cannabis smells like grass

Harvest: This is why we do it all…

Harvest time!

Your buds are ready for harvest, yet your job as a grower is not quite over yet.

Before you use your freshly harvested buds, you must prepare your buds with a process known as curing, which involves drying your buds slowly in a controlled environment.

Growers cure buds for many reasons. If you started with great genetics and you’ve taken care of your marijuana plants properly during their life, than curing is what will make the difference between “just okay” and trophy-worthy buds.

A big part of why buds from medical marijuana dispensaries or cannabis cups often seem so special is they have been expertly cured. People who have never experienced buds prepared this way will often be amazed by the smooth, pleasant experience of slow cured buds.

Why Do Growers Cure Buds After Harvest?

Here’s what drying and curing properly does for you…

Breaks down chlorophyll and dramatically improves taste of buds

Gets rid of the unpleasant “fresh hay” or “cut grass” smell which is common on newly harvested buds

Brings out the subtle flavors and unique smell of your cannabis strain

Reduces “harshness” in buds; you’re less likely to start coughing or get a headache

Buds are less likely to cause anxiety, racing thoughts, or paranoia

Increases storage time; you can store properly dried/cured buds for years and buds will retain most of their original potency

Reduces the chance of mold growing on your buds

Curing may also actually increase potency! Read on to learn more…

In most cases, a proper cure will change the subjective effects of buds. There is something that happens during a slow curing process which changes the exact composition of cannabinoids and terpenoids. This changes how buds make you feel.

Don’t believe me? Try smoking buds directly off the plant vs smoking those same buds after they’ve been dried/cured.

Many growers feel that drying buds slowly and proper curing will actually make buds more potent up to a point. Growers also report that properly cured buds are much more pleasant to smoke, vaporize, or turn into edibles. This is likely due to how cannabinoids and terpenoids are altered during the curing process.

So now you may be wondering…

How do you dry your buds slowly?

How do you know how long to dry your buds for?

How do you cure buds perfectly every time, without leaving anything to chance?

Get the complete step-by-step tutorial right here!

Curing Marijuana: Overview

Curing begins as soon as you cut down your plant.

The most important part of the curing process happens during the first few days, as you begin drying your buds. During this initial drying phase, the main goal is to let your buds dry out slowly (usually 4-14 days) while protecting buds against mold.

A long, slow drying process (along with smart curing practices) will give you the best benefits. Any time you “speed dry” your freshly harvested buds, you’re basically losing all the benefits of curing.

Here’s an overview of the process. Click pic for step-by-step tutorial with complete instructions…

Note: Right after you harvest your plant, the most important part of the curing process is drying your buds SLOWLY, over a couple of days to a week or more.

This is why buds which are dried in a dehydrator, via dry ice, or in a microwave taste terrible, smell even worse, and often leave you with a migraine. When you quick-dry your buds, you are completely skipping over the most important part of the curing process.

Once you remove all moisture from the buds, curing comes to a halt. Completely dry buds won’t cure any further.

Trying to re-hydrate buds afterwards usually will not restart the curing process. All re-hydration can do is reduce the brittleness of over-dried buds. Therefore if buds become too dry too fast, curing stops and you lose nearly all of the further taste/smell/potency benefits.

Now I will walk you through a step-by-step process so you can produce a professional cure every time, with no guesswork involved.

This method will work for you even if you’re just starting out and have never cured buds before. No matter what previous experience you have curing buds, this will show you how to ensure they come out connoisseur-quality every time.

Ready to get started?

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Why Your Weed Smells Like Hay And How To Stop It

Cannabis Production Problems: Weed Smelling Like Hay

Oh No. My weed Smells like Hay!! Why.

You’ve harvested your cannabis plants, and you’ve done everything that you were supposed to do:

  • Purchased a top-of-the-line LED grow light system.
  • Bought a top-shelf, highly rated cannabis strain for planting.
  • Checked the soil PH levels to ensure your soil PH is at the optimum level.
  • Like clockwork, you made sure that your grow lights were on and off according to marijuana growing standards.
  • You religiously checked the grow room humidity and optimum the humidity was at the correct levels.
  • Your cannabis plants are devoid of pests and mold.
  • Made sure that you didn’t either water your weed too much or too little.
  • You made sure that all male cannabis plants were separated from the female plants.
  • You harvested at the correct time, not too early or too late.
  • You cannabis plants look as if they could be a High Times Cannabis Cup Winner.

In theory, everything should be perfect. After drying and curing your babies, you discover that instead of the delicious marijuana smell that you know and love, your weed smells like hay at the county fair livestock exposition.

So, you ask yourself:

  • What did I do wrong?
  • Could I have prevented it?
  • How can I make that hay smell go away?

Your number one questions are:

“Why does my weed smell like hay?” and . . . What can I do to stop this from happening again to my marijuana?

Don’t worry, I will answer these and more questions in the article.

Why Is My Weed Smelling Like Hay?

Hay smelling weed is simply chlorophyll that has not correctly broken down yet. Your cannabis will most likely, lose that barnyard smell if it is correctly dried and cured, which is explained below.

