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21 Creative Cheesecake Wedding Cakes That Are Anything But Cheesy

From the traditional favorite to designs made with wheels of cheese.


There are plenty of couples who feel that cake just isn’t their thing. And typically, alternatives such as cookies, pies, brownies, and donuts have been showing up on dessert tables to offer something a little different. But what if you have no sweet tooth at all? Enter: cheesecake wedding cakes.

While a traditional cheesecake first comes to mind, there’s also another iteration of this cake alternative. The new take? Tiered cakes made from wheels of cheese is the perfect way to incorporate that traditional stacked cake look, all while offering something different and wildly delicious.

Meet the Expert

Aleah and Nick Valley are the founders of Valley & Company Events, a wedding and event planning, design, and floral company based in Seattle, Washington.

“Keeping the tradition of a wedding cake but putting a personal stamp on the ceremony by serving a stacked cheese cake is a fun and creative way to show off the style and likes of a couple,” says Aleah and Nick Valley, founders of Valley & Company Events.

How to Set-Up a Wheel Cheesecake For Your Wedding

In choosing cheeses for your cake, think about varieties that are a bit firmer. “Cheeses that are a bit firmer are successful because they hold up well and allow for stacking. If a couple loves a good triple creme brie or an herbed chèvre, we suggest saving that for the top tier as it will be much softer,” says Aleah and Nick Valley

Be sure to consider smellier cheeses and consider how those scents or flavors might interfere with others in the stack, and consider how you might decorate each wheel to complete the look. “What’s even more elevated is dressing the cheese cake display with seasonal fruits,” says Aleah and Nick Valley. “Whether it’s champagne grapes, figs, citrus, or stone fruits to complement the display, getting ultra-creative and bountiful with the accompanying presentation can be so memorable and fun!”

Serving a tiered cheese cake may require a bit of planning ahead of time, as it’s not quite the same as a traditional cake cutting. Aleah and Nick Valley suggest that the tiered cake is divided into smaller cheese blocks or wheels to serve to guest tables. Pair your cheeses with artisanal crackers, fresh fruits, fig jam, and honey to enhance the presentation and experience.

With so many choices, luckily, we’ve put together some cheesy inspiration to whet your appetite. Read on for 21 cheesecake wedding cakes—from traditional recipes to new on-the-wheel iterations—that will delight your guests.

Keep It Traditonal

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Love cheesecake? There’s no reason to stray from the forever favorite! This tiered creation is decorated with a drizzle of chocolate, raspberries, and gorgeous pink roses, proving that you can have your cake and eat it too.

Want an alternative to a traditional wedding cake? Consider serving a cheesecake wedding cake made the traditional way—or with wheels of cheese.

Tiered wedding cheesecakes

Because fruit cake is so last year!

Tiered wedding cheesecakes

Our wedding cakes come as 3 Tier (40 Servings), 4 Tier (100 Servings) and 5 Tier (140 Servings). We can also provide additional 8” cakes to cater for extra numbers if required.

All cakes include FREE silver cake boards and stand, which you will get to keep. And, what’s more, we’ll also refund you the cost of your sample cake, if you go on to purchase your wedding cheesecake from us.

Wedding Cheesecake Cupcakes

Displayed on an innovative 5 tier tube stand, these individual cheesecake cupcakes bring a contemporary touch to weddings – fill the tube centre with some of our chocolate bags, or other sweet treats!

Light vanilla sponge cake made with mascarpone cheese, swirled with our special recipe cheesecake frosting and topped with a generous pool of salted caramel sauce and mini chocolate logs.

Wedding Cheesecake Minis

An individual rich creamy vanilla cheesecake using a classic New York recipe with a crunchy digestive biscuit base, baked to perfection topped with dulce de leche toffee & shortbread pieces drizzled with milk chocolate.

How it all works

We can deliver the wedding cake to a home address or direct to wedding venue but we do require delivery that takes place two days prior to your wedding date.

All our wedding cakes are delivered frozen and will need to be stored in a freezer and then be placed into a fridge to defrost approximately 18hrs prior to it needing to be presented or served. You will need to ensure that the venue can store your cake correctly from the point of delivery right through to the duration of your wedding.

The cake can’t be displayed for more than 20mins at room temperature so we usually advise that to use this time for the cutting ceremony. After this time we advise that the cake is returned to the fridge until it is time to serve the cake.

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