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How to Grow Weed In A Closet – No Smell, No Worry

Are you looking to grow your own marijuana but don’t have the space or the privacy for an outdoor grow? Well thankfully if you get a little crafty, and are willing to test a few methods, you’ll be able to grow weed inside your closet!

Growing weed in your closet isn’t as simply and methodical as a traditional outdoor grow, and it does involve you getting a bit inventive, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a viable solution!

You might be wondering, can you grow weed in a closet and if so, how do you grow weed in a closet?

Well in this guide below we’ll be running you through our exact process on how to grow marijuana in a closet without upsetting your neighbors or smelling up your house or apartment!

What Are The Difficulties With Growing in a Closet?:

One of the main difficulties involved with a closet grow is simply the lack of circulation. Cannabis grows require quite a bit of fresh air and air movement, and of course a closet isn’t the best at that. Along with this, cannabis plants of course require “sunlight” or at least an artificial light to help stimulate the natural flowering process of the plant, and obviously you don’t get this in a closet.

So how do you solve this?

Thankfully indoor grows are nothing new to cannabis, you just have to be a bit more picky when you’re dealing with close quarters. In our process below we’ll specify what you’ll need, what type of seeds are best, how long it takes, and everything else you’ll need to grow cannabis inside your closet.

How Big of A Closet Do I Need?:

Growing weed in a closet is designed to be a small space grow solution. But just how big of a closet do you actually need?

You can get flexible based on the size of the closet you’re working with, but you’ll definitely need enough space for your grow lights – the lights I used are around 12 inches long by 9 inches wide, and they’ll need to be hung up, so you’ll need space for these to hang.

Along with this, you’ll need to have space for your containers which hold your plants and enough vertical space for the plant to grow uninterrupted.

Usually my plants are around 36 inches – 48 inches high, so generally a normal sized closet will be suffice for this.

Of course the bigger the closet the more plants you’ll be able to grow, but if you have a small closet you should still be able to fit at least one plant.

That being said, when you are dealing with a tiny closet, you’ll need to be sure that you focus on ventilation because small spaces makes it difficult for the plants to get the proper air circulation they need. But this can be solved by a proper set up.

Equipment Needed For a Closet Grow:

Below is the following equipment that we use and we recommend for your cannabis closet set up:

    A closet that is at least 36 inches wide by

24 inches deep. Most full sized closets are bigger than this, so you should be fine.

  • A proper LED grow light – We use the 1000W LED Grow Light by BESTVA
  • Clothing hangers or clips to attach the grow lights to the top of the closet.
  • 3 Gallon Plant Grow Bags by VIVOSUN
  • Soil – we use perlite soil
  • Cannabis seeds – check out our guide on seed banks to buy some seeds online.
  • Flower outlet timer to help track flowering and timing.
  • Provided airflow via this CLOUDLINE T4 grow tent ventilation system along with TerraBloom 4″ tubing.
  • If you have a small oscillating fan, I would recommend using it as well.
  • VIVOSUN 4 Air Carbon Filter for the smell.
  • Optional –OdorStop HEPA Air Purifier if you’re worried about the smell.
  • AcuRite Temperature and Humidity Gauge.
  • FoxFarm Big Bloom Nutrients
  • Okay, now that we’ve gotten through all the things you need, now it’s time to get into the exciting bit, and get to the step by step guide!

    Step 1: Setting Up Grow Lights:

    As mentioned earlier, you’ll have no grow if you don’t have any grow lights.

    We personally use the 1000W’s by BESTVA. I really like these lights and they have higher Wattages if you have more space available.

    You can technically use other types of lighting, but LED are much more stable, much more cost effective, doesn’t produce as much heat and much more energy efficient, so they’re always my go to. This specific grow light is also easy to install which makes it a breeze to set up.

    Each light will have it’s own directions on how far away it has to be from the plants, so you’ll just have to keep this in mind as your attaching your grow lights to your closet. I personally attach them via wire to my wire clothes racks and then adjust the height accordingly.

    Step Two: Setting Up Your Plants and Grow Medium:

    When you’re growing weed in a small space such as a closet, you have to think about space and how big of containers your plants will be in. I personally use the 3 gallon grow bags from VIVOSUN for once the plants are past the nursery stage.

    If you’re germinating the seeds yourself, then definitely use the paper towel method. Once the seeds are germinated, then I typically start them off in a red solo cup until the plants are a few inches high, then I transfer them into the 3 gallon grow bags with additional soil.

    That being said, when you’re picking your strain, I would definitely recommend you choose a shorter height strain, just because you don’t have as much space as you would if you grew them outside. Generally speaking, autos-flower strains are usually under 36 inches in height, so they’re usually a good choice.

    Step Three: Setting Up Ventilation and Carbon Filter:

    One of the most important things about a closet grow is ensuring that you have proper ventilation, air flow and odor control. Cannabis plants need fresh air to grow and since closets are so tight you need a system to help bring in fresh air and keep the air circulating.

