chinook seeds

Chinook seeds

Based in Austin, Texas – Chinook Seedery’s master roasters craft sunflower seeds with perfection in mind. The other guys might produce more seeds quicker, but we take the time to make your seeding experience the best it can be.

The seeds you’ve always wanted.

Large seeds, easily crackable shell, less salt, and meticulously seasoned to enhance the natural taste made by nature.

At Chinook, seeding is a pastime we pair with our favorite activities – on the playing field, road-tripping, on the job, or lounging on the couch. We don’t settle for mediocre seeds with questionable ingredients.

  • Less salt, All the flavor
  • No MSG, Artificial Colors, or Trans Fats
  • Non-GMO Verified & Gluten Free
  • Crafted in small batches
Snacktivity of Champions

No matter what your adventure, having a bag of Chinook nearby keeps you fueled for success. There’s just something about cracking and spitting seeds that puts you in a winning mindset. Carpe Diem – Seeds the day.

No Sandpaper Tongue

We love a salty snack, but c’mon, man! What’s with the salty burn? Each batch of Chinook seeds has just enough sea salt to enhance flavor and replenish those electrolytes you sweat out in a doubleheader. You can eat our seeds all day without tearing up your mouth.

Small-Batch Seeds, Craft Flavors

Chinook Seedery creates unique flavors from real foods and spices. That means real parmesan cheese, authentic Hatch chiles, freshly harvested dill, and a whole lot of ‘Woah’, those just might be the best seeds ever.

Made in the USA

Our products are free of MSG and gluten, and always non-GMO verified. From field to pouch, we keep our seeds just as nature intended (just a little bit tastier if we do say so ourselves).

Chinook Seedery Premium Sunflower Seeds, Small Batch, Non-GMO, Parmesan & Pepper Flavor, 4oz, Pack of 6

Chinook Seedery Review | The Best Seeds You’ve Never Heard Of

Running a baseball and softball bat site brings with it a few perks, not the least of which is speaking with ancillary baseball products. Chinook Seedery is one of our more recent finds. They make, as you can guess, large sunflower seeds in a handful of unique flavors. They hooked us up with a few bags and we’ve been pounding them ever since. Here is a little diddy on our experience and favorites.

Chinook Seedery Flavors Table

Chinook Seedery Table of Contents

The best place to look is directly on the Chinook Seedery site. There you’ll find more information on their process and customer commitment. Buying from them directly, instead of through the Amazon links above, is the less expensive way to go. We realize, however, people’s familiarity with Amazon is often enough of a selling point.

We do have a “best sunflower seeds” page. When we originally created it, we did not include Chinook in the voting simply because we didn’t know they existed. They are now added and we will see how they do.

Chinook Seedery Overview

Chinook produces six types of sunflower seeds. They are, in no particular order, Smokehouse BBQ, Hatch Green Chile, Dill Pickle, Parmesan and Pepper, Cinnamon Toast and Original. With the exception of the Dill Pickle (because we didn’t get any), we’ve snacked on each in copious amounts. The seeds are larger than we are used to in traditional David and Spitz brands. Chinook prides itself as a huge seed maker. According to their website these seeds are organic and GMO-free.

In terms of what we liked most, the order goes like this:

  • Parmesan & Pepper is our favorite. These may be the best sunflower seed we have ever had.
  • Smokehouse BBQ seeds are also really good.
  • Originals probably come in third, although original seed lovers will feel at home with these.
  • Hatch Green Chile’s are very good, too.
  • Cinnamon Toast were not our favorites, but we found ourselves eating them nonetheless.

The jury is still out on Dill Pickle because we have yet to try them. But, we suspect we would like them a lot.

Parmesan & Pepper

The Parmesan & Pepper Chinook Seedery seeds are not just our favorite of the entire Chinook Seedery line, but may be our favorite seeds ever. We submit we know what we are talking about as we have destroyed pounds and pounds of seeds in our day. And the Parmesan & Pepper are easily on the top shelf of our seed need pile.

Smokehouse BBQ

These could be our second most favorite seeds in the line. Real simple BBQ taste with monster seeds might convince you it is an occasional bite of steak. Throw in some Hatch Green Chile seeds with your handful of Smokehouse BBQ, and it’s like eating a fajita.

Cinnamon Toast

At first glance, a Cinnamon Toast sunflower seed sounds a bit odd, and that pretty well describes our experience. These were not our favorites. We are sure there are people that will like the sweet seed flavor for munching at a baseball game, but not us. Nothing about these taste bad, it just doesn’t line up with what we want out of a seed.

Dill Pickle

We did not get a chance to try the Dill Pickle. We would expect them to be pretty good considering it is one of our favorite flavors in other brands. Chinook’s larger seed type might make the experience even better.

Hatch Green Chile

The Hatch Green Chile seeds are very good. It recreates the branded Hatch Green Chile flavor very well and the spice is a good touch. Not too overbearing in its flavoring, we could pound these all days.


The Original Chinook Seedery seeds are just what you would expect from the original flavor. A very traditional salty taste and extra large seeds make these seeds an original lover’s go-to bag of spitters. As a kid, we loved the original flavor. Now, as more flavors have entered the market, we prefer something with a different taste than just salt. But, these Originals add volume and zing to any other bag in the Chinook line, and there is no shame in mixing and matching.

Our Chinook Seedery Review comes on the heels of hours of pounding these things. From the best sunflower seed flavor of Parmesan and Pepper to the weird. ]]>