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Blue Dream – Ice Cream Sandwich

Cannibis Infused THC Ice Cream Sandwich

Since the dawn of the cannibis liberation in the United States, I have been watching an waiting for an opportunity to purchase some cannibis infused ice cream. Like a kid waiting for Christmas in May, I was eagerly awaiting something that I knew was coming, but little did I know, the wait would be even longer than it felt.

Now some of you may be thinking, Marijauana and cannibis infused products have been around for decades, and even since it’s been legal for recreational purposes in states like Washington since 2012. How come it took so long to try it?

The answer lies in good old fashioned beauracracy (both state and private). Each state has its own laws on the production and distribrution of cannibis infused products, often to the detriment of end consumers like me. While the laws are ever changing as the idea of recreational cannibis becomes more main stream, at the time when I was looking for infused ice cream, several states had hurdles they’ve yet to overcome.

  1. Washington doesn’t allow for infused products that aren’t shelf stable for four months.
  2. California doesn’t allow the mixing of cannibis and dairy related products (Big Dairy strikes again).
  3. Nevada prohibits any infused products that appear to be ice cream, lollipops, or other desserts and candies that can be marketed to children.
  4. Oregon… Just didn’t have any around when I went, but aparently it’s a thing there and I was ALWAYS unlucky enough to just miss a batch.

So with that, the West coast was out, and I’d have to wait until I ventured a little further east in order to try it. Insert Denver, Colorado.

With as many dispensaries as coffee shops in Los Angeles, you would think it would be pretty easy to find a shop that sold infused ice cream. But once again I was let down. Many of the shops did not have a freezer, and therefore wouldn’t be able to store the infused ice cream. Fortunately, the people in the stores were all really pretty nice and recommended me to other shops that could potentially have the cannibis ice cream in stock.

I probably went to a dozen dispensaries before I found it, and purchased half a dozen different edibles. Not because I’m a crazy cannibis consumer, but because I felt so bad for the shops who were spending significant amounts of time to help me find a lead on this ever elusive infused product. And then I happened upon them. Nature’s Best.

I was finally able to purchase an infused ice cream sandwich from Blue Dream Ice Cream, and lucky for me, this was the very last one in stock.

THC Ice Cream Flavor Profile

So this part will actually be a bit shorter than the intro, because honestly, finding the ice cream was more of a story than the actual taste.

When looking at it, the whole thing pretty much looks like a standard klondike ice cream sandwich. The taste is simultaneously better and worse than you would expect. If you are an experienced partaker of edible infused products, it’s probably better than you’d expect taste wise. If you’ve never had cannibis in your life and you are trying it for the first time now, it will probably taste a little muddy- like a four-year-old infused dirt in here, but somehow managed to take that gritty/grainy feeling away.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, the flavor is just a slightly earthier ice cream sandwich. It’s not terrible tasting because the ice cream covers up a lot of the cannabis flavor, but if you were to give this to an unwitting mark for some delicious prank, they would definitely know something was up the second they tasted it.

Infused Ice Cream Sandwich Effects

This is the part where I answer what is perhaps the most important part. Did I get high?

And the answer might be a little more disappointing than what people had hoped for. I did get a little bit high, but I was nowhere close to tripping balls. If you view the photographic exhibit above, you will notice that I consumed 1/5th of the sandwich, which equates to 10mg worth of THC in my system. This is the recommended dosage, and I’m neither foolish nor brave enough to start messing around with edibles outside of their recommended dosages… yet. Since this was my first time eating the product, I wanted to make sure I had a good time, instead of trapped inside a mental prison where my body has melted and glued to a couch in a way that is equally terrifying and exhilerating.

But going back to my personal experience, it was more like my whole body just had a small buzz surrounding it that allowed me to feel things differently. Things like air currents, apparel materials, and furniture textures were all more noticable to me, and became vivid in my minds eye. I was still able to hold conversations and follow trains of thought, and I never had lapses in memory. But the whole time there was a small sensation that I knew was there, and it kind of just made things more fuzzy and enjoyable.

Disclaimer: Cannibis infused products affect many people differently. The 10 mg that works for one person might be too subtle for another, and incredibly potent for a third. For inexperienced users, it is recommended to start with 5 mg THC serving, and then wait 2 hours before consuming more to feel an effect. Things like eating prior, tolerance of cannibis, and proceeding activity levels can all impact how much is necessary to feel any side effects. Basically, it will possibly take a few tries to maybe even the full bar before you can find the sweet spot of best buzzing, but seeing as how one infused ice cream sandwich is around the cost of two beers in a bar and has roughly the intoxication effects of ten, it could still certainly be worth it in terms of price paid.

