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Smart Pots and Fabric Pots

Fabric Grow Bags 101

Fabric pots, also known as grow bags, cloth pots or the brand name ‘Smart pots’, are soft-sided, aeration containers, designed to enhance the root structure of your plants. All fabric pot brands we sell work on the same premise, allowing maximum oxygen flow to the root ball. These pots have been scientifically proven through university studies to create an intensely branched rooting structure. Healthy roots result in more leafage and flowers, stronger resistance to disease and pests, as well as improving growth rate due to higher nutrient uptake. Additionally, the aeration effect will also help keep temperatures down, lowering stress levels on the plant. Typically cloth pots will last between 4 and 6 growing seasons depending on environmental conditions. Cloth pots can be used for seedlings all the way to full size trees. To clean, simply allow them to dry and shake out the dirt. They can be machine-washed but do NOT machine dry them. For over 25 years fabric pots have been proving themselves both in university testing and real world use.

What sizes do Fabric Pots come in and what are their dimensions?
As we stated above Smart Pots is a brand name commonly used to refer to all fabric grow bags. The Smarts Pots brand was the original creator of this aeration container and developed the most common sizes which nearly all other brands follow. Below is a guide to the common sizes.

What are Smart Pot Dimensions?

Wholesale Fabric Pot Orders – Do you offer custom pricing?
Our prices on Smart Pots and all our grow bag product lines are some of the very best prices in the country. For large orders we encourage you to shop around because we are confident you will come back and order with us. If you have an order amount which is higher than 3k we encourage you to contact us for updates on regional availability and the possibility of lower wholesale pricing.

Can Smart Pots be reused?
Absolutely, all our fabric pots can be reused and this is one of the reasons they are such a good investment. Commercial growers have found under the ideal conditions these containers can be used upwards of 10 years. Between grows simply empty the pots, shake out the dry dirt and then they are ready to be reused.

Fabric pots vs. regular plastic pots
Fabric containers are an aeration container allowing air movement through the rooting zone of your plants. This prevents root wrapping and develops large branchy rooting systems. Regular plastic pots on the other hand do not allow this aeration through the rooting zone that can lead to root wrapping or root rot in the case of overwatering. Remember aeration will increase water usage and nutrient uptake through your plants so be prepared for some extra watering with fabric grow bags.

Smart Pots and Ebb Flow Systems
Fabric containers work great in Ebb and Flow systems also known as flood and drain. The water can actually move through the fabric of the pot and into your plants rooting system. The construction of fabric pots does not deteriorate rapidly when saturated with water on a consistent basis.

What size orders qualify for free shipping?
Due to our low prices and the prices charged by our suppliers we cannot offer all Smart Pot orders with free shipping. Orders over $4000 however do qualify for free shipping. Competitor websites which offer free shipping on their pots have much higher prices in order to cover shipping expenses. Keep this in mind when shopping around.

Are aeration containers worth it?
That is a difficult question for us to answer because all growers have their own conditions. We can say without a doubt, that university testing has proven growing with aeration containers does produce larger, healthier plants. Again, it is up to each individual grower to decide whether the expense is worth it to them.

Do you sell used fabric pots?
We do not offer used pots. All our pots are new and unused condition.

How about Smart Pots drainage?
Grow bags are made of a specialized material that allows water and air to move freely through the fabric of the container allowing them to have excellent drainage capabilities.

What are some Smart Pot benefits?
Temperature control, air pruning, increased root branches, increased nutrient uptake, easy to store when not in use, long life serviceability, typically larger plants and higher yields.

What is the best brand of fabric pots?
There is no easy answer, everyone has their own preference. We can tell you the Smart Pot brand is the originator and the only brand which is made in the United States. The other brands such as Gro Pro and Hydrofarms Dirt Pots have similar construction but are made in China. According to Gro Pro they have been producing their grow bags in China since 2007 and have not had a reported commercial growing failure in that time.

Smart Pots and Fabric Pots Fabric Grow Bags 101 Fabric pots, also known as grow bags, cloth pots or the brand name ‘Smart pots’, are soft-sided, aeration containers, designed to enhance the

Fabric Pots

Fabric Pots

Breathable cloth or fabric pots are sometimes preferred due to the increased airflow around your plant’s root system resulting in more vigorous plant growth for your garden. Fabric pots, also known as fabric grow pots or fabric plant pots, are also lighter in weight and often machine washable as well as easier to store when not in use. We have the best fabric pots in all gallon sizes beating out prices from Home Depot and Lowes. Many of our fabric pots, plant pots, grow bags, smart pots and garden pots are machine washable and easy to clean between garden harvests.

  • Fabric pots offer better soil aeration
  • Fabric pots have superior drainage
  • Fabric pots allow for air pruning of roots
  • Fabric pots encourage more beneficial bacteria
  • Fabric pots will allow your plants a cooler root zone
  • Fabric pots are flush friendly, and often machine washable

Popular fabric pot brands we carry: Smart Pots, Common Culture, GeoPots, Go Pro Pots, Root Pots, Dirt Pots, Hydrofarm, and Root Maker.

What Are Fabric Pots?

Fabric pots and planters were made as an alternative option to ceramic, plastic and clay pots that traditionally don’t optimize plants root zone oxygenation. Fabric pots started to become popular in the shrub and tree industry as they were easy to fill, store, and plants grew faster in them. These fabric planters gained a lot of popularity making their way into hydroponics, aquaponics, nurseries, farms, commercial growing operations and home gardens worldwide.

Should I Use Black or Tan Fabric Pots?

Both black and tan fabric pots are made of the same material. Many gardeners have said that tan fabric pots keep the root zone cooler than black pots. In practice, we’ve found this to be false. In testing tan pots were 0.02 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than black pots, making it not statistically significant enough to even say there is a difference between the two. At the end of the day, we recommend buying whatever color you’d prefer to see in your garden whether those fabric pots are black, tan, green, red, or purple!

How Are Fabric Pots Different Than Plastic Pots?

Fabric planters allow for much more aeration through the root zone of the plants in your garden. Fabric pots prevent roots from wrapping around the edge of your pot, which can cause plants to be root bound. Being root bound can cause negative consequences for your plant. The symptoms can often look similar to under-watered plants. The plant can wilt or have yellow/brown leaves, especially near the bottom of the plant. That can also cause stunted growth. Fabric pots arrow plants to air prune their roots and develop a more regular root system. Often you will see higher water usage and nutrient uptake with fabric pots. This is a good thing!

Fabric containers allow more air to pass through the root zone, meaning bigger, better, healthier roots! Find them here.