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Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit recreational drug in the world. The two main active components are THC and CBD. Buy organic CBD oil online or visit the Only Green CBD shop in Bristol for fresh plant-based food, juices, CBD coffee and other CBD products.

CBD Oil Bristol

(weed, marijuana, skunk, hash)

Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit recreational drug in the world. The two main active components are THC which produces the ‘high’ and CBD which is responsible for the relaxing properties of cannabis. Cannabis comes in many forms including buds or ‘flowers’, hash, oil and edibles.


  • Feeling drowsy
  • Feeling calm
  • Giggles
  • Increased appreciation of music
  • Mild visual and auditory hallucinations
  • Hunger (munchies)
  • Dry mouth and red eyes
  • Anxiety/paranoia
  • Nausea/vomiting (whitey)


Giving effective dosage information for cannabis is not possible due to high variability in the potency of cannabis products and preparations. The best advice is to start low and take it slow with every new batch you buy. Take a test dose with every new product you buy so you know what to expect.

The effects of cannabis will take around 2 minutes to kick in if smoked/vaped (and around 20-120 minutes if eaten, depending on your stomach contents) and will last 2-8 hours.

CBD Oil Bristol

Only Green is a sustainable CBD oil and lifestyle brand, encompassing everything in the green and CBD community. We’re passionate about wellness, plant-based food and sustainability and our CBD cafe & shop in Bristol is a testament to those values.

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We aim to share our passions by supplying organic and sustainable CBD oil with the market’s most compassionate pricing. From seed to shelf, we have an intimate knowledge of every stage in the supply chain. When buying from our online CBD shop or in-store, we guarantee the best organic products for our community. The OG range also includes CBD coffee from the volcanic slopes of Kilimanjaro and vegan CBD balm to aid joint pain and muscle recovery.

Whether you’re just starting your CBD journey or you’ve been using CBD for years, try out our oil and hemp wellness products from the online store. Alternatively, visit us at our CBD shop in Bristol for a coffee, some fresh plant-based food, juices or just a chat! For more information on CBD, please don’t hesitate to contact via email or phone through the contact us page as we are always willing to share our wealth of knowledge on the plant and its healing properties.

Canimed Features

Natural pain relief

The Benefits
of CBD Oil

Pain Relief

CBD oil can relieve
mild physical pain.

No Psychoactive Effects

Unlike THC, CBD has
no mind altering effects.

Reduce Anxiety & helps insomnia.

CBD oil can calm the body
& mind, helping anxiety and improving sleep.

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