Drying And Curing

Improper curing and drying your cannabis is the most common reason for weed that smells like hay, As a result, I will go over both drying how to properly cure below. Correctly doing the above process can help ensure that your cannabis plants will remain their normal THC levels, but it also can even raise the THC. So, mastering this is your key to making the most out of your harvest.


It occurs after your cannabis plant is harvested. It is the start of the final processing of your plants to be smoked, extracted into oil, made int edibles, etc. Cannabis is not correctly dried when it is either dried too little or too much before being cured. So, if you do not dry your cannabis correctly, you will be setting yourself up for failure.


You Can Cure Weed In Any Air-Tight Container

Your weed starts developing most of its smell during this step. As a result, you shouldn’t worry too much if your cannabis has a hay smell or other bad smell. However, there may be a problem if, after curing, marijuana still smells like hay or otherwise smells like it shouldn’t. The reason is that the hay smell can overwhelm the other scents that a proper cannabis plant should have.

Curing, when done correctly, allows excess moisture and other harsh substances to leave a bud before it is smoked. When done properly it will also make your buds more potent, tastes better, and it is even easier on your lungs.

The curing process happens after the cannabis is dried and stored in an air-tight container until it is ready to be finally processed. Any container that is air-tight can be used. One most popular way to cure is with an old fashioned mason jars.

During the process, the air-tight cannabis container needs to be opened a few times a day, which is called burping. By opening the container, extra moisture is let out, and the air is allowed into the container.

Other Common Reason For Weed Smelling Like Hay

There are two other common reasons why a grower may encounter noxious weed smelling hay, which is detailed below.

Proper Growing Procedures Are Not Followed

The flowering plant growth stage for cannabis is when the terpenes and THC smells are established in cannabis plants. As a result, not properly growing your plants, especially during flowering, can cause marijuana to smell bad even if you correctly dry and cure your plants.

Crappy, Reggie, Weed

Inferior quality weed strains can result in hay or other abnormal smells for your weed.

How To Get Rid Of Hay Smelling Weed

Under most situations, during drying and curing the hay smell will go away. So, I wouldn’t worry too much if you notice a hay smell during these steps. However, if your weed still smells like hay after it is done you likely made a mistake with those two essential steps. In short, So, the best way to stop your weed from smelling like a barnyard is to properly cure and dry your cannabis plants.

You can write an entire book on how to do the above procedures. So, I will just give you an overview of the best practices.


Drying your weed is a lot like the classic, fairy tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Your weed should not be too wet or too dry. It should be just right. You need to dry your weed to make sure it holds the appropriate water content levels. This is especially true if you want to prevent “Weed that smells like hay” and other abnormal smells like mold, mildew, or freshly cut grass.

Improper drying and curing is the main reason for your having the problem of your marijuana smelling like hay. These processes can be tricky; but, it is a skill worth learning because poorly cured and dried cannabis can make the difference between success and failure. So, learn how to do it! Because it’s quite disappointing when you did everything right and you saw your babies grow into big beautiful plants. But, since you messed up drying and/or curing your marijuana buds are sub-par or not even smokeable.

Where You Should NEVER Dry Weed

Never do the following:

  • With Your Growing Plants– You need different environments for growing and drying cannabis plants. Therefore, a grow room and a drying room are not compatible. As an example, grow areas need to be hotter and have a higher humidity level than what is commonly recommended for drying cannabis.
  • Closed Container (I.E., Mason Jars)-You need to have airflow freely when doing this process. So, any container, that stops air from circulating will not work. FYI-Using a jar, box, or other closed containers could result in mildew and other unwanted bacteria showing up on your cannabis buds.
  • Using Unnatural Heat-This process takes time. So, you can’t speed up the bud drying process through ovens, heat lamps, blow dryers, etc.

Equipment Needed

For optimum drying, you will need the below essential equipment and the following environment.

  • 60% Humidity
  • 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit (15.56 °C – 21.11 °C)
  • Total Darkness
  • Hygrometer (See Image Below)
  • Dehumidifier
  • Heater or AC to regulate the temperature.
  • Fan?

Three DIY Weed Methods

Self-Contained Container

This could mean anything from a commercial grow tent to a large box, or a DIY container. The only requirement is that the container is light-proof and that you can place the needed equipment into the container.


Simply place two to three layers of cannabis buds in a paper grocery bag. To keep it fresh, you will need to periodically open the bag and check and see if the humidity is at acceptable levels.

Closet, Attic or other Acceptable Closed Place

Any closed area will work for your weed. You just need to be sure that the environment is suitable for marijuana. If it isn’t, you need to use a heater, AC, dehumidifier, etc., to make sure the climate is acceptable.

You simply place your weed on a rack in a climate-controlled environment and, when needed, use a hygrometer, fan, etc.

Final Thought

If there is only one thing that you learn from this article it should be this: ” Prevention is the number one way for you to stop your weed from smelling like hay. And the best preventative measure for preventing the hay smell is properly drying and curing your cannabis buds.

Nothing is worse than, foul-smelling weed. Go here, to learn why your weed smells like hay and how to prevent it by . . . ]]>