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Cannabis Basics Buy 5 of any product, get the 6th on us! Welcome to Hemp Basics & Cannabis Basics! Seattle’s Own, since 1995. The proud home of two beautifully distinct lines of Visit Canna Culture Shop! This boutique CBD store in Seattle full of all natural and organic products. Stocked with local art, apparel, glass and more!

Cannabis Basics

Buy 5 of any product, get the 6th on us!

Welcome to Hemp Basics & Cannabis Basics!

Seattle’s Own, since 1995. The proud home of two beautifully distinct lines of Cannabis topicals. 206-851-4367

Hemp Basics is Hemp Body Care

Hemp Basics’s Hemp Body Care line was established in 1994 with pioneering formulas and essential oil blends that still resonate today. We feature Omega rich and nutrient dense organic hempseed oil because it is the perfect oil to feed, nourish, and protect our skin. Enriched with hemp-derived CBD and is currently sold nationally and internationally. Contains no THC.

Cannabis Basics is CHABA

Our Cannabis Health and Beauty Aids (CHABA) utilize the goodness of organic hempseed oil and adds premium cannabis whole-plant infusions and extractions, rich in multiple cannabinoids and terpenoids. These products contain

Our Mission

We strive to enhance personal health and wellness by providing the highest quality cannabis topical applications available. Paramount to this mission is leading by example, setting standards, educating the public, removing the stigma of prohibition, and especially celebrating this most sacred, most useful plant.

Our Promise

To use the freshest, most natural, botanical ingredients. We buy locally and organically whenever possible. We use only essentials oils, natural preservatives and never test on animals.

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What We Do

Organic Hempseed Oil, Premium hemp extracts and Premium Cannabis have synergetic relationships that are the foundation of our formulas. We blend these elements with other powerful botanicals such as Echinacea, Tea Tree, Arnica Montana, Aloe, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E. to create localized topical therapeutic applications.

Cannabinoid Harvesting

At Cannabis Basics and Hemp Basics we use old-school fat infusion as well as ethanol and CO2 extraction methods. Prioritizing whole-plant harvesting we preserve the synergistic relationship of cannabinoids, terpenoids, lipids and chlorophyll.

Essential Oil Blends

Terpene blends from premium cannabis and/or high quality essential oils work in unison to create unparalleled delivery systems and therapeutic efficacy. Man-made fragrance oils are counter intuitive to natural care thus we use only pure essential oils.

These products are not approved by the FDA to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

CBD Oil Seattle

Our sister boutique is a lifestyle CBD store is located directly across the street from our dispensary. The Culture Shop offers a select inventory of all natural and organic CBD wellness products. Even CBD products for your pets!

All products are carefully selected. We only carry the best CBD products on the market. We seek products with quality ingredients, sustainably produced and affordable. These hemp derived CBD products contain under .03% to zero THC.

We also offer a variety of lifestyle items such as organic herbal supplements, elixirs, candles, art and stylish Canna apparel. Best of all we have a rotating inventory of affordable premium pipes, bongs, dab rigs and more.

Our staff is well educated CBD and other cannabinoids. Stop in and we can answer any of your questions. We can help guide you in purchasing the best wellness products for your needs.

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Canna West Seattle and The Culture Shop are also proud partners with the West Seattle Art Walk. Stop in anytime to check out a variety of amazing local art. If you’re interested in being featured at Canna for the WSAW, please email [email protected]

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