly high level

Critical Mass Strain Review

Critical Mass is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica, 20% sativa) with high CBD content and a medium to high THC levels. It’s most well known for its massive buds, and the truly powerful body-numbing impact.

History and Makeup

Critical Mass is a cross between Afghani Indica and Skunk #1 with a medium to high THC content that ranges from 19% to 22%. It gained popularity in California on the medical marijuana scene and was praised for its high cannabinoid content.

Critical Mass is often referred to as a descendant of Big Bud, which is also a cross of Afghani Indica and Skunk #1. It makes a certain amount of sense, considering that both are gifted with excessively large buds covered in glistening trichomes. The goal of reworking Big Bud would have been to make a more stable cannabis strain with the signature massive buds of its forefather. Critical Mass is certainly stable (which will be discussed more in the Growing Critical Mass Section), and absolutely has those big ol’ gorgeous buds.

Growing Critical Mass

Everyone wants to grow Critical Mass, and with good reason.

First off, this strain has an impressively high yield. In fact, that’s where this plant got its name: for the critical mass its buds reach that results in them snapping under their own weight. Growers who have cultivated this strain might have the pleasure of walking into their grow room to find stems littering the floor because of the sheer weight. A few statistics to back up the high yield: growing Critical Mass indoors tends to produce 27-ounces per square meter, with 12-ounces per square meter when grown outside.

Not only is the yield high, but Critical Mass is resistant to most diseases, as well as insects such as mites. However, its large, dense buds make it susceptible to mold and rot. Keeping the moisture in your grow environment to a minimum should help to reduce the mold and rot likelihood. Critical Mass also prefers a hotter, dryer climate regardless.

This marijuana strain takes around 8 to 9 weeks to flower when cultivated indoors, and can be harvested around the middle of September if grown outdoors. Additionally, this kush strain has a significant growth range of 32-inches to 80-inches. Most growers report it being a mid-height plant, though.

Aesthetic and Flavor

Critical Mass is a lovely green color, with subtle purple tones streaked throughout its leaves. Its buds are incredibly dense and are covered in beautiful frosty crystals.
Walking into a grow room of Critical Mass is like walking into a solid wall of deliciously pungent skunk. Interestingly, the intense, skunky smell doesn’t necessarily translate to its smoke. Lighting up will fill a room with a sweet, earthy scent with citrus tones mixed in. It makes one feel like you’re walking through a slightly pungent, hazy forest right after a rain.
Critical Mass’s flavor is very similar to its scent. An earthy, pungent taste pings each of your taste buds. A citrus, almost honeydew sweetness lingers on the tongue after each exhale.


Moving from one state to another was possibly one of the most stressful events of my life, and simultaneously the reason I was introduced to the holy grail of relaxation that is Critical Mass.
After about three days of driving, then unpacking all my crap, I was craving a night of relaxation. It seemed like the perfect time to try out some Critical Mass.
It took a few minutes for the full impact to hit. When it did, the relaxation was intense. I went from having my shoulders located somewhere by my ears, to my muscles turning into wonderfully stoned jelly. The high lasted for as long as it took to rewatch the first two Harry Potter movies. I felt euphoric and giggly the whole time and enjoyed myself immensely. I’d been having issues falling asleep since my head was stuffed to the brim with stress. With Critical Mass, that wasn’t an issue whatsoever.

I definitely had a case of both dry eyes and dry mouth, which are common side effects with this strain. But both were easily dealt with. I also experienced some mild dizziness when I got up from the couch too quickly.
Critical Mass has the potential to be quite overwhelming. Because of this, I’d advise first time stoners to take it slow with this strain. As always, if you have a mental illness, be aware of how much high THC-content-cannabis you’re consuming. Those with anxiety might experience more anxiety if you’re not careful. If you are careful, however, the results can be wonderfully calming.

Medical Benefits of Critical Mass

Critical Mass is often recommended at medical cannabis dispensaries as a way to relieve chronic pain due to its intense body-numbing properties. The high CBD levels create a strong body high that leaves you feeling relaxed. Additionally, those who are struggling with stress or anxiety might find the lazy, sedate feeling that Critical Mass has to be extremely useful. I was dealing with some stress-related insomnia at the time I dipped my toe into Critical Mass. True to its description as a sleep aid, I was able to get to sleep easier than I had all week.

Wrapping Up Critical Mass

Critical Mass has some big ol’ buds that make growing it a dream. It’s also well known for its powerful, body-numbing, relaxing effect. If you’re looking to relieve insomnia, set a stressful mind at ease, or relieve a depressive slump, Critical Mass might just be for you!

Critical Mass is an indica dominant hybrid with high CBD levels and medium to high THC. Learn more about the benefits of this strain in our full review.