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The “Wine” of Chardonnay Hemp Strain

  • May 13, 2020
  • Strain Review

The Chardonnay hemp strain is a mixture of Black Rose and the Cherry Wine exemplified in its strong sweet savors of strawberry rhubarb jam with a candied raspberry on top. Chardonnay stands tall with Cherry Wine for the potent terpene profile. It is a hemp strain with strong purple at the time of harvest. A majority of Chardonnay seeds test at a nice high of 13% CBD and within the legal .3% THC level.

Chardonnay in The Beginning

The Black Roses and Cherry Wine parents birthed the now iconic Chardonnay. It is iconic because of its span of popularity for both day and nighttime users. The parent strains may both be indica-dominant, but the Black Roses hemp strain is the parent that lends the terpenes giving the calming effects of Chardonnay hemp strain. Now to the other parent of Cherry Wine that shines in with heighten alertness without overstimulating the brain.

“Wining Up” the Experience

Relaxing and uplifting; stable and subtle; elevating but steady are all characteristics of Chardonnay hemp strain. The effects are timed well just like a rightly aged fine wine. Its first fragrance is of floral and fruity wafting through clouds of berry, pine, and cheese. This strain is a choice for seasoned CBD users looking for a holistic experience to envelop all the senses.

Chardonnay Hemp Strain Genetics

The Chardonnay CBD hemp strain contains four terpenes in moderate levels – Caryophyllene, Bisabolol, Myrcene and Guaiol. These terpenes help create a subtle refined date with a stunning bouquet of flavors, scents that lands with elegance. The notes of peach and cinnamon turn Chardonnay into a relaxing agent to chill poolside.

Color, Taste, Aroma

Sweet (Cherry Wine strain) and bitter (Black Roses) may take center stage in the Chardonnay experience but then they all blend together scattered hints of cheese and pepper for a full Chardonnay flavor profile. The Chardonnay hemp strain flavors are strong and can become even more potent if the nugs are stored in a sealed air-tight jar.

Chardonnay Hemp Strain Therapeutics

The strong CBD in the Chardonnay hemp strain helps to neutralize stress and racing thoughts so your mind can go to that happy place. It is not debilitating drowsiness but rather a gentle sleepiness that comes as a soft blanket enveloping you. It is just enough relaxed calm to have a relaxed enjoyment.

The therapeutic effects from Chardonnay are not widely documented except for the relaxed and focus state of mind and mood that it can provide. The effects are limited in regard to how the body is affected. Chardonnay benefits remain better the mental state.

My “Wine-Like” Conclusion

Deep and dark in color; bitter and strawberry sweet on the tongue all subtly turn to a rich earthy flavor and hard-hitting hemp flavors. Put it altogether with rhubarb and raspberries and the taste flows out to a close match to the wine it is named after.

The strong CBD in the Chardonnay hemp strain helps to neutralize stress and racing thoughts so your mind can go to that happy place with potent those nugs.