clementines have seeds

Clementines full of seeds! Whas up wit tat?

Eck! Last two boxes of clementines have been full of seeds. Roxy brand from Spain but no other info on the box. Waited for the produce manager at the store but he never came around so I had to leave.

Aren’t clementines supposed to be seedless? These are awful. having such a little thing be full of seeds makes them basically edible. I can’t give them to the kids.

Anybody notice the same?

Here in Spain clementines (clementinas) have always been full of seeds so that’s why I have never bought them.

I buy mandarins or other types of oranges that I know are seedless.

I seem to find them both ways – sometimes with seeds, sometimes without!

I think the seeded ones have more flavor, but YMMV. But I’d hardly call them inedible. Is it really that big a deal?

Thanks, Sharon and Goldgirl! That is interesting, CB. I will look for mandarins.

I found this description on Wiki:

They are very easy to peel, like a tangerine, but lack the tangerine’s seeds. Clementines are also known as seedless tangerines, although occasionally they do contain a few seeds.

I was just wondering if it was a fluke or others have found the same thing. I have gotten the occasional seed before but not like this with 4 or 5 seeds in one segment which does make them edible. They do make a great snack for school because they are easy to peel and “usually” seedless. This was the last two times. I don’t mind seeds in a larger orange.

Any that I have bought have had seeds. I would love to get hold of some without!

‘Clementine’ is one specific cultivar (the more appropriate word for “variety”) of mandarin (yes, synonymous with tangerine).

But the word “clementine” has almost become a generic word for any good-sized mandarin available during the winter time. Much like the word “Roma” (originally a specific cultivar of tomato that was the ultimate in paste tomatoes) is used for those tasteless, squarish little tomatoes now sold in the supermarket.

‘Clementine’ is not exactly “seedless” but it does have fewer seeds than most other, common tangerines. ‘Dancy’, ‘Honey’, ‘Kara’, and ‘Owari’ (one of the “satsumas”) are the more common ones grown in the U.S.. If it’s from Spain, it could be any number of other tangerines/mandarins.

Most mandarins often have few seeds one year (almost seedless) to lots of seed the next.

I was reading something, somewhere, last night about legislation that was just passed in California. Beekeepers have to register the locations of their hives, so that mandarin growers can monitor hives that come within 2 miles of their groves. If bees come too close, the growers can ask them to move the hives. Quite a controversy.

When I was in Spain the clementines were seedless. and when I was in Italy during March, the clementines were seedless. and when I have them at home they are seedless. but for once, I had a couple from one box that had seeds.
Take them back!
Linda C

My boss just bought a box recently. On Friday I was cutting them up for her 10 month old daughter, (she loves them) and I too, was surprised by the seeds.Previous ones from the same box were seedless. I spent quite a bit of time digging out those seeds, but seeing Brielle wouldn’t eat the rest of her lunch, I figured clementines would be a good alternative. She can eat them faster than I can cut the segments into 4s. Hehe.

The ones we get here have about 6 or more seeds in every clementine so they are a real nuisance to eat unless you’re standing outside and can just keep spitting the seeds into the garden LOL.

Oh my darlin, oh my darlin, oh my darlin Clementines, you were once nearly seedless now your chock full all the time.

virginia has it right. The mandarins and clementines are self-fruitful and then don’t produce seeds. If bees get into the grove and pollinate the flowers then there will be seeds. She is right there is big controversy here because the bee keepers need the citrus flowers to keep their bees fed in-between several crops. and, how do you tell a bee “Ok you can go here, but don’t cross the road and go over there.”

I try to buy only very tiny clementines. These little ones (usually they come in a mesh bag, not a box) have been consistently sweet, juicy, and seedless.

And speaking of Mandarins. I never seem to find the grown in Japan ones anymore which leaves only the Chinese grown ones and I’m not buying them anymore. The Japanese grown Mandarins were usually tastier and slightly more expensive. About 2 weeks ago the A&P had mini-mandarins, never seen them before and I put a box in the cart then realizing they were from China and so I put them back.

Brielle. used to be a lovely town on the Jersey shore. I hear it has become commercialized and industrialized.
But I digress. eating Texas grapefruit for dinner. nearly seedless and yummy!

Lol Linda, I don’t believe that is how lil Brielle got her name. In fact her mom tends to call her Brie, and refers to her as her little petit fromage. I do know, however, her mom, who works in marketing, ran a marketing test with her colleagues to help choose the name.

Eck! Last two boxes of clementines have been full of seeds. Roxy brand from Spain but no other info on the box. Waited for the produce manager at the store but he never came around so I had to leave. Aren't clementines supposed to be seedless? These are awful…having such a little thing be full of …

Do mandarins or clementines have seeds?

Last Updated: 11th June, 2020

In this regard, are mandarins and clementines the same?

Mandarins are a class of oranges that are flatter on both ends, have a mild flavour and are very easy to peel. Tangerines and clementines are mandarins. Mandarins are usually available from November until March. Clementines are the smallest member of the mandarin family and are seedless.

are all mandarin oranges seedless? But what all mandarin oranges have in common is their easily peeled skin. The four main varieties, Herbst writes, are clementine, dancy, satsuma and tangerine. The clementine has sweet, red-orange flesh, a thin peel and is usually seedless. Dancy oranges are much like clementines but have lots of seeds.

In respect to this, do clementine oranges have seeds?

Clementines are Not Truly Seedless During the early part of the season the Clementine variety is the type of mandarin you find in Halos or Cuties packaging. This variety isn’t actually seedless. If left to grow on it’s own you would find seeds in the fruit.

Do Imperial mandarins have seeds?

Good flavour, a few seeds and a strong growing tree. Fruit ripens mid winter, after the Imperial. To harvest mandarins over a longer period, plant both an Imperial and Emperor. It is a fantastic mandarin for the kids, with large fruit, puffy skin, making it easy to peel, mild flavour and no seeds.

Clementines are a small, sweet type of mandarin orange. The main difference between mandarins and clementines is that clementines are seedless while mandarins have seeds. Loose skin makes both clementines and all mandarins easy to peel.