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Top 5 Cannabis Podcasts

The benefits and uses of the cannabis plant vary almost as much as the plant itself.

Benefits range from the more energizing and outgoing effects gained from a Sativa strain such as Sour Diesel, to the more sedative and sleep-inducing properties associated with strains like Bubba Kush, an Indica.

For every diverse cannabis strain out there, a cannabis audience exists that is even more diverse, consuming and benefiting from the ever-evolving and beneficial cannabis plant.

Not unlike the plant itself, cannabis podcasts are just as diverse and can range from stoners giggling and bongs clinking to long-form interviews regarding the current state of the cannabis industry with industry professionals.

I’m sure all of us cannabis users can agree on one thing…and it’s that we can’t agree!

Well, at least on which strain is the best anyway because everyone uses cannabis for different reasons. Podcasts are just the same and the best one depends on what you’re looking to get out of it.

Here are five of the top podcasts in the cannabis industry today.

Getting Doug with High

On the lighter end of the cannabis podcast spectrum is a comedian andSuper High Me (2007)star Doug Benson’s celebrity-packed podcast,Getting Doug With High. Each week, Doug and celebrity guests puff on a cornucopia of marijuana smoking devices and delve into one of his many segments includingHigh History, a segment dedicated to that week’s guest telling their story of getting high for the first time.

Many of Doug’s weekly guests are comedians such as Tommy Chung, Andy Richter, and Sarah Silverman which plays perfectly into his simple yet effective format: Get funny people high and ask them questions.

The Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

The healthy growth, or boom, in the Cannabis industry has also led to a boom in misinformation including the belief that bottled nutrients are your only avenue for a successful cannabis grow. KiS Organics’ Tad Hussey explores natural remedies for Cannabis cultivation that are “Based on science and research.”

Tad brings top industry experts in for in-depth analysis on anything and everything that is natural cannabis cultivation.

Any and all-natural cannabis cultivation techniques are explored including aeration, soil remineralization, biosecurity, and certified organic cannabis growing. That includes an interview with the Head Grower and Agrologist of the only certified organic cannabis grow in North America, David Bernard Perron (Episode 4).

The Dude Grow Show

If you’re into all-cannabis all-the-time than this is the show for you. Providing cannabis talk, news, humor, cultivation and culture every single morning. The Dude, Scotty Real, and The DGC break cannabis talk down into two different categories:Grow Talkon the weekends andWake and Bake Americaon weekdays.

Grow Talkgives the guys time to delve into cannabis cultivation for the beginner and novice. Are you new to cannabis cultivation? Hitting roadblocks and can’t find your solution? The guys have you covered as they answer listener-submitted questions on the show every day. Swing over to the Dude Grows website for an answer to your cultivating conundrum.

Wake and Bake Americais your one-stop-shop for humor, news, and anything cannabis-related. The chemistry between the three hosts coupled with their ability to answer fan-generated questions plants the seeds of camaraderie between the hosts and listeners, making audience members feel like one of the guys hanging out talking cannabis.

Great Moments in Weed History with Abdullah and Bean

The hosts Abdullah Saeed (Weediquette, Vice) and David “Bean” Bienenstock (Former Head of Content,High Times) delve into the 10,000+ year plus relationship humanoids and cannabinoids have had with each other.

Abdullah and Bean find the humor and heart of the different aspects of cannabis culture by examining epic events and happenings in the timeline of cannabis. A fewGreat Moments in Weed Historyinclude the night Willie Nelson smoked a joint on the roof of the White House and Maya Angelou’s first cannabis experience in 1946 that released her natural tendencies to be rigid in social situations and for the first time she found comfort.

“For the first time, life amused me.”- Maya Angelou

Maria and Jane

Born from founder Jacqueline Carly’s idea of equality and women’s empowerment in the cannabis industry comesMaria and Jane, the cannabis industry’s number-one women’s podcast. This podcast is part of a larger media company dedicated to inspiring women in (and interested in) Cannabusiness. But whyMaria and Janeinstead of Mary and Jane?

Maria & Janeis a way for me to put my Latina spin on it, honor my heritage, and say ‘Hey, I’m doing something here with all women, inclusive of everybody.'”- Jacqueline Carly (Green Market Report)

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