    Along with this, if you’re growing in a closet you probably don’t want your neighbors finding out or your house smelling, so by using a carbon filter, you’ll really help to keep the odor down.

    I personally like to use an oscillating fan along with CLOUDLINE T4 ventilation system and I’ve had no issues. The nice thing about this ventilation system is that it’s designed specifically for closets and grow tents.

    During this time you should also set up your temperature and humidity gauge, I advise putting it in an easy to read position, so you can check it at a glance.

    Step Four: Tending To Your Plants:

    Now that you have your closet grow set up, you can start focusing on the actual growth of your plants, and get you one step closer to harvesting. I generally advise to check on your grow at least once in the morning and once at night to ensure that temperature and humidity is ideal, and all the fans and exhaust are working properly.

    Check out our guide on getting bigger buds while growing to help you with the day to day maintenance and care for a cannabis grow.

    Step Five: Harvesting:

    Just like an outdoor grow, harvesting your plant is the most exciting and rewarding part of the whole process. Harvesting a closet grow is just like an outdoor grow, and you’ll need to trim and cure the buds before being able to consume!

    Final Thoughts on Growing Cannabis in your Closet:

    Overall, your first closet grow can be a bit overwhelming. You do need a bit of equipment to get it all set up, but thankfully you can reuse all the equipment in future closet grows, and the investment is definitely worth the effort!

    The actually process might seem complicated, but once you have your first grow under your belt, it actually gets much easier and allows you to experiment with different set ups and see what works best for your! Please leave a comment below if you have any specific questions with your closet grow!

    How to Grow Weed In A Closet – No Smell, No Worry Are you looking to grow your own marijuana but don’t have the space or the privacy for an outdoor grow? Well thankfully if you get a little

    How to Grow Weed in A Closet

    How to Grow Weed in A Closet

    The marijuana plant is known for being widely consumed and grown, but it can be quite a challenge to coax this plant into its full bloom. This is especially true when it is being grown at home. Yes, you can grow weed at home, but there are several factors that influence its growth. Some of these factors include lighting, air flow, temperature, growth techniques, nutrients and more. For beginners, this could be quite an intimidation. If you want to grow weed in your closet and you are not certain how to do this, read on. Let’s get started.

    The Setup

    The first thing you do is to choose your setup. You have a few options, but mainly the closed loop system or high CFM system, which means that you must select the best lighting option, and the right space. You also have to be aware of how hydroponic systems work and the nature of the soil that you will use. Other things to consider are surfaces easy to clean, proper water supply, reflective walls and sufficient lighting. You also need the ideal space to organize your tools and room for ample growth and consistent air flow. Choose the appropriate device so you can monitor the humidity and temperature.

    The Germination Phase

    For thriving germination, get all the materials needed to transform your cannabis seeds into marijuana sprouts. Of course, a medium will be needed for the marijuana seeds. You will also need a water basin, humidity dome, pH testing kit, seedling tray, TDS pen and a heat mat for your seedlings. Assemble all these materials and get started. You will also need to know how to change the pH in the water supply for added stability. Inspect the marijuana seeds and get rid of the worse ones before you start planting. Be sure that the environment encourages the growth of your seedlings. This is an important phase in how to grow weed in a closed environment. Give it a few days before checking back to see how your cannabis seeds are doing.

    The Transplanting Phase

    Now that your cannabis seeds are successfully germinated, it is time to do your transplanting. When you grow weed in a closet in your home, it will need to be transplanted after germination. It is pretty much taking your marijuana plants from its toddler stage to a teenager stage. When you germinate and transplant your seeds, it saves on water, supplies and nutrients. Find the right space to accommodate your fully grown plants.

    The Nutrients

    Nutrients are essential to successful growth of marijuana plants. If you grow weed in your home, you still need to use the right nutrients. If you want your plants to grow and survive successfully, you should use mineral and non-mineral nutrients like phosphorous, carbon, calcium, potassium, hydrogen, copper, chloride, oxygen, zinc, born and sulfur. There are different nutrient requirements for a hydroponic system and the soil based system. You also have to pay attention to your plants so they don’t suffer from nutrient deficiency.

    The Vegetative Stage

    You also need to know the various stages of how to grow weed and one of this is the vegetative stage. This is one of the most important stages in the growing process. During this stage, you have to make the right decisions for your marijuana plant. For example, the length of your vegetative stage will be determined by getting the setup done right in the beginning. During the vegetative stage, you have to ensure wise pruning, regular watering schedule, sufficient lighting, enough nitrogen and potassium and good airflow.

    Final Thoughts

    Other areas of importance include cloning your marijuana plants, if you want to abandon the germination phase. When the vegetative stage has been completed, then you will be armed with the right steps to deal with the flowering stage so you can be ready for harvest. Learn more about how to grow weed in a closet by visiting the Cannabis Training University.

    Find out how you can grow weed in your closet. You will have to know exactly how to create that unique growing system so that you can get a good harvest.