Infused Ice Cream Sandwich Conclusion

  1. It was surprisingly not disgusting in taste. The flavor is very similar to a traditional ice cream sandwich.
  2. It DID manage to get me a high. That said, I was in full control of my experience and not tripping in any sense of the word. It was just a mild tingle throughout my body and I was able to feel my environment more vividly.
  3. Because you really only eating 1-2 bites of this, it is less about the ice cream tastes and more about the effects afterward.

If you want to find out where you can try Blue Dream Ice Cream for yourself, you can check out their location distribution here (you have to be over 21 to enter the site…. hahaha).

Tell me about your best infused ice creams!

As I noted above, I said it was rather difficult to find this ice cream, so I do appreciate any other leads you might have in this realm. Send me a message on my contact page, or leave a comment below.

This Indica Infused Ice Cream Sandwich Contains Five 10mg Servings Of Cannibis And Provides The Opportunity To Get High While Eating One of Life's Great Desserts. Now There Are Two Questions that Must Be Answered: How High Do You Get? And Does It Even Taste Good?

Guide to the Cannabis Scene in Denver

Denver is the Amsterdam of the U.S. But instead of a policy of tolerance, Denver has formally legalized cannabis, and is the only state that has access to use the entire plant. Denver is at the forefront of all advances in marijuana. It’s also the birthplace of marijuana massages, 420 cooking classes, weed-friendly ski trips and, of course, upscale chocolates and cupcakes.

Below is a breakdown of where to shop, where to partake and what to purchase.

Where to partake

Let’s start with where to partake. There is only one legal coffee shop in Denver for consuming marijuana, but there are many private lounges that exist in a grey area and typically require a membership.

This March, the world’s first licensed cannabis consumption coffee shop, The Coffee Joint, opened in Denver. It’s a humble, super knowledgeable and friendly outfit. Vaping, edibles and dabbing are permitted with your own devices or a purchasable one, and there are samples of tinctures, oils and rubs. Coffee and tea are served gratis, but the space will soon evolve into a full-on espresso bar.

Tetra Private Lounge and Garden is one of a few members-only clubs where guests can use an electric dab bar, vaporizers and other consumption accessories.

The International Church of Cannabis features a serious congregation of ” elevationists ” who light up once a week on Friday. The spot also has educational talks, live entertainment and potluck dinners.

Spectra Art Space is a South Broadway art gallery, but it also hosts 420-friendly parties and allows BYOC consumption in its private backyard during events.

iBake Denver is a private cannabis lounge. Membership is $12 monthly, and it’s BYOC.

Where to shop

Native Roots

Native Roots has over 20 marijuana dispensaries. It’s one of the oldest and most respected spots in town. The staff is well-informed and may assume a mid-level knowledge of cannabis from the consumer.


BGood MMJ practices natural growth with a community and philanthropic focus. Their service is kind and helpful, and the store has no seedy vibes.


Euflora is a high-tech spot with five locations. The staff is geeky in the best possible way.

Seed & Smith Cannabis

Seed & Smith Cannabis is a luxury boutique where you can see the “grow” in a large glass window. Friendly staff can provide you with every part of the plant you need.

What to buy

The world of cannabis is pretty complex, but it’s most easily divided into CBD and THC. (CBD is exploding right now because of its applications for pain management, anxiety and inflammation.) Both CBD and THC can be distributed as hash oils, concentrates, flowers or edibles.


Some of the best THC edibles are Cheeba Chews, Incredibles and Coda’s Chocolate Truffles. Stillwater Brands, known for its precision in dosing, makes totally tasteless and dissolvable mixtures, so you can put them in almost everything. They also have an entire line of organic tea.

Oils and infusions

As for cannabis oil and infusions, Lucky Turtle makes some of the best THC and CBD products. Wonderland 303 makes old-school sugar Pixy Stix, and Flow Lab creates an infused sugar you can put in your CBD coffee. Some of the best CBD tinctures come from Boulder’s all-CBD Extract Labs.


The following are all spots that offer a shot of CBD in your coffee, smoothie or tea: Blue Sparrow Coffee, Denver Bicycle Cafe, Carbon Coffee, Drip Denver, Mattina Cafe , Precision Pours and Boulder’s Wonder Press.

Tours and more

There are 420-friendly downtown Denver hotels with vaporizers in the room, as well as vape and dab rentals available through Colorado Cannabis Tours. My 420 Tours offers a Sushi and Joint Rolling Class, various grow and dispensary tours, and even a Cannabis Infused Massage.

Explore these spots (and more!) by making Denver your new home.

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About the author

Alyssa Pinsker is a writer, storyteller, influencer and coach based in Boulder, Colorado. She writes about food, faith, travel, and tech for Lonely Planet, Business Insider, Fodors, Cosmopolitan, BBC and many more. She has lived in five countries and traveled to 42, so far.

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Guide to the Cannabis Scene in Denver Denver is the Amsterdam of the U.S. But instead of a policy of tolerance, Denver has formally legalized cannabis, and is the only state that has access to