cherry pie weed plant

Cherry Pie


The Cherry Pie strain has a mouth watering name and its other most attractive quality is its genetic heritage – a cross between two highly respected strains, Durban Poison and Grand Daddy Purple. Just to clear up any confusion, Cherry Pie also goes under the names Cherry Kush and Cherry Kush Pie.

Cherry Pie weed has a smell reminiscent of hash and pine forests and the flavor includes notes of fruit and spice. The high combines a pleasurable cerebral rush with a strong physical stone, although not so strong that you’ll be overwhelmed, making it good for day and night use. Medically, Cherry Pie can help with insomnia, poor appetite and stress.

Cherry Pie plants grow to a medium height with palmate leaves that are a mid-green colour. The dense, sticky buds are light green with purple tips and a covering of orange hairs. THC content ranges from 16 to 18 percent.

Indoors, Cherry Pie marijuana is equally happy to be grown in hydro or soil and it will benefit from a carefully controlled supply of nutrients. Flowering time is eight to nine weeks and yields are between 400 and 450 grams per square metre.

Outdoors, this strain requires a climate at least as warm as the Mediterranean to thrive. Harvest in the northern hemisphere comes in late October.

This is a well-balanced weed that’s quite easy to grow and features a pleasantly fruity flavor. The Cherry Pie strain also packs a powerful hit which even seasoned smokers will appreciate.

The easy to grow Cherry Pie strain will be popular with smokers who like their Kush strains to have a fruity flavour and be easy to grow.

What is the Cherry Pie Strain?

People with sweet-tooth and enjoy using weed, they will love the Cherry Pie Strain. It has a moderate and strong THC volume that depends on the cut you used. You will expect some punches too when taken to the THC level properly. The weed is a combination of scent and fragrance straight from baked goods in the kitchen with a mouth-watering flavor of cherry—the best treat you can have for all your senses.

Those in the Cannabis industry and experienced users surely have an idea of how Cherry Pie ever tasted and pleasantly smelled. Yes, it hasn’t won a lot of awards, but it was recognized and received the 3rd place finish during the High Time Cannabis Cup in 2014. If you are a fan of baked cherry pie goodies, you’ll be excited to try this sensational strain as well.

As defined, the weed is strongly an Indica dominant hybrid cherry pie (80%), which is a product of Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison. The strain is indeed a combination of both rockstar parents. It is a top-shelf quality, and you will not be disappointed in buying it, especially from the right sources.

Aside from giving users the pleasantly sweet and a sour flavor, it also has a concentration of high terpenes. It includes Myrcene, which is considered the most abundant one, Linalool also, Limonene, Beta-caryophyllene, and Alpha-pinene. It is said to have originated in the state of California and gained a lot of feedback to be a massive hit.

Cherry Pie Strain Characteristics

The flowers of Cherry Pie are often small in size, but there are medium ones as well. The characteristic and bud structure is like those predominantly Indica strains. The Leafly cherry pie is tightly curled and densely grouped in mossy green colors. They are perfectly threaded through with intense orange hairs colored pistils. Though some phenotypes of it have purple flashes on their leaves, this is because of the high concentration pigmentation on the plant’s different genes. It shows only during a cold temperature while in the growth process. Overall it’s a colorful bud you can see that is translucent in its white trichomes, which gives it a silver-shiny texture.

When compared to its parent’s genetics, the nugs of Cherry Pie are much denser compared to the Durban Poison. The shape of the weed is not as those with Grand Daddy Purple. But it’s a good quality strain like its parents. You will never experience a crumbling danger in your hands while holding it. The overall look of the plant is derived from Durban’s genes because you mostly see the color orange hairs and forestry green leaves, which can be associated with the characteristics of Durban too.

In terms of smell, you won’t get surprised because it came from its name itself. It tastes and smells like a freshly baked pie with cherry flavor on it. It fills the room with a gorgeous tangy aroma, combining all flavors of cherries or blueberries, plus earthy spices. If you also tasted strawberry cough strain, the berry flavor comes out like this one of Cherry Pie too.

Users who smoke the Cherry Pie are often stunned with its piney taste too, which can be tasted from its first toke. But eventually, the cherry pie sweetness comes along and gives out a very delectable smoke with cherry flavor that remains on the user’s tongue. If you’re a beginner, you’ll experience the cough because of the spicy taste, but overall, it’s less pie and more cherry to taste on it.

Cherry Pie can help take away all the stress you’re feeling, but it is not recommended to cure insomnia. It’s worth considering though with anxiety and stress-related symptoms. It can elevate a mood, which became the reason why it was also recommended to people who are suffering from depression.

It is considered the most potent among all strains and is often prescribed for people in treating migraines, muscle pain, nerve pain, headaches, and even PMS. But there are other strains aside from cherry pie marijuana that also provide the same health benefits like the purple haze strain and sherbet strain. It can increase your appetite also. Therefore if you are having a low appetite or any other illness associated with it, then this medical marijuana or marijuana strain is a must-try too.

Cherry Pie is a talented hybrid that is highly-potent, but easy on the THC level. It's popular due to its cherry-like and boasting sweet and sour flavors.