cannabis creations

Cannabis creations worth trying

1) Lumens

5 mg, 20 pack, $30. NETA,

NETA’s Lumens are sour-sugar coated gummies made with marijuana distillate, which leaves little-to-no marijuana taste when consumed. Customers report feeling uplifted and clear-minded while using this product. As the name implies, Lumens turn on more than a few lights; as such, start with low doses and go slowly, because edibles often come with a longer time for onset.

2) Black Raspberry cartridge

72.5% total cannabinoids, $54/half-gram, Theory Wellness,

If flavor and pure power had a baby, it would be Black Raspberry cannabis oil. Derived from Black Raspberry #23 by Bodhi seeds, the extract smells of ripe cherries, lavender and raspberry. This hybrid strain is known to have immediate positive effects on mood and is also used for a number of other symptoms. Theory’s oil is extracted using pressurized CO2; the company’s process preserves the terpenes from each strain, allowing full aromatic effects during vaping.

3) Lozenges

Temescal Wellness, packs of six, 5 mg, $10 each.

The lozenges by Avid Abundance are long-lasting confections that come in raspberry, green apple and watermelon flavors; they’re also vegan and gluten-free. Consumers can expect faster onset than other edibles because of absorption under the tongue. The sellers recommend that users “start low and go slow.” These lozenges come in child-resistant packaging with dosing information.

4) Poet’s Walk

20-24% total cannabinoids, $45/eighth; $85/quarter; $165/half; $300/ounce. Berkshire Roots,

A Berkshire Roots exclusive created locally by Kingcade Gardens, Poet’s Walk is derived from Kenya Gold (for its large bud structure and energetic, uplifting effect) and Jurassic Thai (for its positive effects on the mind). The growers say it has an old school cannabinoid and terpene profile, while customers report an uplifting, cerebral sativa sensation with no added anxiety issues, like rapid heartbeat (or even munchies, they say).

5 mg, 20 pack, $30. NETA,