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Best Lighter for Weed

Bee Wick 50ft of 100% Organic Hemp Wick

Vertigo Cyclone Torch Lighter

JETPRO Torch Cigar Lighter

What is the best lighter for weed?

Well, It all Depends.

The type of weed lighter you decide to blaze up with, directly correlates with the method that your choosing to get high.

Smoking a joint on a windy day is most probably going to require a completely different lighter, to say, if you were relaxing while hitting your favourite bong with friends.

Not just that, picking a lighter that’s safe to use is another concern very few smokers rarely think of.

For instance, depending on your method of smoking, a plasma lighter may not be the best choice for every method of smoking in terms of your health.

Ingesting Ozone can have some pretty bad health effects, so please tread carefully if a plasma lighter is your goto weed lighter of choice.

Of course, with most forms of smoking weed, you’ll be entirely fine just using your everyday Bic lighter in many circumstances, so by all means, blaze away.

If on the other hand, you’re after something a little bit different from the norm. A weed lighter that makes getting high, so much easier?

Then carry on reading.

As the team at The Highest Crop have put together a comprehensive list of 5 of the most popular and best lighters for weed used by marijuana smokers from around the world

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